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Chapter 392: Getting Their Marriage Registered!

Become a live-in husband!

That was a humiliating thing for any man!

Having been a live-in-husband to Hailey for three years, Jordan knew how humiliating it was to be a live-in husband whom everyone would despise and look down on!

Laurens aunt laughed and said, “Marissas suggestion is great.

We ought to let someone from the arrogant Steele family marry into our family.

Lets see if they dare to look down on us again.

Besides, this guy is quite good-looking and he has the potential to be a gigolo.


Without those three years of experience as a live-in husband, Jordan would probably be livid at the moment.

However, Jordan was very calm at the moment.

He had even married a wanton woman like Hailey and had put up with an abominable mother-in-law like Sylvie, for three years.

He believed that no matter what, Lauren and Marissa had to be much better than Hailey and Sylvie.

So Jordan looked at Marissa and said, “Okay, I agree to become Laurens live-in husband!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Brad clapped his hands and laughed out loud.

“Lauren, youre really impressive and domineering.

Most women get married off but you got yourself a live-in husband! Im going to notify all the people I know and have them all come over to attend Laurens wedding so that they can see her getting a live-in husband.


“Someone, get over here!”

Brad called out and the Howards subordinates helped him up before sitting him down on the wheelchair.

It seemed that he was getting ready to leave.

When his subordinate pushed him past Jordan, Brad said while seated in his wheelchair, “Well done.

If you need money, come to me.”

After saying that, Brad was pushed out by his men as he took the lead to leave.

On the other hand, Clarice stood up and opposed, “We cant let him marry Lauren as a live-in husband.

Everyone in DC knows that Chris is engaged to Lauren, and weve already accepted the wedding gifts.

If we renegade and let Lauren marry a man whos going to become her live-in husband, what are the Hanks going to think”

At this moment, Martin said, “Clarice, you think too much, the Hanks can barely save themselves now.

Even if we dont cancel the engagement, he wont marry Lauren.

I will give Lawrence Hank an explanation.

You dont have to worry about this matter.”

Seeing that her grandfather seemed to agree to this marriage, Clarice knew that it was pointless to say anything else, but she just didnt want Jordan to marry Lauren.

Clarice exclaimed with pursed lips, “Anyway, I will never acknowledge him as my brother-in-law!”

Alex chimed in, “Ditto.”

After saying that, the pair of siblings left together.

Martin laughed and said, “Jordan, it seems that you are not very welcomed by the Howards.”

Jordan laughed bitterly.

Of course he wouldnt be liked by them, given how terribly he had treated them in the past.

On the other hand, Martin didnt care if his children agreed to the marriage or not.

He had greater plans in mind and he was eying the Steeles secrets, as well as the help that the Steeles would give to the Howards after Lauren marries him.

Martin said gleefully, “Stefan.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man sitting next to Marissa stood up.

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He was Laurens father, Stefan.

“Dad, what orders do you have for me”

Stefan had never said anything about their marriage because he knew that with Martin present, it was useless for him to say anything since Martin called the shots in this family.

Stefan wasnt doing too well and he hadnt been an ambitious person since he was a child.

He was inferior to Chriss father, Lawrence, which was the reason that the Hanks had the audacity to recklessly hit Lauren and Chloe.

Martin said, “Although the wedding date is still on the 1st of April, its nature has already changed.

We didnt have to do much to prepare for the wedding previously.

But now that Jordan is becoming her live-in husband, well have to be in charge of the wedding.”

“Dad, I know.

Ill book the hotel and arrange the invitations to the guests as soon as possible,” Stefan replied in response.

Martin nodded.

“I want to throw a grand wedding this time! It doesnt have to be low-key, we can hold an extravagant one and invite more guests.

The guests dont have to be of a certain standard.

Just invite more people, regardless of whether we have any feud with them or not.

Its just an extra serving of food each.”

Stefan said, “Yes, I got it.”

Martin then looked at Jordan.

“Jordan, those eight hundred underlings of yours who have come all the way here from abroad, may attend the wedding too! However, shouldnt you invite your relatives as well After all, youre the groom and although youre going to be a live-in husband, you can still invite some guests.”

Jordan replied, “Ill call my parents and brothers, and try my best to invite them.”

Martin nodded happily and said, “Great, I want to have a drink with your family too! Dont worry, since youre going to marry my granddaughter, you and I will be family.

I will treat anyone from your family as my family too.

And I can guarantee that they will be absolutely fine when they come to DC.”

“Thank you.”

Martin continued, “The wedding is happening the day after tomorrow.

It just so happens that Lauren and Chris havent registered their marriage yet.

Jordan, so you should go and register your marriage with Lauren first.”

Since they had decided to get married, they had to register their marriage and obtain the marriage certificate before the wedding.

Jordan held Laurens hand and asked, “Are you… willing to go and register our marriage with me”

Lauren smiled blissfully and agreed.


“Okay, in that case, Mr.

Howard Sr., were going to get our marriage registered,” Jordan said as he looked at Martin.


Howard Sr Its time you change the way you address me!” Martin grimaced in displeasure.

“Grandpa Howard.”

Jordan still did not directly call himGrandpa.

With that, Martin smiled and waved his hand without forcing him.

“Go, go.”

After Jordan and Lauren left, Martin said to Clyde who was beside him, “Clyde, stay behind for the next few days and attend the wedding before you leave.”


“Okay, now accompany me to the garden for a walk.”

The two of them came to the back garden behind the house and Clyde wondered, “Mr.

Howard Sr., why are you so happy about Miss Howard marrying Jordan Steele”

Martin smiled, looked up at the blinding sunlight and said, “If you find out the secret of the Steeles one day, you will be happier than me.”

Clyde asked in puzzlement, “What… what secret do the Steeles have exactly”

Martin shook his head and said, “How do I know Its up to Lauren to tell me in the future.

From today, I will do my best to live on until the day that Lauren finds out the Steeles secrets!”

Only then did Clyde understand that the reason that Martin had allowed Lauren to marry Jordan was not as simple as the fact that Lauren loved him.

Lauren was Martins pawn!

Jordan and Lauren drove out of Martins house in the Cadillac that belonged to someone they didnt know.

Soon after, they ran into Salvatores car at the roadblock.

Salvatore got out of the car and smiled when he saw that Jordan was safe and sound.


Jordan, where are you going”

Jordan said, “The City Clerk Office.”

Salvatore asked with surprise, “The City Clerk Office Why are you going there”

Jordan held Laurens hand and said, “Im getting married to Lauren..

From now on, Lauren is your boss too!”


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