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Chapter 390: Jordan Says Hell Marry Lauren!

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It was completely silent in the living room and even Brad and Clarice, who were extremely talkative, kept their mouths shut and looked at Jordan with cold expressions.

In the face of the frosty reception, Jordan felt no need to make small talk with the Howards.

He feigned composure and sipped on tea or rested his chin in his hand while tapping his fingers against his ear in a rhythmic fashion.

At this moment, Jordan was wearing Airpods and tapping his face regularly with his fingertips.

Although he seemed to be fidgeting out of boredom, his taps were Morse codes!

He had just sent a message to Tim by tapping with his fingers, a Morse code that translated to: Prepare the UFO!

Judging from how the Howards were gathered together, Martin might make things difficult for him.

Although Jordan thought he sent a message discreetly, Clyde walked up to Martin slowly and whispered something into his ear.

“Master, he just sent a message through Morse code, and asked his underlings to prepare the UFO.”

Martin waved his hand in acknowledgment.

Jordan couldnt hear what Clyde said to Martin but he felt that Clyde wasnt a simple person.

Soon after, Lauren came down from upstairs in a new set of clothes.

Since it was relatively warm indoors, she changed into a very elegant long winter dress.

She did not wash her hair because it was too long and it would take her at least half an hour to blow dry her hair.

But she couldnt make Jordan and the rest of her family wait for such a long time.

Her hair was still damp so it seemed she had used a moisturizing and hydrating styling spray.

Lauren was absolutely beautiful.


Lauren glanced at Martin.

“Alright, take a seat,” Martin said to Lauren.

Lauren sat next to Jordan, and he immediately felt a refreshing scent wafting up to his nose.

At this moment, Martin asked Jordan, “Jordan, can you tell us what youve done to Chris”

What should happen has happened.

Jordan had long been impatient so he answered truthfully, “Chris Hank is no longer a complete man!”

“Haha, good! Youve got some nerve!” Brad burst into laughter.

However, Brads mother, Marissa, flew into a rage and slapped the table furiously.

“Chris is our son-in-law and Laurens newlywed husband.

How dare you… even treat him like this! How can my daughter have a normal married life in the future!”

Jordan was simply speechless.

Was this woman delusional Judging from the state of Laurens clothes when she arrived and her unkempt hair, she had obviously been beaten up.

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Despite being Laurens mother, Marissa didnt show any concern about what she had suffered in the Hanks home.

Instead, she was more concerned about Chriss well-being and fantasized about letting Lauren and Chris live as husband and wife.

“What about Chriss father, Lawrence”

Martin continued to ask with a calm expression.

Jordan said, “I didnt harm his father but my men found out the evidence of his violation of the law and his crimes have been exposed on the internet.”

Martin said, “The Hanks will soon be our in-laws after all.

What exactly do you mean by doing that to them”

“When I first asked you to marry Lauren, you refused but now that Lauren is marrying someone else, you even caused their family to end up like this.

Do you want my granddaughter to live her whole life with unrequited love for you and end up alone for the rest of her life!”

Martin suddenly lost his temper, looking extremely authoritative.

Before Jordan said anything, Lauren first stood up and said, “Grandpa, what happened today has nothing to do with Jordan.

Chloe and I were mistreated by the Hanks and Jordan couldnt bear to continue letting us suffer.

Thats why he rushed into the Hanks home to save me.”

Marissa yelled at Lauren, “You are not allowed to speak up for Jordan! Lauren, you are becoming more and more preposterous.

How can you accuse your husbands family to speak up for an outsider”

Brad rolled his eyes and said, “Now that Chris has been castrated, its over for the Hanks now and theyre no longer compatible with us.

Im afraid the wedding will have to be canceled.”

With a curt nod, Martin said, “Yes, Jordan, you have ruined my granddaughter and Chriss wedding.

I dont care what kind of agenda you have but in any case, you must give me an explanation today!”

“He should be arrested immediately!” Marissa barked furiously.

Ignoring the outburst, Martin continued, “If you dont give me an explanation today, I can assure you that you and your over eight hundred henchmen will all be arrested.”

Jordan clenched his fist and thought to himself secretly,Martin, you old fogy, you clearly know that something happened to your granddaughter, but you didnt do anything about it because you were waiting for me to deal with the Hanks! In the end, you still want me to marry Lauren! Victoria must be in Martins hands!

Jordan had become more and more doubtful.

He felt that Victoria must be in Martins hands and that everything that happened today was part of Martins plan to make Jordan marry Lauren.

Jordan thought about it carefully.

‘No, I can no longer stay in DC.

Martin is deliberately hiding Victoria and I cant find her at all, unless… I become the person whos the closest to Martin!

After a full minute, Jordan suddenly stood up.

Knowing how formidable Jordan was, everyone kept their guards up immediately!

Almost instinctively, Clyde also stood up and shielded Martin.

Just like the plot of the movie “Hero”, a top expert would be able to kill someone in a moment as long as the distance was within the hunting range!

To their surprise, Jordan did not lay a hand on Martin and instead, took Laurens hand.

Brad immediately panicked and exclaimed, “Protect my sister!”

Marissa also exclaimed, “Let go of my daughter.

What are you trying to do!!”

Lauren also thought that Jordan was going to take her as a hostage and escape.

So she did not evade him and instead, took the initiative to approach Jordan and she said to him, “Take me away as a hostage and leave this place.

Dont come back again.”

Tears flowed down her flawless face.

If it werent for her, Jordan wouldnt have ended up in such a plight.

However, what followed was a scene that was beyond everyones expectations.

Jordan didnt try to abduct her by taking her hand and instead…

Jordan kept inching closer to Laurens face, after which he kissed her in front of everyone!


Everyone was dumbfounded as they were flabbergasted at what Jordan was doing!

Lauren was completely stunned and the tears on her face stopped flowing downwards because of how shocked she was.

“Jordan, you…”

Lauren did not understand why Jordan kissed her.

Jordan held Laurens hand tightly and then looked at Martin.

“Everyone in DC knows that Lauren is getting married on the 1st of April.

I wont let the Howards be embarrassed.

On the 1st of April, Lauren will still put on her wedding dress and get married.

“However, the groom will no longer be Chris.

It will be me!”


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