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Jordan couldnt help but recall the email that Cayden once sent him.

At that time, he felt a strong urge to slap Hailey a few times on the spot after hearing the audio recording sent to him via email.

He had a hunch that history would repeat itself!

However, when Jordan opened Laurens messaging app, he got a surprise.

The interface of her messaging app was very simple and there were only two text conversations.

One was the Howards family chat group while the other was with Jordan.

“She only kept the text conversation with me and deleted the rest”

Jordan was a little surprised, but he didnt expect Laurens messaging app to be so clean.

If Jesse hadnt exposed her, Jordan might have thought that Lauren loved him and revolved her life around him.

Hence, her text messages were reserved only for him.

However, Jordan now felt that she had done so because she didnt want to leave any evidence behind! She deleted the chat records with Matt and other men because she didnt want Jordan to find out!

“What a smart woman!”

Wasting no time, Jordan checked her Instagram account too.

She rarely posted anything on Instagram and would usually only share photos of scenery or music.

Matt often liked her posts and left comments on them but there were lots of people who left comments on her Instagram posts.

Besides, people would rarely flirt on Instagram.

In case a common friend saw it, it would be extremely embarrassing.

Still, text messages werent the only source of secrets.

Sometimes, the memos in theNotes app might be scarier than chat records! In particular, women with meticulous minds, tend to pen their thoughts down in the notes app of their cell phones!

Jordan couldnt help but open the saved notes on Laurens phone.

Indeed, the notes were full of words.

Of course, women had too many things to pen down, such as their outfit styles, clothes, cosmetics, shoes, bags, and so on.

When Jordan clicked on one, he found that it was a note about him.

As he read the contents of the note, Jordan was surprised.

“My birthday, my favorite food, the songs I like to listen to, my favorite movies, and the dates of my marriage and divorce with Hailey, and even Victorias birthday”

Jordan was shocked.

‘Why does Lauren have these penned down

She had recorded all the information about Jordan, as well as his interests and hobbies, in the notes of her phone.

Logically speaking, this should be an act of love that a wife has for her husband.

By noting Jordans birthday and preferences, Lauren would be able to prepare a surprise for Jordan.

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As for the dates involving Hailey and Victoria, Lauren could have noted them down because she was afraid that Jordan would be in low spirits during those dates.

On those days, Lauren would be mindful not to let Jordan recall his unhappy past.

If that was the case, Lauren was really too thoughtful and meticulous!

Jordan was puzzled.

No matter how he looked at it, Lauren looked like a good wife, and nothing like a vile woman who would lie and deceive others.

Since he didnt find anything from her phone, he put it back in its original position and went to bed.

After breakfast, Lauren asked, “Honey, where should we go today to have some fun”

The two of them were supposed to have their honeymoon now but because Jordans assets were frozen, he didnt have the money to take Lauren to popular tourist spots.

Of course, it wasnt a matter of money now but rather, Jordan didnt want to go on trips with Lauren.

“I have to arrange for some of Pablos underlings to leave DC today so I cant accompany you.

Just do your own things.

We dont have to stick with each other 24 hours a day, right” said Jordan.

Arranging for Pablos men to leave was just an excuse.

Jordans real motive was to be separated from Lauren.

Only then would Lauren go about her own business and meet the people that were related to her.

Lauren nodded and said, “Ill go to the gym then.

After seeing your former cousin-in-law at the wedding, I really feel ashamed.

Compared to her, my figure is terrible.”

Jordan laughed and said, “I didnt expect that there are still women in this world who can make you feel inferior.”

In fact, Elle initially only had an excellent figure and average looks.

However, since she went to Korea for plastic surgery, her appearance was almost perfect now.

However, Jordan did not like this “fake perfection” because he preferred Elle and not “Jenny”.

Lauren continued, “Faced with your ex-wife and her cousin, I really have an inferiority complex because theyre prettier than me and their figures are better than mine too.

Not only that, but theyre also younger than I am.

Im really worried that you wont like me if I cant compare to them.”

At that moment, Jordan suddenly said, “Your figure is already better than most women.

Jenny is a vixen, you dont have to compare yourself to her.

By the way, you probably work out too, right”

Lauren nodded.

“Yes, I go to the gym every week.”

“In that case, do you have a personal trainer to help you formulate a training plan or something” Jordan continued to ask.

Nodding again, Lauren said, “Yes, its a male trainer whos quite famous in DC and hes the trainer of many celebrities.”


Jordan remained calm on the surface.

In fact, he was thinking to himself,Jesse said that Lauren has more than one man apart from Matt.

Is she also in a relationship with her trainer

After thinking about it, Jordan got up.

“Anyway, I gotta go.

Enjoy your workout.”

“Okay, bye honey.”

After leaving home, Jordan saw Salvatore and Tim.

As soon as he got into the car, Jordan instructed Salvatore, “Salvatore, arrange for someone to follow my wife, preferably a woman.

Tell her to follow her into the gym.”

Salvatore was a little baffled.


Jordan, you…”

“Victoria was taken away by Jamie who might be in cahoots with the Howards.

All of this may be a scheme against me that Jamie has devised together with the Howards.

Besides, the key to finding out this scheme lies with Lauren.

If theres nothing wrong with her, Jesse is overthinking.”

Salvatore was confused but he nevertheless sent someone to tail Lauren.

Soon, Jordan received a video.

It was a video of Lauren working out at the gym.

Lauren was wearing a tight-fitting outfit that revealed her excellent figure.

Coupled with her gorgeous face, she was bound to attract anyone who saw her.

In the video, she was lying on a huge fitness ball and doing some sit-ups.

There was a tall and fit man beside her who he assumed was her personal trainer.


Jordan, your wife is so beautiful, youd better tell her to work out at home.

If she goes to the gym, itd be an advantage to those beasts,” said Salvatore.

“Look, that trainer is almost drooling.”

Jordan was also a little jealous.

“After Lauren is done working out, get that trainer to come out.”


Just after Lauren left the gym at 5 pm, Salvatore sent a man with a stature of about 1.7 meters, who managed to easily subdue the 1.85-meter burly man and dragged him out.

Salvatore was going to interrogate him next!


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