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Chapter 397: Hailey Wreaks Havoc At The Wedding!

“What nonsense is Laurens mother up to again”

Jordan frowned, knowing that his new mother-in-law hated him because of Brad.

However, he didnt expect her to embarrass him at his wedding.

Marissa, who was also dressed to the nines today, said to the guests with a microphone in hand.

“Everyone, thank you for coming to attend the wedding of my daughter, Lauren, and son-in-law, Jordan.

There may be some of you who dont know that Lauren is marrying her live-in husband, Jordan Steele today!”

Salvatore and Tim were immediately displeased.

“Why must that old hag emphasize that Mr.

Jordan is marrying Lauren as a live-in husband Isnt she obviously out to embarrass Mr.


Despite the awkward situation, Jordan had a calm look on his face but he wasnt bothered by the looks that the crowd was giving him.

Only the poor would be concerned if others thought they were poor.

The rich wouldnt care what others thought of them.

Marissa continued, “Of course, this son-in-law of mine is very outstanding himself and he used to be the president of a listed company who has had his heyday.”

The guests began discussing among themselves and many of them did not know exactly what company Jordan was the president of before.

Marissa said, “Since hes going to be my daughters live-in husband, the wedding is naturally going to be a little different from a normal wedding.

As Laurens mother, I naturally have some requirements for my son-in-law.

“First, after you marry into our family, youll be responsible for cooking all three meals for my daughter and granddaughter every single day.

You also have to take care of their daily necessities.

Are you willing to do that”

Jordan had been doing that for three years prior to this so he nodded and said simply, “Yes, Im willing.”

Marissa continued, “Second, after you marry into the Howards, you mustnt have friends of the opposite sex.

You must be home by ten at night and you cant go out for meals or watch movies with the opposite sex.

Are you willing to accept that”

Upon hearing her words, many of the guests burst into laughter.

‘Does the Howards son-in-law have to follow such rules

Jordan was speechless but he nevertheless nodded and said, “Im willing.”

“Third, after marrying my daughter, you may not go through my daughters cell phone, diary, and other personal, private belongings without her permission.

My daughter can have meals and watch movies with the opposite sex as she pleases, and you are not to have any objections.”

As soon as she named the third condition, everyone was in an uproar.

“Damn it, these requirements are really harsh.

Doesnt this just mean that the man cant have any interaction with the opposite sex except for his wife while the woman can see any man as she pleases”

“Yes, Miss Howard can stay out all night and her husband cant even question her about it.

Isnt that too unfair on him”

“Hehe, told ya it isnt that easy being the live-in husband of the Howards.”

Before Jordan could speak, Lauren flew into a rage on the stage and she hissed, “Mom, what kind of conditions are those”

Lauren was infuriated because the wedding, which was originally supposed to be romantic, was ruined by her mother.

Marissa was making it sound like Lauren would really stay out with other men and cheat on Jordan after they got married.

She had a vague feeling that the guests at the wedding were already looking at her that way.

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Martin was just as exasperated.

“Marissa, what are you trying to do!! What nonsense are you spouting!! Stefan, quickly drag your wife down the stage, and dont let her embarrass us any further!”

Brad, who was seated in a wheelchair, started laughing because he knew that his mother had deliberately said those words to irk Jordan.

“Haha, it would be awesome if Lauren could make a cuckold of Jordan Steele.


Brad knew that Jordans ex-wife, Hailey, had cheated on him so if he were to face the same thing again in his second marriage, hed probably break down.

At this moment, Stefan slowly got up and acknowledged, “Yes, Dad.”

Just as Stefan was about to go on stage to pull Marissa down, a beautiful guest suddenly stood up and hollered at the stage.

“Jordan Steele, youre such a good-for-nothing! Youre the scion of the Steeles, what are you becoming someone elses husband for Youre an embarrassment!”

The person who spoke was Hailey!

“Hailey Camden”

When Jordan saw Hailey, he froze for a moment, not expecting that he would run into his ex-wife on the day of his wedding!

Haileys words made the scene extremely lively again.

“Hey, who are you How dare you disrupt the wedding hosted by the Howards Youre really brazen, huh”

“This woman is super pretty, is she here to crash the wedding”

At this moment, Salvatore rushed over and grabbed Hailey in a bid to drag her away.

Struggling to break free, Hailey exclaimed, “Let go of me! Jordan Steele has ruined my wedding twice.

Why cant I take revenge on him!!”

Jordan couldnt help but recall how Hailey and Tylers wedding had been disrupted and terminated halfway by Jordans appearance, as well as the revelation of his identity as the chairman of the Ace Corporation.

When she married Cayden, her wedding was also ruined because of Jordans exposure of Caydens scandal, which led to Cayden being stabbed.

It seemed that Hailey wanted to take revenge on Jordan!

Jordan walked down the stage and said to Hailey, “Hailey Camden, youre out of your mind.

What are you doing here”

Throwing her head back in confidence, Hailey said, “Why cant I come here I gave birth to a son for you and you didnt even inform me that youre getting married.

What if you abandon me and our son in the future”

There was an even greater commotion as soon as she said that.

“What The groom has a child with this woman So shes his ex-wife!”

“Far out, this guy is very lucky with women.

His ex-wife and fiancee are both stunning beauties!”

“Haha, things are getting exciting now.

I wonder how this is going to end.”

At this moment, the bride, Lauren, suddenly spoke up slowly.

“Miss Hailey Camden, hello, Im very glad to see you here.

Its my mistake to have not given you an invitation personally.

As for your child with my husband, please rest assured that Ill treat him as my own child and provide him with the best living conditions.

Im making this promise as a Howard.”

The guests gasped in awe and surprise.

“Shes really worthy of being a Howard.

How magnanimous!”

“Although Lauren and Hailey Camden are both gorgeous, theyre worlds apart when it comes to manners, graciousness, mannerisms, and temperament!”

“Hah, how can a woman from a third-tier family in a second-tier city compare with the greatest beauty of DC”

“You…” Hailey was at a loss for words.

She hated how magnanimous Lauren was because she felt that it made her seem petty and hypocritical!

At this moment, Brad had already arrived at Haileys table in his wheelchair.

He dragged Hailey back to his seat and barked, “Hailey Camden, are you nuts How dare you ruin my sisters wedding Youd better sit down, or Ill take back the 230 million dollars that I gave you!”

Having no other choice, Hailey bit her lip and took her seat obediently.

At this moment, Martin walked onto the stage himself to calm everyone down and cease the commotion.

The moment he spoke, order was restored and the originally chaotic scene instantly became silent!

No one dared to speak again and some even covered their childrens mouths, for fear that they would spout nonsense!

That was how tyrannical Martin was!


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