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It was dead silent in the pitch dark room.

Jordan said gently, “Lauren, you… youre still awake”

Lauren turned sideways to face Jordan.

“Honey, you know what Ive waited three whole years for this day.

Often Ive fantasized about being your wife.

Perhaps even every day.

My dream was to marry you.

I dont dare to beg you to love me as much as you love Victoria and I dont ask for much either.

I just want to be like an ordinary woman who leads a normal life and has a loving husband.

“Honey, please dont neglect me, okay”

Lauren wasnt a fool and she could obviously tell that Jordan had been deliberately neglecting her for the last two hours.

Jordan was put in a difficult spot.


Lauren said pitifully, “Honey, Ive never experienced the joy of being a woman in my life.

Im already 26 years old, I dont want to wait until Im 30…”

Jordan was both shocked and sympathetic towards Lauren.

He was shocked that Laurens only sexual encounter was when he slept with her in Syria four years ago.

Besides, that wasnt a pleasant memory for Lauren but an agonizing one.

Since then… To think that she hadnt slept with a single man before.

It came as a surprise to Jordan.

It was indeed quite pitiful for a woman who was almost 30 years old.

After all, beautiful women like Lauren usually had lots of suitors.

Jordan sighed in self-reproach, knowing that he was the cause of Laurens current plight.

Since he had married Lauren, the only thing he could do now was to make her happy.

He had to do so even if it was only for a short period of time.

Jordan gently caressed Laurens hair in the dark and let his lips roam down as he kissed her…

At this moment, it suddenly began pouring amidst thunderclaps.

On the other hand, Brad went to Martins home and they began chatting with each other in the night.

Brad was surprised by Jesses aura and frightened by the look in his eyes.

Hence, when he arrived at Martins place, Brad gave him a suggestion.

“Grandpa, havent you always wanted to know the secrets of the Steeles Jesse is already in his thirties, he definitely already knows what they are! We cant lose this opportunity.

He finally came to our turf so why dont we just nab him and force him to confess!!”

Brad always felt that Jesse would seek revenge on him for making him a cuckold so he wanted to make the first move.

With a shake of his head, Martin only said, “What a naive child.

Do you think that Jesse came alone”

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Brad said indignantly, “Hmph, even if he has connections in the country, he is no match for us!”

Martin sighed and said, “Son, do you know where he is now and who hes with”

Brad shook his head.

Martin said, “The British royal family! He came here with the prince and princess! Are you out of your mind How dare you think of harming Jesse Steele”

Brad then pounded his chest and exclaimed, “Damn it, that Jesse really is something!”

Martin sat in his chair and said with a smile, “Now that Lauren and Jordan are married, were considered the Steeles in-laws and we can clearly use Lauren to get some news.

Why do we have to fall out with them Brad, from now on, you should also treat Jordan better.

Hes your brother-in-law now after all.”

Brad looked at his injured leg and humphed angrily.

“Im not going to acknowledge him! Im at loggerheads with him!”

Without saying another word, Martin only smiled.

By the time Lauren woke up in Jordans arms again the next day, it was already past 10 am.

In fact, Jordan woke up very early and he merely didnt want to move his body because he didnt want to wake her up.

Lauren opened her eyes and smiled shyly with bliss when she saw Jordan.

As Jordan looked at Lauren who was sleeping, he said with a smile, “Lazy bum, are you finally awake Its almost 11 am.”

“Huh Its already 11 am”

Lauren got a great shock too because she usually woke up at six or seven in the morning.

Jordan looked at the gorgeous Lauren and said, “Its okay, anyway, Chloe is at Marissas place anyway.

You can sleep in if youre tired.”

Lauren recalled what happened last night and suddenly felt embarrassed.

She was a girl and yet, she actually took the initiative to say those things…

“Um… Ill get up after you do.”

Lauren was a little shy.

It was the first time Jordan had seen such a shy girl, so he got up first to wash up.

Afterward, when Lauren finished washing up and putting on her makeup, it was already close to noon.

Once they were ready to go, the two drove to Laurens parents place to have lunch.

“Dad! Mom!”

With the gifts in hand, Jordan greeted Laurens parents.

“Oh, youre here, Jordan.

Come on in.

Its pouring heavily outside.

You didnt get caught in the rain, did you”

Stefan greeted them with a smile.

He was rather amicable.

However, Marissa was different.

She glanced at Jordan and ignored him.



As soon as Lauren came in, she went to Chloe.

Lauren pulled the girl into a hug and asked, “Chloe, were you obedient when you stayed here last night”

Chloe nodded.

“Mommy, wheres my little brother”

Lauren asked in bewilderment, “What little brother”

Chloe said, “Felicia said that you two gave birth to my little brother last night.

I want a little brother.”

Lauren couldnt help but laugh and say, “Silly baby, it wont be so quick.

Even if you want a younger sibling, you have to wait till next year for him or her to be born.”

When Laurens family looked at her, they felt that she was a little different.

She had become bubblier and there was a blissful look on her face.

Her parents could tell that she was very happy now.

Laurens parents were not the only ones around.

Brad and Hailey happened to be there too.

Hailey walked in through the door while pushing the stroller along.

She said, “You dont have to wait till next year.

Youve got a little brother.”

Afterward, she glanced at Jordan and said, “Theyre both your kids.

Arent you going to introduce him to your daughter”

Although Jordan was displeased at the sight of Hailey, he knew that she was right.

It was a fact that Chloe was Jordans child, as was Haileys son.

Jordan hoped that they could get along harmoniously and support each other.

Taking Chloes hand, Jordan led her to the two babies.

Pointing at the baby boy, he said, “This is your brother.”

Chloe looked at the boy with surprise written all over her face.

“Wow, Daddy, you and Mommy gave birth to a little brother so soon!”

Everyone burst into laughter because they were amused by Chloe.

Rendered speechless, Hailey didnt want to argue with a four-year-old girl.

“Jordan, come here, I have something to ask you.”

Hailey brought Jordan to the second floor and asked as soon as he came up.

Did you sleep with Lauren… yesterday”

Jordan laughed and asked, “Nonsense.

Weve already registered our marriage and received the marriage certificate.

Of course, weve already slept with each other.

What are you asking this question for Does it matter to you”

Hailey was clearly displeased..

“Scumbag! A few days ago, you were head-over-heels in love with Victoria and now youre sleeping with another woman in the blink of an eye.

Dont you think youre letting Victoria down!!”


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