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“Thats strange… If the two of them used to be lovers, why are they behaving like strangers”

Jordans previous attempts to eavesdrop on her conversations with the listening device were fruitful.

However this time, he didnt yield any useful information at all.

It was either that Lauren was too good at disguising or there was nothing wrong with her at all.


Jordan, did you hear anything suspicious” Salvatore asked curiously, in hopes that there was something strange with Lauren because he was a staunch supporter of Emily.

If Jordan and Lauren were to get a divorce, Salvatore could boldly encourage Jordan to court Emily.

Jordan shook his head.

“Matt behaved himself when taking Lauren home.

There was nothing romantic about their conversations while they were on their way home.

But Jesse has already investigated Matt and discovered that theres something wrong with him.

He wouldnt lie to me.

“Salvatore, send someone to follow Matts car and find out where he lives.

Im going to raid his house tomorrow.”

Since Matt wouldnt admit to it honestly, Jordan decided to sneak into his house to find evidence.

Salvatore said, “Got it.

Im tailing him.

I found his address a long time ago and Ive sent someone to check out his front door.

It has a fingerprint code lock, which isnt easy to unlock.”

Jordan said, “Not to worry.

Wheres that box I gave you the other day”

“In the trunk.

Ill go and get it.”

Getting out of the car, Salvatore took the box out of the trunk and opened it.

“There is a colored piece of childrens clothing.

Take it out and grab the hat with your hands, dont touch anything else.”

Salvatore carefully grabbed the hooded sweatshirt and asked, “Mr.

Jordan, what is this for”

Jordan said, “Get a little girl to deliberately bump into Matt in front of his house and fall.

Matt will definitely use his hand to help her up.

That way, we can get his fingerprints.”

Salvatore then came to a sudden realization.

“So this dress is used to extract fingerprints! I was wondering why the material looked so strange.”

Jordan nodded.

“This shirt is made of a special material that is used specifically to extract fingerprints.

This clothing will automatically wrap itself around fingers when touched to achieve the purpose of deep pressure.

The fingerprint film made through this method is complete and clear.

It wont be a problem to use it to unlock the door of Matts house.”

Salvatore could not help but praise, “Stop it! You really know a lot! Ill go now!”

Things went very smoothly, and after Matt ran into the little girl, he naturally reached out to help her up.

Like that, Jordan also easily managed to get all of Matts fingerprints.

Of course, he only needed the mans thumbprint.

The next morning, Jordan went to Matts residence after he went out to work.

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Matt was an eligible bachelor who lived alone.

Hence, after he left, there was no one else at home.

Jordan gently swiped the fingerprint film against the lock of the fingerprint door.

With a ding, the door was instantly opened!

“Haha, it really works! Mr.

Jordan, youre impressive!”

Salvatore was amazed because mastering that trick meant that he could easily go to anyones house.

Jordan, who was wearing a mask, instructed, “You guys keep a lookout outside Ill go in alone.”

If too many of them entered, it would easily destroy the homes furnishings and layout.

Jordan was a veteran in this aspect but Salvatore was a boor who could only fight and not carry out tasks that required skill and meticulousness.

“Yes, Mr.


With that said, Jordan walked into Matts house with gloves on, only to discover that he really was a rich second-generation heir.

The decor was simple but luxurious.

There were several expensive ornaments that were worth at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The things that Jordan wanted to find were not likely to be in the living room so Jordan went to Matts study.

He guessed that Matts private computer might have some secrets hidden in them.

While he would need a password to unlock his Apple laptop, this was a piece of cake as he had learned how to hack computer passwords long ago.

However, Jordan did not go to such an extent.

He carefully observed the numerical area of the laptop keyboard, and then combined it with Matts personal information, after which he deduced that the password was his birthdate.

He entered the passcode and unlocked it smoothly.

After carefully checking the computer, he did not find any suspicious files or photos.

The contents of the only folder related to Lauren were normal records of her disease.

“Thats strange.

Could it be that there is really nothing between Matt Gale and Lauren”

Jordan switched off the computer and went to Matts bedroom again.

While walking to the bed, he suddenly found that there was a private compartment that could be opened, at the headboard.

After Jordan opened it, he found a small bag inside, and after opening it, he discovered that there were many photos inside!

The first one was a photo of Matt and Lauren!

“Finally, I found it!”

Jordan immediately became agitated.

‘Huh, Matt Gale and Lauren Howard, you two are really good at hiding! It took me such a long time to find any clues about you!

This photo was in fact, nothing much because it was just a photo of the two of them standing together at the Grand Canyon.

In the photo, the two of them were smiling and looking at the camera without holding hands, hugging, or performing any intimate actions.

Given the relationship between Matt and Lauren, it was normal for them to visit the Grand Canyon together and then take a photo together.

Jordan looked at the second one.

He was instantly appalled!

It was a photo of a womans legs, which was taken from an extremely lewd angle.

The photos after that were even more lewd.

Although their faces werent pictured, Jordan was certain that they must be Matt and Lauren!

If it wasnt the two of them in those pictures, why would Matt put them together with the photo of himself and Lauren

Moreover, judging from the figure of the woman in the photos, which was extremely similar to Laurens, he was certain that it had to be her!

Jordan was exasperated to see those photos! He was even angrier than he was when he heard the recording of Hailey and Tyler!

Rationally speaking, it was Laurens pre-marital affair so Jordan shouldnt have been concerned or allowed himself to hold it against her.

After all, it was normal for one to have been in relationships before marriage.

However, Lauren deceived Jordan and deliberately portrayed herself as a pure goddess, which made Jordan feel disgusted!

More importantly, if Lauren was a lying woman with poor morals like Hailey, he would begin to doubt if Chloe was his daughter or not!

“Damn it! Lauren, if you dare to lie to me about Chloe, I wont spare you!”

Jordan clenched his fist.

He had a strong urge to thrash things out with Lauren! He was going to smash these photos, which were evidence, onto her charming face!

He wanted to see if she still dared to confidently say that Jordan was the only one she had ever loved in this lifetime!


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