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The expression on Laurens face was filled with confusion.

“Hubby, why do you think I lied to you Youre the person I love the most.

Everything that I say to you, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Ive never lied to you.”

Looking at the sincere expression on Laurens face, he humphed coldly before taking out the photos that he had taken from Matts home.

He initially wanted to smash those photos onto Laurens face.

Jordan would have definitely done so if it were Hailey.

However, for some reason, Jordan couldnt bear to do it to Lauren.

He couldnt bear to go so overboard with Lauren, perhaps because Lauren was usually so gentle and nice to him.

She was completely unlike Hailey, who often gave Jordan the cold shoulder or got physical with him when he was penniless.

‘What a perfect and flawless face.

Jordan looked at Laurens ravishingly beautiful place and couldnt help but feel a rush of emotions overwhelm him.

Not only was her face flawless but also her acting.

Despite Jordans profound ability to read people, he couldnt even tell that Lauren was acting at this moment.

Hence, he took the photos out and placed them on the bedside table.

He exclaimed, “Take a look yourself!”

After putting them down, Jordan turned around.

Lauren picked up the photos and when she saw the one on top, which was a photo of her and Matt together, she finally understood why Jordan was so furious.

Lauren hurriedly explained, “Honey, youve misunderstood.

This photo doesnt mean anything.


Gale and I had this photo taken when he brought me to the Grand Canyon because I wanted to take a breather after one of our treatment sessions two years ago.

“We didnt go alone, Felicia tagged along too.

Shes the one who took this photo.

Felicia brought food that day, and after we visited the Grand Canyon, we didnt even have a meal together.

You can ask Felicia about it.”

Lauren felt a little puzzled after explaining.

She thought that Jordan should be more open-minded.

‘Why would he get jealous about a photo of a friend and me at the Grand Canyon

After thinking about it carefully, she thought that it was understandable for him to be suspicious since he had been hurt by Hailey before.

Jordan turned around and said indifferently, “Im not referring to this photo.

Continue looking at the rest.”

“Theres more”

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Lauren couldnt help but be bewildered because she remembered taking only one photo with Matt!

She curiously flipped the following photos, only to have her pupils dilate immediately after seeing the photos.

“What… What are these photos Who is this woman” Lauren asked in shock, finding those photos to be really unsightly.

Jordan humphed coldly and asked, “These are photos I found in Matt Gales home.

They were placed together with the photo of you and him.

Who do you think the woman in those photos is”

Lauren immediately replied, “No, Hubby, its definitely not me! I swear I have never engaged in any intimate behavior with any other man except you!”

Jordan sighed without losing his temper.

Instead, he remained calm.

After all, Jordan felt he didnt have the right to lose his temper either because it happened before they got married.

If this had happened while they were married, Jordan would have questioned her furiously.

Jordan said softly, “Lauren, Ive been married before and it doesnt matter to me how many men youve had before we got married.

Matt is a very outstanding doctor and itd be normal if you had dated him before.

You dont have to deny it.

“But I dont want you to deceive me because once you do, I wont trust you ever again.

I dont know whether I should believe what you say or not.”

Jordans tone was calm while Lauren became extremely agitated.

“Jordan, I swear, I really didnt cheat on you! Youre the only person Ive ever loved in this lifetime! If I did, theres no way I wouldnt dare to admit it.”

Jordan asked, “Are you trying to say that Matt did it without your knowledge while you were being hypnotized”

Lauren shook her head and said, “No, Dr.

Gale is not that kind of person.

Hes a decent man who wouldnt do such a thing.”

Jordan was furious to see Lauren defending Matt.

There was definitely something wrong with the man.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have hidden those photos in the bedside cabinet!

At this moment, Salvatore knocked on the door and walked in.


Jordan, Matt Gale is here.”

Matt was still wearing a white lab coat.

It didnt take Salvatore much effort to bring him over.

The reason being, as soon as Matt heard that it was Jordan who wanted to see him, he immediately came over very cooperatively.

Salvatore closed the door again after Jordan entered.

Matt smiled and asked, “Jordan, Miss Howard, why were you guys looking for me Did something happen”

Jordan said, “Dr.

Gale, please explain what these photos that you hid in the secret compartment of the headboard of your bed are.”

Matts expression suddenly changed.

The first photo he saw was also that of him and Lauren at the Grand Canyon.

“How did you know that I have those photos in my bedside cabinet You went to my place, didnt you” Matt questioned Jordan.

Jordan nodded and said, “I just came back from your place.

You can file a police report against me for trespassing but before that, youd better explain things clearly to me.”

Matt seemed embarrassed as he lowered his head awkwardly.

After a long time, he finally said, “Alright, I admit that Ive always had a crush on Miss Howard!”

Jordan immediately clenched his fists.

‘You bastard, you finally admit that you are a hypocrite!

Lauren was shocked too.

She immediately lost control of her emotions and started punching Matt.

“Why! Why did you do those things to me I trusted you so much, why did you do that to me!”

Lauren was crying while hitting him.

She couldnt accept the fact that she had been taken advantage of by another man without her knowledge!

Matt was confused.

“Miss Howard, what are you saying What did I do to you I only have a crush on you.

Ive never dared to confess to you or do anything to you!”

Jordan said angrily, “Now that its come to this, you still have the guts to argue You had such a great opportunity after she was hypnotized.

Would you have let it go”

Lauren threw the photos at Matt.

“What are these photos!!”

Matt crouched on the ground and picked up the unsightly photos one by one, only to be shocked.

“Where did these photos come from I havent seen these photos at all!”

Jordan couldnt help but kick Matt to the ground.

“These are the things I found from your bedside cabinet! Do you dare to say that you havent seen them before”

Matt was shocked..

“Impossible! I only have a photo with Miss Howard in my bedside cabinet.

There are no other photos! Besides, the couple in the photo are definitely not me and Miss Howard! I didnt take such indecent photos!”


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