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Chapter 395: Jordan And Laurens Big Wedding!

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When Sylvie heard that, she panicked immediately.

“Oh, my dear daughter, dont be silly, I heard my classmate saying that the Howards are not an ordinary family but a top family in DC.

If you offend the Howards, were finished.”

With a cold humph, a sneer was on Haileys lips as she exclaimed, “The Camdens are long finished! Its all the fault of Jordan that heartless jerk! Who is he to create a mess at my wedding but not allow me to do the same at his wedding Mom, Ill give you 1.5 million dollars.

Go to your classmates place and help me get an invitation to Jordans wedding.

When the time comes, Im going to take the kids and demand an explanation from the Steeles and the Howards!”

Only then did Sylvie come to a sudden realization.

“Huh Your daughter is a Howard Oh my God, this is…”

“Okay, I support you.

You dont have to give me 1.5 million.

I just need $150,000.

I heard that the criteria for the wedding guests is very simple and its really easy to get the invitation cards.”

In the downtown of Houston.


The secretary knocked on the door and then entered the presidents office to place the invitation card on the table.


Miller, heres an invitation card from DC.”

Russell took the wedding invitation and found that it was from the Howards.

After taking a closer look, he realized that it was actually Laurens and Jordans wedding!

“Jordan Steele! How is it him!!”

There were many people named Jordan in the world but Russell clearly believed that it was the Jordan whom Victoria liked.

The reason was, he knew that Jordan already had a daughter with Lauren.

First clenched, Russell burst out indignantly, “Jordan Steele, you snatched Victoria Clarke away from me and now youre dumping her and marrying the Howards heiress! Youre such an abominable and callous man!”

Russell was still very much in love with Victoria and he felt extremely unjust for her too.

“Book me a flight to DC immediately!”

On this day, Jordan, Lauren, and Chloe boarded a flight to the Maldives for their wedding photoshoot.

It was incredibly beautiful.

The sea and the sky were of the same color, and the lake water was a picturesque shade of azure.

Some say that its the same shade as Tiffany blue.

Many girls also joked that it was Maybelline makeup remover.

In short, this place was as beautiful as a fairyland, making it a perfect venue for wedding photos.

Due to time constraints, Jordan and Lauren couldnt go to places that were further away so they had no choice but to choose to go somewhere closer.

On the day of the wedding photoshoot, Lauren wore a white wedding dress and stepped into the mint-blue lakewater barefooted with a smile on her face.

She then turned around with fresh flowers in her hand.

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Laurens beauty seemed to have become one with the beauty of Maryland, and Jordan found himself captivated by Laurens beauty all day.

Soon enough, it was the 1st of April, which was also April Fools Day and the day of Jordan and Laurens wedding!

The Howards had booked the Hilton Hotel, which was the most high-end hotel, for Lauren and Jordans wedding.

There were lots of guests so the Howards prepared a few hundred tables.

It was indeed a very grand and lavish wedding.

Given the power of the Howards, they could definitely hire a few thousand tables worth of guests.

Many of these guests had specially come over from other cities.

Moreover, the people who came to attend the wedding were all people of very high status.

At nine oclock in the morning, the wedding venue was bustling with people and there were lots of people gathered in the hall.

Salvatore and Tim were standing at the entrance, clad in suits.

They were both responsible for the security of the site today.

As Salvatore watched the guests stream in one after another, he was bored out of his wits.

“Tim, do you think Miss Emily will come to crash the wedding”

Tim laughed and said, “Salvatore, what are you thinking How could Emily possibly crash the wedding!! I bet youre just muddled up because you desperately want to make Emily Clarke marry Mr.


Salvatore took a banana and removed the peel before saying, “Psht, wouldnt it be great if she could marry Mr.

Jordan Shes a flight attendant and her figure is much better than Laurens!”

Being Laurens staunch supporter, Tim quickly retorted, “Who said so Laurens legs are also long, arent they And Lauren is much prettier than Emily.”

Salvatore retorted indignantly, “Bull**! I have never seen a body better than Emilys!”

At this moment, two young beauties with invitation cards in hand appeared at the door and entered.

One of the beauties had an excellent figure that would make men get a nosebleed and who had attracted the attention of many male guests.

Tim was also stunned to see that.

He frantically said, “Dont suck up to Emily.

Salvatore, look at this guest who just entered.

Her figure is much better than Emilys!”

Salvatore raised his head and looked over, only to see the beauty with an amazing figure.

He was immediately stunned and he asked, “Damn it, isnt that Elle Camden”

“Huh Do you know her” Tim was stunned.

Salvatore said, “Shes the sister of Mr.

Jordans ex-wife! Thats strange, what is she doing here”

Salvatore was not mistaken.

The person who entered was indeed Elle.

However, she had now changed her name to Jenny.

Jenny and her classmate, Dakota, walked in holding each others arms.

The two young and beautiful girls immediately attracted the attention of countless men.

In particular, Jenny was dressed in an extremely revealing manner.

While walking forward with Dakota, Jenny whispered into her ear and complained.

“Ah, its really awkward being here.

This is the wedding of my former cousin-in-law.

Must we really fish for a rich guy here”

Dakota laughed and said, “That former cousin-in-law of yours is really amazing.

The last time I saw him, he was still working as a security officer and now, hes going to become the Howards live-in husband.

“Stop being wishy-washy.

There are so many guests today, Jordan may not be able to see you.

Listen up, all the guests today are figures of status and it can be said that the bigwigs of the local film industry are all here.

We just need to get one of them and well have hopes of becoming famous!”

Jenny was desperate to become famous too, so much that she was willing to sacrifice her body.

Hence, she agreed with Dakota.

She only prayed that Jordan wouldnt see this dirty and unsightly side of her.

Soon after, a person whom Salvatore and Tim both knew, appeared at the door.

It was Russell!

“Damn it, that old dog, Russell Miller is here!”

Salvatore said furiously.

The last time in Houston, they had fought each other and Salvatore also anticipated he would come to the wedding.

After Russell came in, he also saw Salvatore, but he didnt greet him and instead walked straight in.


Howard Sr.!”

Russell respectfully went over and gave Martin a handshake.

Martin also greeted him with a smile, “Mr.

Miller, welcome.

Thank you for the hospitality you showed me the last time I was in Houston.

Its my turn to host you this time.

You must stay in Houston for a few more days.”

Russell said with a smile, “I wouldnt dare.


Howard Sr.., why is Miss Lauren getting married to Jordan Steele Wheres Victoria”


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