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Laurens personal trainer was taken to the underground parking lot from the upscale gym in the building.

The tall and imposing personal trainer began yelling incessantly after getting grabbed by a man who was shorter than him.

“Buddy, my arm is about to break.

Let go of me.

I wont run, okay Can you understand English Or do you only speak Thai”

The man ignored him and took him directly to Salvatore.

This time, the interrogation was done by Salvatore, and Jordan hid inside one of the cars in the parking lot to watch from afar.

He couldnt let Lauren or the Howards know that he was investigating Lauren.

The personal trainer looked at Salvatore and said with a look of bewilderment, “Sir, I dont know you, is there some misunderstanding”


Salvatore punched him and snapped, “Misunderstanding As a gym trainer, you actually hooked up with a beautiful gym member and youre saying its a misunderstanding”

The gym trainer immediately looked flustered.

“M… member Which female gym member is your wife You must have gotten the wrong idea!”

Salvatore exploded, “Damn it! Misunderstanding, my arse! Ive been watching you, punk.

The time you spend helping female members stretch is thrice that of what you spend on male members! If youre not lecherous, what are you Your eyes were almost going to fall out of your eye sockets!”

The personal trainer recalled for a while before saying, “Just now You dont mean Miss Howard, do you Oh my God, buddy, youve wronged me! Miss Howard is the Howards heiress.

I wouldnt dare to hook up with her even if I were brave!”

“On the first day Miss Howard came here, her brother came to assert dominance in front of me with his underling.

Who would dare to mess with him Besides, Miss Howard has great judgment and shes not a wanton woman who likes messing around.

She doesnt even like me.”

Salvatore punched the personal trainer and said, “Youre still pretending!! Give me an honest account of what happened with Miss Howard, and I can spare your life.

Otherwise, you wont be able to walk out of this parking lot today!”

The personal trainer was about to cry.

“Boss, I really didnt.

Miss Howard and I dont speak about anything else except matters about fitness.

I dont even have her number.

Besides, were the most upscale gym in DC, and the coaches are also the most qualified ones.

Theyre unlike the sordid trainers around town.

I swear I have never hooked up with any member of our gym!”

The personal trainer was dead set against admitting it, making Salvatore a little annoyed.

When Salvatores phone rang, he saw that it was Jordan.

“Let him go.”

Salvatore grabbed the personal trainer and reprimanded furiously, “Punk, Ill let you off today.

When youre training other female members in the future, quit your gawking! Also, youd better not breathe a word about todays incident.

As you can see, an underaged underling of mine can easily nab you.

Think about what will happen to you if I send a grown-up to deal with you!”

The personal trainer knew that Salvatore was not to be messed with, so he hurriedly said, “Dont worry, dont worry.

I definitely wont spread a word about this to anyone!”


Salvatore watched the personal trainer leave before returning to the car that Jordan was in.

Getting into the far, Salvatore said, “Mr.

Jordan, that trainer doesnt dare to admit anything at all.

I was thinking of using some ruthless means to force him to speak up.”

Jordan shook his head.

“He didnt lie.”

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Throughout the interrogation, Jordan had paid close attention to the personal trainers expression and tone of voice when he spoke.

He was certain the man was telling the truth.

Based on Jordans understanding of Lauren, he felt that with her status and judgment, she wouldnt fall for a gym trainer.

Since Jordan had said that Lauren had had a relationship with Matt, it would be better to focus on Matt.

With that in mind, Jordan ordered, “Salvatore, Tim, keep an eye on Matt Gale and find out where he lives, whether he has a girlfriend or not, and what the people around him say about him.”

“Got it!”

After giving them those instructions, Jordan called Lauren again.

“Hello, Honey.”

“Where are you, Darling Are you still at the gym”

“No, I just got home from the gym.

Hubby, are you done”

“Yes, I just finished my business and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to eat out tonight.”

“Yeah, of course! We havent eaten out in a long time.

Hubby, I want to have Chinese food.


“Okay, Ill book a place at Yangs Chinese Food then.

By the way, I wont take Chloe with me tonight, I want to invite someone.”



Matt Gale.”

Hearing that Jordan wanted to invite Matt along, Lauren felt a little surprised.

“Hubby, why… Why do you suddenly want to invite him to dinner”

“Oh, I noticed that he didnt attend our wedding,” said Jordan.

“Yes, we had some conflict because he was coerced by Chris Hank previously.”

Jordan said, “I dont blame him for what happened previously.

After all, Chris blackmailed him with his parents, and he had no choice.”

Lauren seemed to reconsider.

“Honey, if you put it that way I guess it is entirely thanks to Dr.

Gale that we can come together today.”

“Imagine if he hadnt done any consciousness manipulation back then which was why you were in love with me in the fantasy for three years.

Would we be together now” intoned Jordan.

In response, Lauren said, “Yeah, I also think that Dr.

Gale is a very important person to us!”

“In that case, Ill call him and ask him out, Im sure hell be very happy if he knows youve forgiven him! Alright, Ill have Salvatore drive over to pick you up.

Dont drive, lets have a drink together later.

Ill see you at Yangs Chinese Food.”

“Okay, bye Hubby, love you! Mua!”

Lauren kissed Jordan over the phone.


Jordan hung up the phone.

Recalling what Lauren just said, he couldnt help but sneer.

‘Lauren Howard, trust you to still have the cheek to say that Matt is a very important person to both of us! Of course he is important.

Before I appeared, it was always him who stayed by your side! Hes always been the one filling up your empty and lonely heart!

Jordan secretly swore that he must find the evidence between Lauren and Matt tonight!

More than half an hour later, Jordan and Lauren arrived before Matt.

It turned out that when he learned that Jordan had invited him to dinner, he panicked and went to get a lift, which was the reason he had arrived late.


Steele, Miss Howard, congratulations on your wedding.

Im sorry I wasnt there on the wedding day, this is a little token of my appreciation.

I hope you will accept it.”

Matt handed an exquisite gift box to Jordan.

Jordan smiled and said, “Dr.

Gale, youre too polite.

Please have a seat and order some food.”


Matt sat down, took off his jacket, ordered some food, and then poured himself a glass of wine.

He then picked it up and said, “Mr.

Steele, Miss Howard, Ive been feeling ashamed to see you both after what happened last time.

I actually helped that beast Chris Hank to ruin the perfect image of Mr.

Steele in your heart, Miss Lauren.

Fortunately, he didnt get his way in the end.

Otherwise, I would have become a sinner.

Thank you for forgetting the past and still treating me as a friend.

Ill drink this!”

After saying that, he downed the glass in one go.


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