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Chapter 405: The Struggle On The Wedding Night

Elle was so touched that she leaped into Jordans arms and even kissed him.

Jordan hurriedly pushed Elle away and snapped, “What are you trying to do!! What if my wife sees us!!”

The Howards were the hosts today so if they were to see anything untoward, Jordan would really be unable to bear the consequences.

Elle was extremely agitated too as she hurriedly took out some wet wipes and handed them to Jordan for him to wipe himself.

There were still traces of Jennys lipstick on him.

Jordan looked at his reflection in the mirror and carefully wiped himself clean before giving Elle a warning.

“Youre not allowed to do this again, do you hear me I treat you as my younger sister.”

Elle said, “Jordan, as long as you are willing to help me become famous, Im willing to do anything for you.

When youre bored, you can always look for me to keep you company.”

In response, Jordan said, “I dont need you to do anything for me, nor do I need you to sleep with me.

If it werent for me, your family wouldnt have been reduced to such a penniless state.

This is what I owe to you.”

Although her parents had been resentful towards Jordan for causing the Camdens to go bankrupt, Elle had never felt that way.

“Jordan, how do you want to promote me and help me become famous”

After a pause, Jordan said, “I dont know anyone in the domestic entertainment industry either, and I have no way to invest in you now that my funds are frozen.

So Ill take you to meet my brother.

He should know some people in the local film industry.”

Jordan was acquainted with big names like Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, and other notable directors of their level.

Given the fact that Elle was still in her first year of studies at the film academy, she clearly couldnt act in films that they directed.

Hence, Jordan took Jenny downstairs and brought her to Jesses table.

At this moment, he was drinking wine with Martin and Stefan while chatting with them happily.

Jesse was surprised to see Jordan bringing a woman with a superb figure over.

“Jordan, this is”

“This is Jenny, the cousin of my former wife.”

Everyone was stunned.

‘Why are the Camdens here at Jordan Steeles wedding

It was no secret that Jesse and Yumi had a bad impression of Hailey, and thus, they didnt have a good impression of Elle either.

Elle took the initiative to go forward and called out, “Jesse, Yumi, Im pleased to finally have the opportunity to meet you.

There is one thing you may not know.

Our grandfathers initially arranged for me and Jordan to get married when they were discussing the engagement back then.

But my father opposed it because I was underage at the time so Hailey replaced me.

“If only I had married Jordan at that time, I would have treated him well.”

Jesse and Yumi looked at each other, at a complete loss for words.

The Howards could also tell that this woman, the cousin of Jordans former spouse, was somewhat fond of Jordan.

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Jordan was extremely awkward as well.

“Lets stop talking about this.

By the way, Jesse, do you know someone who deals with local film investments Jenny has recently delved into the entertainment industry, and I want to make her famous.”

Since it was Jordans request, Jesse naturally wouldnt turn him down.

“I do know a few directors.

I can recommend her to both of them.”

“Really Thank you, Jesse!” Jenny was overjoyed.

At this moment, Stefan suddenly said, “Miss Jenny, do you want to break into the entertainment industry Actually, the quickest way to become famous nowadays is not by acting in movies but by participating in reality shows.

“I happen to know a guy who runs a film and TV productions company, which produced a program called Creating Idols.

The artistes that get selected each year tend to immediately shoot to fame.

Miss Jenny, if you have a background in singing and dancing, I can guarantee that you will rise to fame and become a household name in the country within six months!”

Elle was surprised and flattered.

“I do! I can sing and dance!”

Jordan was puzzled because he didnt expect Laurens father to be so enthusiastic as to help him out.

It seemed that the Howards also wanted to show off their power in front of Jesse.

“Thank you,” Jordan thanked Stefan.

Stefan waved his hand and said, “Were already a family, whats there to thank me for Its just a trivial matter.”

The boss of the film company was also there, and Stefan personally took Jenny to see him.

After the two people left, Clarice suddenly interjected while staring at Jennys graceful back.

“Jordan, your former cousin-in-law is so hot.

Have you ever had a thing with her Otherwise, why do you still want to help her when you no longer have anything to do with the Camdens”

It was obvious Clarice was trying to say that Jordan had slept with Jenny!

Given that Lauren was present, she felt extremely awkward.

However, Jordan wasnt upset by the veiled accusation.

He merely said, “Yeah, my former cousin-in-law has such a good figure, and I feel the difference now.

My wifes face and figure are comparable to my ex-wife, though not on par.

But my current sister-in-law is far inferior.”

Clarice had a mediocre figure that was worlds apart from Jenny!

“You… Are you saying that I have a poor figure!!”

Clarice was astounded.

“Did I say something wrong” Jordan coldly snorted.

Martin, on the other hand, burst into laughter and raised his wine glass while looking at Jesse.

“Kids just like playing a fool.

Lets drink.”

Jesse smiled.

He didnt harbor any animosity or hostility towards spoiled brats like Clarice who liked talking back to others.

However, he harbored a strong animosity towards Brad, who had previously made a cuckold of Jordan!

That caused Brad to be too scared to even sit at this table!

The gaze in Jesses eyes alone was enough to frighten Brad to the point of shuddering!

Even Jordan had never made Brad that fearsome before.

The imposing presence made Brad feel that Jesse was a much more powerful existence than Jordan!

The wedding soon ended smoothly and it was extremely dramatic.

However, it had fortunately come to a successful end.

At ten oclock in the evening, Jordan and Lauren headed back to Laurens bungalow in a car.

There were wedding decorations all over the house, on the corners, windows, and doors, adding a touch of celebratory joy.

It was the night of Jordan and Laurens wedding.

To keep Chloe from playing a fool and causing trouble, the maid Felicia even took her to live with Laurens parents to leave Jordan and Lauren alone in the bungalow.

Upon arriving home, Lauren took a shower, removed her makeup, and put on a silk nightgown, which would be an absolute temptation for any man.

She took care in gently applying skincare products to make herself smell good.

“Honey, its been a long day.

Get on the bed and get some rest.”

However, Jordan remained in his seat without moving at all.

“Lauren, go to bed first, Im not sleepy yet.”

It wasnt that Jordan wasnt sleepy but rather, he didnt want to sleep with Lauren! All he could think about was the gift from Victoria and the congratulatory message to congratulate him on getting married!

He was still in love with Victoria, so how could he sleep with another woman


Lauren laid down to get some rest, filled with disappointment.

At midnight, Jordan got on the bed, thinking that Lauren must have already fallen asleep.

However, to Jordans surprise, Lauren grabbed his hand as soon as he lay down.


Laurens gentle voice was heartbreaking..


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