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Indeed, as many would say, the more beautiful a woman is, the more deceitful she is! Jordans ex-wife, Hailey was such a woman, and it seemed that Lauren was as well!

Yet, Jordan had always felt sorry for Lauren.

He even slept with her out of sympathy for her and guilt that he had deprived her of a normal life.

However, now he had found out today that Lauren had slept with another man in the last few years!

She had been living freely with joy!

Jordan clenched his fist.

He was still in love with Victoria and did not want to become too intimate with Lauren.

It wasnt easy for Jordan to let his guard down and yet, this was what he got!

As he puffed on a cigarette in Jesses room, Jordan tried to ease his mood.

Soon after, he took the elevator downstairs together with Jesse to the restaurant for the breakfast buffet.

At this moment, Lauren and Yumi were sitting face to face, smiling at each other while eating with knives and forks in both hands.

Both of them had the aura of a noble goddess, especially Lauren who was more youthful.

Lauren had her hair tied back and her tiny face was round.

She looked perfect from every angle.

There was a woman who had the same hairstyle as Lauren, seated at the table beside theirs.

However, her face was large and squarish.

The more one compared, the more beautiful Lauren seemed.

Seeing Jordan and Jesse walking over, Lauren smiled.

“Honey, youre back Ive already picked up a selection of things for your breakfast.

See if you like what Ive chosen and if theres anything else you need, Ill get it for you.”

Lauren looked at Jordan gently and meticulously.

If it were in the past, Jordan would have felt blissful to have such a wife.

However, Jordan now felt that this was all just Laurens disguise!

Of course, although Jesse told Jordan about Laurens past, Jordan didnt turn his back on her immediately.

He pretended to be the same as before and said smilingly, “Its fine, Ill just have this.


In response, Lauren said to Jordan shyly, “Youre my husband.

Its only right that I help you get some food.

Why are you being so polite with me Oh yes, Yumi just told me that she and Jesse are going back to England in the evening.”

Jordan nodded and said, “Yeah, Jesse also told me about it just now.”

Lauren suddenly suggested, “Why dont we go back to England with Jesse and Yumi We could treat it as a honeymoon”

‘It seems like Lauren is so eager to go to England to see Grandpa!

When Jordan thought of what Jesse had just said about Lauren marrying him only for the sake of using him to find out his familys secrets, he humphed coldly.

‘Hmph, Lauren Howard, I bet youre just using the honeymoon as an excuse to find out my familys secrets, huh

Yumi was elated too.

“Yeah, Jordan, why dont you go back with us You have to go on a honeymoon.”

Jordan could tell that Yumi seemed to like Lauren a lot, so he guessed that Jesse probably did not tell her about Lauren.

“Well go another time.

Grandpa hasnt been in good health lately.”

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Lauren did not throw a tantrum and instead, respected Jordans opinion.

In the evening, Jordan and Lauren, as well as Laurens father, Stefan, personally went to the airport to see Jesse and Yumi off.

Before leaving, Jesse and Jordan hugged each other for a while, and Jesse said to Jordan, “Think about what I said to you.”

“I will, Jesse.”

Jesse had told Jordan to divorce Lauren and leave the Howards.

However, Jordan didnt want to divorce her so quickly.

They had only just gotten married after all.

First, he wanted to find some evidence to prove that Lauren was a vile woman!

Once he found the incriminating evidence, when he exposed her true colors, she wouldnt be able to deny or argue with him.

When he got home, Chloe was already asleep.

Chloe had a habit of holding a golden silk cloth in her hand when sleeping.

Perhaps it was for a sense of security.

Looking at how adorable Chloe was when she was sleeping, Jordan had other thoughts in mind.

‘Lauren Howard, you lied to me and said that Im the only man youve ever loved but I can ignore that.

I couldnt care less about whether or not youve slept with Dr.

Gale or not, and how many times youve done it with him.

But if youre using Chloe to deceive me, youd have gone overboard!

Ever since Jesse exposed Laurens true nature to him, Jordan had begun to get worried.

Now he couldnt help but wonder if Chloe was his daughter or not!

Indeed, Jordan and Chloe had gone for a paternity test, and the test results also showed that he was indeed Chloes father.

However, what if the Howards had already paid off the paternity test center

They were in DC, the Howards turf.

Given their power, they were completely capable of doing this!

Moreover, Jordan did not investigate the staff of the paternity test center and did not dare to guarantee that they were not threatened or bribed.

“Honey, its very late.

Lets go to bed.”

Lauren had already finished washing up and came over to look for Jordan.

“Oh, okay.”

Jordan quietly returned to the room with Lauren without revealing any flaws.

Like the past few days, they got intimate before sleeping.

At 3 am, Jordan carefully listened to Laurens breathing and started to make a move only after confirming that Lauren was asleep.

Indeed, he planned to look through Laurens phone while she was asleep! Jordan never had the habit of snooping and he had never done so when he was married to Hailey either.

Neither had he done it to Victoria.

Everyone was entitled to their privacy and a relationship without mutual trust is bound not to last long.

However, Lauren had disguised her true colors too well.

Despite being well-versed in psychology and reading micro-expressions, he still couldnt tell how evil Lauren really was.

Hence, he could only secretly check her phone.

Lauren had placed her phone on the other side of her pillow, and Jordan stretched out his arm to grab her phone.

Since he would need her fingerprint or face to unlock her phone, Jordan carefully grabbed her right hand again and unlocked it with her thumbprint.

The moment her phone was unlocked, it let out a sound because Lauren had set it to ring when she unlocked it.

Jordan hurriedly held his breath and looked at Lauren.

Fortunately, Lauren was exhausted and thus, was sleeping soundly.

She wasnt woken up by the sound at all.

Jordan let out a long sigh.

It was Jordans first time behaving so sneakily so he was extremely nervous.

After unlocking the screen, Jordan immediately clicked on her messages.

He believed he would be able to find out a lot of her secrets.

If Lauren and Matt had an affair, there must be clues in their text message conversation!


Swallowing some saliva, Jordan took a few moments to steel himself.

He could hardly dare to look at the screen.

What if he saw some unsightly conversation or video!!


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