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Chapter 396: Mother-in-law Makes Things Hard!

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Martin was well aware of the complicated relationship between Jordan, Victoria, and Russell.

“Russell, its a long story.

Take a seat, well talk about it another time.”

“Alright then.”

Not daring to disobey Martin, Russell sat down obediently.

There was incessant clamoring at the venue and the guests streamed in one after another, which made Salvatore rather annoyed.

“There are so many guests but none of them are here for Mr.


Theyre all here for the Howards.

Hey, when do you think Emily will crash the wedding”

To tell the truth, Salvatore was missing Emily really badly.

He peeled another banana and shoved it into his mouth.

However, as soon as he took a bite, he immediately choked when he saw a beauty whom he had never seen before, at the door.

“Ahem, ahem…”

Salvatore began coughing excitedly while still pointing at the crowded door.

Thoroughly confused, Tim patted Salvatores back to give him some relief.

“Whats wrong, Salvatore It cant be that Emily is really here, can it As Im Laurens guardian, if you support Emily in snatching the groom away, we will have to fight today!”

Salvatore spat out the banana he had just eaten and exclaimed in utter shock, “Emily my foot.

Its that bitch, Hailey Camden!”

Tim was so shocked that his jaw dropped wide open.


Jordans former wife”

Hailey, who had dolled herself up and was dressed to the nines in designer wear, walked over while pushing a stroller along.

Due to her stunning beauty, Hailey attracted the attention of many guests from the moment she entered.

“Oh my God, this woman is really beautiful.

Shes as gorgeous as the bride, Lauren Howard!”

“Actually, dont you think she looks like Miss Howard Theyre like biological sisters!”

“Its such a shame that shes probably a mother since shes pushing two babies over in a stroller.

Shes no longer single.”

While enjoying the gaze of the crowd, Hailey sashayed forward smugly but before she took two steps, she was stopped by Salvatore.


Salvatore said sternly, “Hailey Camden, what are you doing here!! Im warning you, its Mr.

Jordans big day today.

Dont you dare try to create a ruckus here!”

Hailey was not afraid of Salvatore.

If it were a year ago when Jordan and Hailey were still married, she would definitely be afraid of a gangster like him.

However, Hailey had experienced too much in the past one year and was no longer the little girl who only dreamed of inheriting the Camdens assets.

So instead she sneered arrogantly, “How dare you, a servant, speak to me like that Look at who Im pushing in the stroller.

He is your masters flesh and blood! In the future, my son will inherit 100% of the Steeles assets! If you dare to disrespect me, itll be tantamount to disrespecting the Steeles!”

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“You…” Salvatore was rendered speechless.

Hailey was telling the truth because she was indeed the mother of Jordans son.

He was Jordans oldest son and in the future, he might really inherit the Steeles empire and assets so they really couldnt provoke him.

Salvatore had no choice but to change his attitude.

“Miss Camden, I know you want to remarry Mr.

Jordan and reconcile with him but he already has a fiancee, so I hope you can accept the reality and not make trouble at Mr.

Jordans wedding.”

Hailey humphed coldly and said, “Jordans wedding Look at the venue with your eyes wide open.

Lauren Howards name is plastered on the wall and its listed before anyone else.

This is clearly the Howards wedding! Dont worry about your master!”

After saying that, Hailey stopped paying attention to him and instead walked forward while pushing the stroller.

“Salvatore, what should we do Should we go inform Mr.

Jordan” Tim asked.


Jordan is busy, dont disturb him.

The Howards are such a powerful family.

I believe Hailey Camden wouldnt have the guts to make trouble here.”

Soon after, the guests had all settled down and almost all the seats in the hall had been occupied.

In addition, there were also private rooms upstairs that were all occupied.

It was already ten in the morning.

The wedding was due to commence at any moment.

This time, they had invited a famous emcee, John, to host the wedding.

John walked towards Martins table and asked, “Mr.

Howard Sr, the time is up.

Shall we begin”

Martin glanced at the table beside theirs, which was the only empty table there.

This table was specially prepared by Martin for Jordans family, so no one dared to sit around it.

“Jordans family members havent arrived yet.”

Martin was obviously hoping that the wedding would begin only after Jordans family arrived.

“Hmph.” Clarice humphed coldly and said, “The Steeles would have arrived last night if they were sincere about attending the wedding.

Now that the wedding is about to begin, theyre still nowhere to be found.

I reckon theyre not going to make it.

Lets not wait for them anymore!”

Marissa was just as displeased with Jordans family.

“Yeah, lets not wait anymore!”

Martin nodded and said, “Okay then, we wont wait any longer.

Let the wedding begin.”

Afterward, John walked towards the stage with the microphone, immediately causing everyone to cheer for joy.

“Wow, its the famous emcee, John Paul.

The Howards are really impressive.”

“I heard that John will never take on tasks to appear at wedding events.

I reckon that the Howards are the only ones who are capable of inviting him here.”


John, Im your fan!”

John smiled and bowed to everyone.

“Thank you, thank you, everyone.

Its a great honor to witness the moment that Mr.

Steele and Miss Howard tie the knot, together with all of you.

“In todays era where more and more young people are afraid of getting married, I think every couple that is brave enough to get married, are really courageous and full of confidence in living a good life together in the future.

“Next, lets invite the happy couple of newlyweds to make an appearance!”

A pure and beautiful melody suddenly began to play.

Lauren had heard that song before too.

She had always hoped to have that song played during her wedding,

With the romantic wedding music, Lauren, who was dressed in a white wedding gown and looking like a goddess, walked towards the stage slowly with her hand around Jordans arm.

“Oh my, she… shes gorgeous!”

“Im crying.

Miss Howard is really the most beautiful bride Ive ever seen!”

As soon as Lauren and Jordan appeared, they aroused the envy of all the guests at the scene.

They were impeccably good-looking and the most compatible pair in the world!

At this moment, Hailey was stunned too.

Watching Jordan and Lauren walking down the aisle, she subconsciously thought about the scene when she and Jordan got married.

It was exactly the same!

‘Jordan actually found a woman who looks so much like me… he must still love me!

Haileys heart was filled with so much jealousy that she was about to lose her mind!

Soon enough, the two walked to the center of the stage.

John didnt waste any time and the Howards didnt need a wedding officiant either.

Ordinary people liked having the emcee liven the atmosphere and watch the newlyweds make a fool out of themselves.

Meanwhile, the Howards didnt need such things.

John said, “Im not a professional wedding officiant.

Lets invite the mother of the bride on stage to say a few words.”

Under a burst of applause, Marissa walked over with a piece of paper in hand.

Jordan glanced at it, only to see the words “Requirements for being a Live-in Husband”!


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