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Chapter 403: Hailey Becomes His Sister-In-Law

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To think that Hailey hugged and held hands with Jesse on their first meeting.

It was too much of a provocation! Besides, he had done it in front of Jesses wife!

Yumi was clearly displeased when she saw the scene.

Likewise, Jordan was extremely repulsed by Hailey because she felt that she was too shameless!

“Its good that I divorced her.

Otherwise, she might one day sleep with Jesse!”

Although Jesse was an austere and imposing man, he seemed like an honest and simple man to most girls.

Hailey took Jesse to her seat and pointed to the baby in the stroller.

“Jesse, this is your nephew, do you want to carry him”

At this moment, Yumi seemed overjoyed too and she took the initiative to look at the two babies in the stroller.

Yumi looked at the baby boy and said to Jesse gleefully, “Look at this little boy, his mouth and nose resemble Jordans so much.”

Jesse also nodded smilingly.

“Indeed, he resembles Jordan a lot.”

Hailey also said with a proud look on her face, “Hes totally a chip off the old block.”

However, Yumi quickly shifted her attention to the girl.

“This baby girl is really beautiful and delicate too.”

Yumi couldnt help but want to carry the baby girl.

However, at this moment, Jordan coughed twice.

“Yumi, this girl isnt my biological daughter,” Jordan said coldly.

Yumi wasnt aware of Jordans paternity test previously so she was extremely shocked.

“What did you say!!”

The two babies were clearly of the same age and since they both belonged to Hailey, Yumi had assumed that they must be twins.

Yet, Jordan said that the boy was his son but the girl wasnt his daughter.

As a woman, Yumi immediately understood what had happened! She glared at Hailey furiously, causing the latter to immediately become diffident.


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Yumi gave Hailey a tight slap on her pretty face!

“Baka! (Fool)! Hailey Camden, as a woman, how dare you do such a disgusting thing!! Not only that, since youve hurt Jordan, why did you bring this girl here Are you deliberately trying to irk Jordan!!”

Yumi knew that as soon as Jordan saw the baby girl, he would be enraged and recall the fact that he had been betrayed.

Hence, Hailey ought to have only brought the baby boy and not the girl with her.

In fact, Hailey did not want to irk Jordan.

The reason she took the baby girl here was that she was Brads daughter.

Since she was the Howards flesh and blood and the Howards were the host of the wedding today, she decided to bring the baby girl too.

At this very moment, Marissa suddenly stood out.

“Whats wrong How did my granddaughter irk you in any way Why cant she be here!”

Marissa had long been displeased with Jordan, and now, she was even more annoyed by Jesse and Yumi for stealing the limelight from the Howards and behaving tyrannically here.

Besides, she had already learned of the affair between Brad and Hailey, and also knew that the baby girl in the stroller was her sons flesh and blood.

As soon as Marissa said that, the situation became even more complicated and chaotic.

“What… what is going on!! Why is the grooms ex-wifes daughter the granddaughter of the brides mother”

“Crap, does that mean that the grooms ex-wife and the brides brother also had an affair before this”

“Oh my, thats too scandalous!”

Martin didnt want others to gossip about his family affairs and thus, immediately shot Stefan a glance.

In response, Stefan hurriedly said loudly, “Everyone, please return to your seats.

Well be serving the food immediately.

Please enjoy your meal and drink to your hearts content!”

Out of respect for the Howards, everyone immediately didnt dare to discuss any further and instead, returned to their seats immediately to enjoy the food and drinks.

Soon, the atmosphere was happy and lively again.

At this moment, Hailey saw Jesse and Yumi, who seemed to be very upset about her betrayal of Jordan.

She knew that she might not be able to get the Steeles acknowledgment anymore.

Seeing that Brads mother, Marissa, was willing to stand up for her, she quickly showed her goodwill and treated her kindly.

“Maam, youre Brads mother, right”

Marissa looked at Hailey and said, “Yes, Im his mother.

Are you Hailey Camden from Orlando Youre very pretty.

That explains why my son likes you so much.”

Ruffling her hair, Hailey said shyly, “Nah, Maam, Im just an ordinary girl compared to you.

Youre the beautiful one.”

Marissa suddenly said, “Im very happy that you gave birth to a daughter for Brad, Hailey.

By the way, would you like to move into our place Id like to spend more time with my granddaughter.

Since Brad is healing from an injury now, you can take care of him while youre by his side.”

Hailey was stunned because she realized that Marissa seemed to be implying her acknowledgment of Hailey as her daughter-in-law!

Previously, Hailey had once fantasized about being the Howards daughter-in-law, but Brad made it clear that she was not worthy of marrying him.

Brad said that he merely treated Hailey as a plaything and a friend-with-benefits.

Hailey was overjoyed but she quickly pretended to be worried.

“Huh Brads injured How did he get hurt Can he still walk in the future”

Marissa glowered at Jordan before humphing coldly.

Hailey finally figured out what happened.

‘No wonder Brads mother approves of me and acknowledges me.

It turns out that Jordan is the reason Brad is injured!

Hailey immediately promised, “Maam, rest assured, Ill stay here and take good care of Brad.”

At this moment, Jordan was extremely displeased.

Now that Jordan was getting married to Lauren, Hailey would become his sister-in-law if she were to marry Brad.

‘This mother-in-law of mine seems to be deliberately trying to upset me!

Lauren could tell that Jordan was displeased.

She said softly, “Im sorry, Honey.

My mom is behaving too nonsensically.”

Not wanting to pull a long face on his big day, Jordan forced himself to smile.

“Its okay, we wont be living with Brad so we can at most choose not to see them.”

At this juncture, Martin had already invited Jesse and his wife to take a seat at the same table with him and they had already begun to drink together.

On the other hand, Jordan and Lauren proceeded to toast to some of their elder relatives.

There were hundreds of tables here and most of the guests were there out of admiration for the Howards.

Jordan didnt have to toast to the guests at every single table.

After the toast, Jordan finally had the chance to catch his breath but Salvatore suddenly walked over.


Jordan, look over there.”

Salvatore pointed to a direction in the distance.

Since it was extremely crowded, Jordan did not spot anything unusual at first.

“What do you mean” Jordan asked.

Salvatore explained, “That one in the pink dress is Elle Camden!”

Only then did Jordan recognize her.

“Elle Camden What is she doing here”

Jordan had run into Elle when he was still working as a security officer just a few days ago.

Salvatore whispered into Jordans ear, “I was eavesdropping for a while and it seems that Elle is looking for a rich old man to be her sugar daddy!”


Jordan looked over again, only to see that Elle, who was clad in a low-cut dress, was unabashedly flaunting her excellent figure to a man in his forties in front of her.

The old man grabbed Elles fair and tender arm lecherously, wishing he could do her there and then!


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