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Seeing this scene, Jordan was extremely displeased.

He could tell at a glance that the old man had ill intentions towards Elle and was taking liberties with her.

The strange thing was that Elle did not resist but instead had a shy look on her face.

Many men would take a womans shyness as a signal for a man to pursue her!

“Could it be that Elle is taking the initiative to offer herself as his sugar baby”

Jordan frowned and walked over.

At this moment, the man was talking to Elle and Dakota.

They were chatting merrily with glasses of wine in their hands.

Dakota kept recommending Elle to the man.


Adler, Jenny has never even been in love and she hasnt lost her first kiss yet.


Adler, you and Jenny seem to resemble each other.

Why dont you take Jenny as your goddaughter”

Obviously, Dakota and Elle couldnt explicitly ask him to take Elle as his sugar baby in public.

However, they were all smart enough to know that they were implying that Mr.

Adler would become Elles sugar daddy.

Everyone knew that sugar babies were common these days.


Adler was extremely pleased too.

“Not bad, the fortune teller did tell me that I should acknowledge a goddaughter this year to have great luck, Jenny, are you willing to be my goddaughter”

Jenny smiled and looked at the old man shyly.


Without explicitly expressing her agreement, Jenny addressed him as her godfather straightaway.

“Hahahaha, good.

Ill take you to have a good time in DC tonight.”

Not showing any restraint, Mr.

Adler wrapped his arm around Jennys shoulders while the other middle-aged men at the same table laughed along.

They all naturally understood what would happen to Mr.

Adler and his “goddaughter” tonight.

At this moment, Jordan walked over.

“Here comes the groom.”

When Mr.

Adler saw Jordan, he also got really worked up.

Although he was a big shot in the financial circle and film industry of DC, he was still a notch below the Howards.

After witnessing the “confrontation” between Jordans elder brother and Martin, he realized that the Steeles seemed to be even more powerful than the Howards.

Hence, Mr.

Adler was very respectful to Jordan.

“Hey Jordan, Ive been friends with your father-in-laws family for decades and since its your big day today, we must have a drink!”

As he spoke, Mr.

Adler was about to pour some wine.

Since he was a guest of the Howards, Jordan knew it was inappropriate to shame him.

Otherwise, Jordan would have long lashed out at him for putting his arm around Elles shoulder and grabbing her arm.

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“Im here to look for Elle.”

“Elle Whos Elle” Mr.

Adler was stunned.

At this moment, Elle lowered her head, not daring to look up at Jordan.

She was greatly ashamed to have Jordan run into her while she was soliciting a sugar daddy.

Ignoring the older man, Jordan grabbed Elles wrist.

“Come with me.”

He then pulled Elle and went to the restroom on the second floor.

Since the banquet had just started and everyone was eating, there was not a single person here.

Jordan was extremely displeased so he questioned, “Elle…”

“My name is now Jenny,” Elle corrected.

Jordan looked at her face that had undergone plastic surgery, and indeed it was different from the original Elle.

“Okay, Jenny.

Let me ask you, why did you acknowledge that old man as your godfather You should be able to tell that he just wants to sleep with you, right”

Elle said, “I want to be a famous celebrity and make good money! I think its worth it to use my body for a chance to become famous.”

Hearing those words from Elle made Jordan furious.

He had never expected it to come from her.

All along, Jordan had treated her like she was his younger sister.

In the past three years as Haileys live-in husband, he often took care of Elle, who was still a pubescent girl at that time.

Although she was mischievous, she had a lot of self-love and Jordan didnt want her to hold herself as cheap as this!

“I dont want to see you like this, and to become like Hailey! Dont sell your body for money! Once you do it for the first time, therell be a second time.

Look at what kind of a woman Hailey has become!

“The last time she went to see me in Houston, she checked into a hotel room with another man right after she said that she wanted to reconcile with me.

Youve seen how she reacted when she saw my brother today.

If my sister-in-law hadnt come along, she might have knocked on my brothers door at night!”

Hailey used to be a simple and adorable girl in the past but she had slowly reduced herself to such a state.

How could Jordan bear to see Elle follow in Haileys footsteps

However, Elle thought otherwise.

“Whats wrong with how Hailey is right now I think Hailey is great.

Shes rich and shes even set up her own company.

Grandma praised her and said that shes the most competent one among us.

She even wants me to learn from Hailey!”


Jordan was shocked.

‘Is Diana screwed up in the head She wants Elle to learn from Hailey!

Did they forget how Hailey got rich

She did so by cheating on her husband! The women of the Camden family were all money-grubbers!

‘Its no wonder that Hailey and Elle have become who they are today.

Its all Dianas fault!

Jordan was exasperated.

“Elle, no, I mean, Jenny.

Weve been getting along very well during this period of time and youve even helped me successfully divorce your cousin.

Im very grateful to you for it.

“I cant watch you fall into the doldrums like that.

Once you make Mr.

Adler your sugar daddy, youll soon have a second and third sugar daddy.

Youre still young and you have no idea how insatiably lustful those bosses and investors in the entertainment industry are.”

However, Elle said, “I dont care as long as I can become famous and make big money!”

Jordan was stunned.

‘Has Elle gone out of her mind because shes so obsessed with wanting to be rich and famous!!

He couldnt slap Elle to wake her up, because he was the very reason that she had ended up in the entertainment industry.

If Jordan didnt cause the Camdens to go bankrupt, Jenny would still be the heiress of the Camdens and live a carefree life.

Elle said emotionally, “Jordan, thank you for your kindness, I really appreciate it but if I cant rise to fame in the entertainment industry, I really cant bring myself to face my parents and grandmother.

Im going to accompany Mr.

Adler tonight and my only regret is… not losing my virginity to you.”

Jordan was stunned.

‘This girl still likes me!

For a moment, Jordan remembered the time when he took Jennys first kiss in his office after finding out about Hailey and Caydens affair.

If he wanted to, he could take Elles virginity also.

Although Elle was gorgeous and had the best figure Jordan had ever seen, he had never felt any romantic feelings for her.

Or rather, Elle had never appeared at the right time.

Perhaps it was all just a matter of mismatched timing.

“Im sorry, Jordan, just think of me as a lowly woman and stay out of my life from now on.

Ill continue on the path that I have chosen!”

Jennys eyes were filled with tears and he was about to leave after saying those words.

Jordan grabbed Jennys wrist and said, “I wont let you become the next Hailey.

You want to be famous, huh Fine, Ill make you famous!”


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