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Chapter 401: The Glory Of The Eldest Son Of The Steeles

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The doorman of the Howards froze right on the spot and he exclaimed, “Ah! So its Jordans brother and sister-in-law! Please come in!”

Jordan had already informed the Howards that his eldest brother and the latters wife would be attending the wedding.

The Howards had also informed the doormen about it a long time ago.

Martin even personally instructed them to treat Jesse and his wife with the utmost respect, and to not anger them!

At this moment, the guests were all watching the bride and groom share a passionate kiss and hence, did not pay attention to Jesse.

Jesse walked over and patted Jordans back.


Only then did Jordan snap out of his fantasy.

In his consciousness, the person he had just kissed was Victoria and not Lauren!

‘Poor Lauren.

She would be devastated and heartbroken if she were to know the truth!

Jordan turned around and was excited when he saw Jesse and the woman with an elegant and noble temperament.

“Jesse! Emma!”

Jordan immediately hugged Jesse!

At this moment, the Howards were all really excited.

Martin stared at Jesse without even blinking.

Brad even wanted to stand up from his wheelchair!

To think that the esteemed Howards actually lost their composure and got really worked up the moment they saw someone from the Steele family!

The guests were discussing incessantly too.

“The grooms family is here.

His older brother looks quite mature.”

“The grooms sister-in-law is so elegant.

Shes clearly the wife of a wealthy man!”

“Yes, although shes not as pretty as Miss Howard, a woman like her is pleasing to the eye and Ill never get tired of looking at her.”

Jordans sister-in-law had also caused an uproar among the crowd.

Moreover, ravishing beauties like Hailey and Lauren were both present.

The fact that she could spark an intense discussion among the crowd in the presence of these two beauties, just goes to show that she was very charming.

In fact, Jordans sister-in-law, Yumi, was Japanese-American and was named after her mother.

Jesse patted Jordan on his shoulder and said, “Jordan, youve changed.

Youre not shy about kissing in front of so many people.”

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Yumi smiled and said, “Yeah, youve become taller and more handsome.”

Lauren was also excited to see the two of them.

“Arent you guys Jordans brother and sister-in-law Hello, my name is Lauren, nice to meet you guys!”

Jesse and Yumi shook hands with Lauren respectively.

Yumi smiled and complimented, “You are really beautiful, no wonder Jordan was so mesmerized when he kissed you.”

Lauren blushed shyly.

At this moment, Martin also took the initiative to walk over.

Although Jesse was Martins junior, Martin thought very highly of Jesse.

One of the reasons was that Jesse was the eldest son of the Steeles who had already experienced all the trials that his family put him through and hence, was already aware of the family secret.

He was also extremely likely to be the helmsman of the Steeles in the future.

The second reason was that Jesse was extremely mysterious.

Martin had sent his subordinates to ask around countless times but he still couldnt find a single photo of Jesse!

“Youre Jordans eldest brother, Jesse, right Welcome!”

Martin took the initiative to walk over and shook Jesses hand.

Jesse was neither humble nor condescending.

He shook Martins hand and said, “Mr.

Howard Sr., my grandfather was supposed to come in person, but hes been a bit unwell lately, so he had to take a rain check.

He asked me to tell you that he is happy to be in-laws with the Howards.”

Martin was overjoyed.

“Im also really glad to be in-laws with your grandfather.”

The guests at the venue were bewildered to see the scene.

After all, they knew Martins power in the country.

Yet, he took the initiative to talk to Jesse, a junior, and he even seemed to be deferential and subservient!

The Steeles seemed to be quite powerful!

Jesse had a powerful aura and he didnt smile at all.

He said, “I saw many people saying that this is Miss Lauren Howards wedding at the entrance just now.

Miss Laurens name was also written in front of my brothers.

This seems a little inappropriate, isnt it Shouldnt his name be written before hers Isnt that usually the case”

Martin was a little embarrassed, knowing that Jesse was probably trying to seek justice for Jordan!

Marissa was displeased with Jordans family.

She said, “Your brother is marrying Lauren as a live-in husband so its only right that his name is at the back!”

“Live-in husband” Jesse sneered.

“Pardon me but your family isnt worthy of making Jordan your live-in son-in-law.”

Brad, who could not walk over from afar, was enraged to hear that.

“Bull**, who are you looking down on!”

As soon as Jesse entered the door, Brad became agitated because he could tell at a glance that Jesse was a big shot!

Out of everyone, Brad loved to confront such formidable figures! Hence, he was hollering to seek attention and find a sense of presence.

Martin, on the other hand, was afraid that Brad would anger Jesse so he quickly chided him.

“Brad, shut your mouth! Youre not allowed to speak again!”

The guests at the venue were all stunned.

‘What is going on

‘Are the families of the bride and groom going to get into a scuffle

“So handsome…”

Hailey watched Jesses every single move since he entered and she was completely charmed by him when she saw how proud and arrogant he was when facing a powerful family like the Howards.

Although Jesses face was not as handsome as Jordans, Hailey liked men who were domineering, rich, and of high status.

Hence, Jesse was incredibly suave to her!

Jesse glanced at Marissa, and then said to his wife, “Yumi, take out the contract.”


Yumi pulled out the contract from the bag in her hand.

Then, she took out another fountain pen worth hundreds of thousands of dollars which was usually used by royals.

Jesse handed the fountain pen and the contract to Lauren.

Lauren was stunned and she froze for a moment.

“Jesse, you…”

Jesse said, “This is the contract transfer of the largest bar group in the UK.

My grandfather has transferred his bar businesses in the UK to you and Jordan.

Once you sign it, all the bars in the entire UK will be yours.”

The guests at the scene were flabbergasted.

“No way! How many pubs are there in the whole of England I can believe it if he buys one but he bought the pubs in the entire country”

“I heard that a few years ago, all the bars in the UK were bought by one corporation.

Was it the Steeles”

“Oh my God, there are so many bars.

It must have cost hundreds of millions of dollars! Bar businesses are very lucrative in England because everyone likes to watch soccer at the bar!”

“Miss Howard is going to become the lady boss of the British bars Damn it, the Steeles are impressive!”

In fact, even Jordan was stunned because the bar industry was very important and very profitable.

“Brother, Im the third in line.

Why did Grandpa give me all the bars”

Jesse smiled and said, “I suggested that to Grandpa.

Yumi and I do not need any businesses to handle, and Jamie has been disobedient the past few years.

So all the bars will be going to you.”

The Howards were dumbfounded.

‘Jesse is such a good brother!


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