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Chapter 393: Whos The Female Protagonist Victoria Lauren Emily

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Salvatore looked at Lauren in disbelief.

Truth be told, he didnt look too favorably upon Lauren, a typical heiress of DC.

If anything, Salvatore preferred Victoria or Emily.

“In that case, Miss Victoria…”

Jordan said, “Victoria left without saying goodbye.

All she sent me was a text message.

Its impossible between her and me.”

Having been locked up in Houston, Salvatore was not aware of Victorias disappearance.

He asked with a look of confusion, “Miss Victoria left No way!”

He knew how much Victoria and Jordan loved each other so he felt that it was impossible that Victoria had left without saying goodbye and he was certain that she must have gone missing!

Jordan thought that it was inappropriate to tell Salvatore the truth in Laurens presence so he said, “Anyway, dont ever talk about Victoria Clarke again.”

“Oh, okay…”

Subsequently, Jordan drove Lauren, first to her house, and then to the hotel where Jordan was staying, and the two went back to get their IDs.

After that, they drove to the City Clerk Office, ready to register their marriage.

These days, divorce rates were higher than marriage rates so they didnt have to queue up to get a ticket to register their marriage.

When they arrived at the entrance of the City Clerk Office, Jordan unbuckled his seat belt and said to Lauren, “Lets go.”

However, Lauren remained indifferent in the car.

Lauren looked at Jordan and asked softly, “Jordan, do you really want to marry me I know you are still in love with Victoria… If you have to marry me because of Grandpa, I can plead with him so that he doesnt force you.”

Although Lauren wanted to marry Jordan very much, she was not a selfish woman and she knew very well deep down that Jordan still loved Victoria.

Jordan gently stroked Laurens soft hair and said, “Im marrying you not because your grandfather forced me to.

No one can force me to marry anyone.

The reason I want to marry you is that I really like you and want to be with you.

“As for Victoria… I just want her to be healthy and safe.

I admit that I havent forgotten her, but she and I are not meant to be.

Even if my father did not kill her father, the Steeles caused her to be separated from her father in the last ten years or so.

Thats what determined that Victoria and I are not meant to be.”

Lauren was aware of what happened with Victorias father and she also knew that it was an obstacle that would hinder Jordan and Victoria from being in a relationship.

With these reassurances, Lauren didnt say anything else and simply got out of the car with Jordan.

Soon, the two of them came out with a marriage certificate.

Jordan was married again!

The last time he registered his marriage was with Hailey and he thought that the next time he got married again, it would be to Victoria.

However, it turned out to be Lauren, which he didnt expect at all.

Soon, it was late at night.

Jordan returned home with Lauren and accompanied Chloe after dinner until 11 pm when they tucked her in bed.

At this moment, the maid, Felicia, went to Laurens room and took Chloe, who was already asleep, away, leaving only Jordan and Lauren alone.

As it was getting late, Jordan also got up and said, “Since Chloe is asleep, I should go too.”

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However, Lauren suddenly stretched out her fair and slender hand, hooked Jordans finger and whispered, “How about you stay here tonight Jordan, we have already registered our marriage so were legally married and we can… live together.”

Jordan looked at the reddened face of Lauren, the ravishing beauty.

He knew that as long as he agreed, he could immediately have this woman whom many men were head-over-heels infatuated with.

However, he still loved Victoria and even though he was legally married to Lauren, he couldnt sleep with her!

Jordan said, “Lauren, as you know, I fought with hundreds of Chriss henchmen and my muscles are so sore now.

I barely have any strength either.

Im not in a good state now and as you know, men are prideful.

I dont want to perform badly.

How about you let me rest for a few days and well consummate our marriage only after the wedding, okay”

Lauren knew that Jordan was indeed exhausted today, and it was embarrassing for her to take the initiative to make such a request.

Since Jordan had refused, how could she force him

“Okay, quickly go back and get some rest then.

Dont worry about the wedding, my parents will arrange everything,” Lauren said.

Jordan nodded and kissed Laurens forehead.


When he walked out of Laurens house, he saw Salvatore who had been waiting at the door for a long time.

Upon sight of Jordan, he hurriedly opened the car door for him and sent him back to the hotel.

In the car, Salvatore couldnt help but ask, “Mr.

Jordan, has Miss Victoria gone missing”

Jordan nodded and said, “The Howards are likely the culprits.”

“I was wondering how you could suddenly move on.

It turns out that youre marrying Miss Howard to find out Miss Victorias whereabouts.”

Salvatore finally understood the truth.

“By the way, does Miss Emily know about this”

Jordan nodded and said, “Some time ago, she called to ask me about it and she has already found out since then.”

Salvatore sighed and said, “My poor Miss Emily.

Her father went missing and so has her sister.

She must be feeling terribly upset now.


Jordan, when are you going to go look for Miss Emily and comfort her”

Jordan rolled his eyes at Salvatore and asked, “Kid, youre the one who wants to see Emily, arent you”

Salvatore laughed embarrassedly and said, “Mr.

Jordan, as you know, I am Miss Emilys absolute fan.

Shes pretty, pure, and adorable.

Not to forget those legs of hers.”

Jordan humphed coldly.

He could tell from a long time ago that Salvatore preferred Emily.

“What about Pablo Who does he support”

Salvatore said, “Mr.

Dalton supports Victoria because he thinks that Miss Emily is too inexperienced and wouldnt be able to help you when it comes to the important things.”

Jordan nodded.

It was indeed in line with Pablos mature thoughts.

Salvatore suddenly slapped the steering wheel and said, “Tim that fool surprisingly supports Lauren and says that Miss Victoria and Miss Emily are not as beautiful as Lauren.

That guy has bad taste.

Lauren just has a prettier face than Miss Emily.

Her legs arent that nice!”

Jordan couldnt help but laugh and say, “The three of you support a different person each.

Okay, I dont mind who you support, as long as no one supports Hailey.”

“Hahaha… We dont like that bitch, but her cousin isnt too bad,” Salvatore said.

Jordan suddenly recalled Elle, or rather, Jenny.

‘I wonder how her showbiz career is going now.

Upon returning to the hotel, Jordan called Butler Frank.

“Frank, Im getting married!”


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