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“Wife of my boss”

Those words baffled Jordan.

“Whos the future wife of my boss” Jordan asked.

Herman shook his head and said, “Youre so thick headed.

Youre now an employee of Ace Corporation, arent you That makes Mr.

Steele your boss, and his future wife is your former cousin-in-law, whos also my daughter, Elle!”

“My family and I intend to let Elle marry Mr.

Steele so that we can have a marriage alliance with the Ace Corporation.

If things work out between them, youll be somewhat associated with us again.

Haha, youre really fated with the Camdens.”

Jordan looked at Elle in surprise and asked, “Elle, are you that confident that Mr.

Steele will take a liking to you”

It had only been a few days since Jordan had escaped from the clutches of the Camdens by divorcing Hailey, and now, Elle had set her sights on him!

‘What have I done to deserve to be pestered endlessly by the Camdens

Elle humphed coldly and said, “Theres no man in this world who wont be attracted to me! Ive always been chaste and never had a boyfriend before.

As long as I make the first move, Mr.

Steele will definitely fall in love with me!”

“Also, Ive always suspected that Mr.

Steele is the person who sent us the 1 million dollar bracelet on the day of Grandmas birthday banquet! I plan to investigate and find out more about this.

Maybe Mr.

Steele has been a fan of mine for a long time!”

Jordan smiled as he didnt expect his former cousin-in-law to be so confident in herself.

Although, he reflected on it carefully and realized that it made sense for her to be that narcissistic.

She had numerous fans on social media and received romantic messages from at least a thousand men every day.

Any woman would be conceited if they were in her shoes.

Hearing that Elle had mentioned the matter of the birthday gift again, Jordan said, “You dont have to investigate anymore.

That bracelet is indeed a gift from Mr.



Hearing Jordans words, Elle leaped up with excitement and grabbed Jordans clothing.

She asked excitedly, “Is that true Is that true Is it really a gift from Mr.

Steele I knew it.

My intuition was right! Dad, did you hear that Mr.

Steele is really fond of me!”

Herman was too elated for words.

‘The president of Ace Corporation has given such a hefty gift to the Camdens.

He obviously did it to impress Elle!

Herman said joyfully, “I really didnt expect that the president of Ace Corporation would be my future son-in-law! I must tell my mother about this when I get home.

Shed definitely be over the moon!”

Jordan looked at Herman and humphed in disdain.

‘The president of Ace Corporation was married to a Camden for three years, but none of you have ever been good to him!

‘You want me to marry a Camden again You must be dreaming!

Eager to meet Mr.

Steele, Elle grabbed Jordans clothes tightly and asked, “Where is Mr.

Steele now I want to see him.”

Jordan answered, “Hes having a chat with some clients in the meeting room.”

Given how spacious the Ace Corporation was, it wasnt strange for there to be more than one meeting room.

Hence, Elle didnt dwell on it further and instead asked, “Why is he taking so long Are the clients challenging to deal with”

Jordan nodded and said, “Yes, the clients are a man and his daughter.

The man is a snob while his daughter is a pretty girl dressed to the nines and is now seducing Mr.


I doubt hed be able to excuse himself soon.”

Elle was enraged after hearing his words.

“What a cheap woman! How dare she be so shameless in the presence of Mr.

Steeles company!! Its no wonder Mr.

Steele has been keeping us waiting for such a long time.

Which room are they in Im going to go give that bitch a tight slap now!”

Herman hurriedly pulled Elle back to stop her.

“Dont be impulsive! You cant leave a bad impression on Mr.

Steele! Wed better stay here and wait a little longer.”

Jordan shot them a disdainful glance and left without saying anything.

After a while, Ashley walked over and said to them, “Mr.

Camden, Miss Camden, something cropped up for Mr.

Steele, and he has left the office.

He would like for you to take your leave.”


Both of them, who had been waiting for an entire hour, were a little disappointed.

“Did Mr.

Steele say when he would be free Will he come to the office again in the afternoon” Herman asked.

Ashley shook her head and said, “Im not sure either.”

“Alright then.”

Herman and Elle left feeling somewhat disappointed, but their trip to the Ace Corporation wasnt entirely fruitless.

At the very least, they found out that Mr.

Steele was the one who had given Old Mrs.

Camden that birthday gift that cost over a million dollars!

As soon as they left the office building, Herman made a call home and asked all the Camdens to gather at old Mrs.

Camdens villa.

Benedict and Sylvie hadnt left yet, while Hailey had already left but was asked to return.

“Whats the matter I just left, and you asked me to go back again.

Have they clinched the deal”

Hailey rushed over, still holding her car key in her hand.

Elle glanced proudly at Hailey, who had arrived late, and only after seeing that everyone was present did she say, “Its not about the contract.

I have a piece of good news to announce to all of you.

The person who gave Grandma that 1.5-million-dollar bracelet is Mr.

Steele, the president of Ace Corporation!”

“What Its from Mr.

Steele” Benedict was in disbelief.

Hailey felt a little upset because ever since she learned that Jordan had stolen from the Camdens, she really thought that the bracelet was a gift from Jordan.

Sylvie gibed, “How is that considered good news Mr.

Steele and Miss Clarke are lovers, and Miss Clarke has always been close to our family.

Whats so strange about him sending us a gift too”

Herman laughed and said, “Sylvie, Mr.

Steele, and Miss Clarke broke up with each other a long time ago! If he sent that bracelet on Miss Clarkes behalf, why did he send it as a separate gift He could have placed his gift together with Miss Clarkes.”

It was common for married couples and lovers to share a gift.

On that day, it seemed that Victoria didnt know that Mr.

Steele would be sending the Camdens a gift day either.

Sylvie muttered, “You mean…”

Elle said conceitedly, “Is there still a need to ask Mr.

Steele must have given Grandma a gift for my sake! At that time, Hailey was still married to Jordan!”

After hearing this, old Mrs.

Camden said with a heartened smile, “That makes sense! I already knew that the person who sent the gift must be Elles suitor, but I didnt expect him to be the president of the Ace Corporation! Lady Luck is smiling at us!”

Ella replied obediently, “Grandma, I will nurture my relationship with Mr.

Steele well in order to help our family progress toward becoming a top-tier family in the city!”

Grinning widely from ear to ear, Old Mrs.

Camden caressed Elles face adoringly.

“Excellent, my granddaughter is so capable!”

Her words were like daggers to Haileys heart.

Her grandmother had never once ever praised her for the hard work she had done for the Camdens over the past few years.

Hailey questioned, “Who did you hear those words from Is the information credible”

Elle said, “Your ex-husband is the one who said it.

Of course, its credible!”

“Grandma, Mr.

Steele was too busy to meet us this morning.

Ill head to the Ace Corporation on my own this afternoon to look for him again.

Dont worry about the contract.

I can handle it alone!”

Elle made a promise to the Camdens.

“Great!” Old Mrs.

Camden praised merrily.

Feeling proud and smug, Elle said to Hailey conceitedly, “Hailey, if you have nothing this afternoon, be my chauffeur for the day and send me to Ace Corporation!”


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