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Chapter 398: Hailey Humiliates Jordan and Lauren!

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Martin walked onto the stage with the microphone in hand and a benevolent look on his face.

“Thank you all for coming today.

My daughter-in-law was just cracking a joke with you guys just now and it was purely for your amusement.

Please dont take her seriously.

In fact, my granddaughter and grandson-in-law met each other four years ago and they share a four-year-old daughter.

“However, we were against their relationship at that time and after four years of trials and tribulations, weve finally realized that Jordan is a very loyal and driven person.

Thats why we agreed to let them get married.”

As soon as he said that, there was endless discussion among the crowd.

“So it turns out they already have a child together.

This punk is really something! Even after fathering her child, he has to be put under probation for four years.

It really isnt easy being the Howards son-in-law!”

Martin continued, “We wont be accepting gifts for todays wedding.

Many friends and families have been presenting me with monetary gifts just now but I hereby declare that we will not be accepting a single gift today.

Thank you all for your goodwill.”

The guests began discussing again.

“Someone of high status like Mr.

Howard Sr.

indeed shouldnt be accepting any gifts.

Otherwise, given his power in the world of business and politics, Im afraid someone would give him a gift thats worth over a million dollars!”

“Hah, over a million You must be underestimating the Howards.

Im sure some people would dare to give gifts that are worth 15 million dollars!”

“Yeah, as long as the Howards accept the gifts, theyll have to work for others.

They can easily earn that money back.”

Martin looked at the crowd and said, “But I saw that many of you have come bearing gifts.

Since ancient times, giving gifts to newlywed couples has always been customary.

And so, we will graciously accept non-monetary gifts.”

As soon as Martin said that, the guests at the scene immediately got excited.

A middle-aged woman quickly got up and said, “Mr.

Howard Sr., Im the CEO of Feather womens watches and Ive brought a red, limited-

edition womens watch that our brand has just launched.

There are 900 18-carat gold beads on it that rotate with the dial, and together it forms the face of deer with the pre-paved track.

I believe Miss Howard will definitely like it.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Feather womens watches are akin to Hermes.

That watch is probably worth more than a hundred grand, huh”

“How impressive it is that theyre receiving the watch directly from the brands CEO.

Unfortunately, its a gift for the bride and not the groom.


Martin smiled faintly at her and said, “Thank you for the gift.”

Likewise, Lauren thanked her profusely.

Soon after, Russell also stood up and said, “Mr.

Howard Sr., since its Miss Howards wedding today, I have a Graff ruby here, which I won at the Sothebys auction in 2014.

Id like to present it to Miss Howard today as a gift.

I wish her a happy marriage!”

Russell took out a delicate little box and opened it to reveal the sparkling ruby to everyone.

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“Wow! Graff ruby! I remember that it was auctioned off at a price of nearly $9 million in 2014! The price has long since doubled!”

“Oh my, almost $9 million As expected of the richest man in Houston, Russell Miller is really wealthy!”

“Damn it, why did Old Russell stand out so quickly He should be presenting his gift as the finale.

Now that hes given a $9-million gift, who would dare to stand up to present their gifts”

Lauren was aware of Russells relationship with Victoria and Jordan, and she also knew how valuable the ruby was.

In response, she said, “Mr.

Miller, your gift is too valuable, I cant accept it.”

However, Russell insisted, “Miss Howard, I got to where I am today thanks to Mr.

Howard Sr.s help.

Ill take it that youre looking down on me if you dont accept this gift.”

Having been put in a difficult position, Lauren looked helpless.

“Grandpa, this…”

Martin laughed and said, “Yes, Russell and I were business partners before this and he still owes me a large sum of money.

Just take this ruby as his repayment.


After cracking that joke, Martin decided to just accept the gift.

He had not only given Russell an out, but he also made sure that others wouldnt have anything to say about it afterward.

Following Russells gift, there was a short silence for a while since no one had prepared a gift as expensive as that ruby.

In the end, a young man broke the awkward tension with a gift that was worth tens of thousands of dollars, after which the guests continued to present their gifts one after another.

However, looking at the guests who gave gifts, Salvatore and Tim felt terrible.

Salvatore said, “Theyre all giving gifts to Lauren Howard.

None of them are for Mr.


Tim said, “Yeah, its the wedding of two people after all.

Would it kill them to include Mr.

Jordan They even specified that the gifts are for Lauren without even mentioning Mr.

Jordan at all.

This is infuriating!”

They werent being sensitive.

In fact, many of the guests had already sensed it.

Elle and Dakota, who were sitting far away from them, didnt even bother hiding their laughter.

With a smirk, Dakota laughed and said, “That former brother-in-law of yours, Jordan, is behaving like a fool out there.

So many people have brought gifts but not a single one is for him.”

Elle sighed and said, “Yeah, it seems like this wedding is only for Lauren.

I really pity Jordan.

This is exactly what happened during the wedding when he married my cousin.

After they get married, Jordan wont have any status anymore.

Shell definitely cheat on him unrestrainedly.

Ah, I wonder what Laurens character is like.

Will she cheat on Jordan like my cousin did”

While snacking on some nuts, Dakota smiled and said, “What are you worried for Isnt it right for him to be made a cuckold He deserves it for being a live-in husband.

Id cheat on him too.


Other than Dakota, the others also mocked Jordan.

“Haha, nobody cares about this groom.

None of the gifts are for him and he doesnt have a presence here at all.”

“What groom Hes more like the bride.

Miss Lauren is the one who wears the pants in the relationship, haha.”

Hailey stood up again at this moment!

Grabbing onto Haileys hand, Brad growled at her.

“Hailey Camden, what are you doing Are you trying to create trouble again Sit down!”

In response, Hailey took out a beautiful rose gold necklace from her bag.

“Whos creating trouble Im giving a gift!”

Brad was instantly stunned the moment he saw the valuable necklace in Haileys hand.

‘Isnt she here to make a scene and ruin the wedding Why did she prepare a gift

Hailey suddenly said, “Jordan Steele! Youre so incompetent.

Its your wedding today and not a single person here is giving you a gift!”

Jordan cursed in his head,You bitch, what are you trying to do Youre not done, are you!!

“Also, Jordan, your wife, Lauren Howard, is the bride today but she isnt wearing a single piece of jewelry except for her wedding ring.

It must be because youre too poor to buy her anything!”

Indeed, the Howards had a rule that stipulated that men had to be the ones to prepare the jewelry that the bride was to don during the wedding.

The women of the Howard family were not to buy their own jewelry.

Hailey suddenly smiled wickedly and took out the rose gold necklace.

“This necklace is worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

Jordan bought this for me previously.

Miss Howard, Ill gift you this necklace on Jordans behalf!”

Everyone was shocked that Hailey was going to give something that she had used to Lauren!


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