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Jordan looked at Matt, who was vexed.

“Youre being too polite.

Dont bring up the past again.

Honey, lets toast to Dr.



Lauren could hold her liquor well.

Jordan also made it a point to let both Matt and Lauren drink and it would be best if they were both drunk.

Next, Jordan would find an excuse to leave and let the two of them be alone together.

Afterward, Jordan would secretly watch the two of them spill the beans after drinking!

Soon, the three of them started chatting casually again whilst enjoying the meal.


Gale, we really have to thank you.

If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt have been able to marry a wife as perfect as Lauren.

Im not afraid of being laughed at by you.

We may have only been married for four days but were already very much in love and were so blissful that were simply inseparable.”

Lauren smiled sweetly, not feeling shy in front of Matt.

Hearing this, Matt laughed and said, “Haha, as soon as I entered, I could see that you two have become much closer and more loving than before.

Im really happy for you two, especially Miss Howard! Jordan, you dont know how pitiful Miss Howard has been these past three years.

She could only be with you in her fantasy.

Now I finally dont have to see Miss Howard being all lonely and pitiful.


Despite smiling, Jordan humphed coldly and thought to himself,Lauren Howard is lonely and pitiful Havent you been by her side the last three years!!

Matt picked up his cutlery and helped himself to the food, and the three of them began to eat.

As he ate, Matt couldnt help but reminisce, “I still remember now, there was a time when I performed hypnotic consciousness manipulation for Miss Howard and we were at the juncture where she was about to hug you.

“Miss Howard was lying on that chair, reaching her arms out into the air and pretending to hug you.

Ah, at that time, I prayed to God and wondered when Miss Howard would get to hug you in real life.

To think that now its finally come true! Miss Howard, heres a toast to you!”

Matt excitedly toasted to Lauren.

Lauren looked at Matt with gratitude before saying, “Mr.

Gale, thank you so much for the last three years.

I really dont know how I would have survived these three years without you.”

If it were in the past, Jordan would only feel touched by their conversation and he wouldnt think much about it.

However, Jordan was now carefully figuring out the hidden meaning behind each and every word of their conversation!

‘You couldnt have survived the last three years without Matt Gale Hah, could it be that youre thanking him because hes slept with you multiple times!

Jordan did not separate the two.

Instead, he suddenly said, “So Lauren was hugging me like this after being hypnotized Did she kiss me or carry out other intimate acts Haha, I hope you dont blame me for asking such a touchy question.

I just think that Lauren would have definitely wanted to do that because I felt her passion the past few days.


Lauren blushed slightly and hit Jordan lightly.

“Youre so annoying.

Dont talk about this in front of Dr.


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‘Hah, does it matter Youre not an outsider anyway!

Matt suddenly became serious.

“There are indeed some instances because I was controlling the plot when I was doing consciousness manipulation for Miss Howard.

As a doctor, I would certainly not take the initiative to manipulate Miss Howard to do such a thing.

After all, there are differences between the sexes and it would indeed be awkward for me to watch from the side.

“However, when Miss Howard had any such tendencies and thoughts, I would leave the treatment room and leave Miss Howard alone, so that she can slowly get some relief on her own.”

Lauren also felt that this topic was a bit sensitive.

Holding onto Jordans hand, she said, “Dr.

Gales family has been practicing medicine for generations.

Theres nothing wrong with his character and medical ethics.”

Jordan said, “Of course.

I trust Dr.


However, deep down, he thought,As if Id believe you! You beast, you definitely took advantage of Lauren when you were giving her treatment! Lauren was in a hypnotized state, so who can prove if you really left the treatment room or not

Which man could resist his urges when facing a ravishing beauty Besides, Jesse had clearly told Jordan that something was fishy between the two of them!

‘Theres definitely something wrong with that beast, Matt Gale! But there might not be anything wrong with Lauren! Maybe Matt Gale took advantage of Lauren when she was being hypnotized.

Jordan suddenly began to develop that thought because he felt that Lauren didnt seem to be a bad woman.

Otherwise, she must be a really good actress.

Or perhaps deep down, Jordan was also hoping that Lauren was a good woman.

After about half an hour of eating, Jordan received a call from his henchman, which was actually part of his plan too.

“Hey, what How did that happen Okay, separate the two of them for now, Ill head over right now.”

Jordan hung up the phone and when Lauren saw the change in Jordans expression, she immediately asked, “Hubby, whats the matter Who called”

Jordan said, “Its my underlings.

I dont know what happened to Salvatore and Tim.

The two of them got into a huge fight and I have to go over personally.”

Lauren also knew that Salvatore and Tim were Jordans two most powerful subordinates whose conflict could only be mediated by Jordan.

Getting from his seat, Jordan said, “Sorry, Dr.

Gale, something came up and I have to handle it.

I cant accompany you.”

“Its okay, its okay, lets get together next time.” Matt got up too.

“Did you drive here” Jordan asked.

Matt nodded.

“Yes, I drove.”

Jordan said, “Oh, we didnt drive here.

Please send my wife home after youre done with the meal, okay”

Matt hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, you can count on me.

Ill definitely take her home safely.

Rest assured!”

Jordan nodded at him before hugging Lauren and leaving.

Of course, before he left, he had already installed a listening bug in Laurens bag.

Soon enough, Lauren and Matts conversation would be played in Jordans ears.

Lauren and Matt both had drunk a lot of wine at this moment.

In addition, Jordan, the “eyesore” had already left so it should be the time for them to speak the truth in a drunken stupor.

However, Jordan discovered that their conversation after he left was rather ordinary.

Besides, they were all still very polite with each other.

Lauren still addressed Matt as Dr.

Gale while he addressed her as Miss Howard.

There was nothing but respect in their behavior.

Something was amiss.

If they had been lovers, they shouldnt be so polite with each other.

After just over ten minutes, the two left the restaurant, and Matt called for a valet driver.

He and Lauren could have sat in the backseat together.

However, Matt took the passenger seat in front while Lauren sat in the backseat.

Not only that, Matt and Laurens conversations throughout the journey were quite normal.

At this point, Jordan couldnt hide his confusion…


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