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To think that Matt actually denied it.

Well of course he wouldnt dare to admit it! Once he admitted that he had taken advantage of Lauren when she was hypnotized…

Not to mention that Jordan wouldnt spare him, even Brad would get him crippled if he were to find out! Hence, in order to protect himself, he could only vehemently deny everything.

Staring at him from above, Jordan questioned, “You said that except for that photo, all the other photos werent placed in there by you.

Are you trying to say that before I went to your house, someone deliberately put those photos in the secret compartment in the headboard of your bed”

Matt was still crouched on the ground and said with an agitated expression, “Yes! If you didnt slander me, someone else must have done so to smear me!”

“Although that secret compartment is in the bed where I sleep every day, a long panel has to be broken for me to reach the contents in it.

To be honest, its been at least a year since Ive lifted that long panel to see whats inside, and I dont even know when those photos came about.”

Matt was a doctor who was busy at work every day and would go to sleep as soon as he got home.

He didnt have the time to think about anything else.

Besides, if he wanted to see the photos, he could have stored them in his phone.

There was no need for him to open the long panel to take a look at the printed copies.

Hence, his statement was believable and logical.

To be honest, Jordan also felt that Matt did not seem to be lying! If Matt was a lecherous man who was bent on getting intimate with Lauren, he didnt have to make Lauren fall in love with Jordan through consciousness manipulation.

By doing so, wouldnt he never have a chance to be with Lauren

One was a noble act while the other was lewd and unpleasant.

It was unlikely that these contradictory acts were done by the same person.

“No… No…”

Jordan suddenly secretly thought that something was amiss and he immediately started pondering again, suspecting that he had fallen into someones trap.

‘If what Matt said is true, then someone must have gone to his house to place those photos in the secret compartment of the headboard of his bed.

“The person who investigated Matt before I did…”

Wasnt that Jesse

Jesse once admitted to Jordan that he had investigated Lauren.

Since he had investigated Lauren, he must have found out about Matt who was close to her.

That was to say, Jesses subordinates must have gone to Matts home before!

Regarding the extraction of fingerprints, the children of the Steeles were all aware of that method because they were taught to do it by the same teacher.

Since Jordan could enter Matts home, Jesse and Jamie must have been able to do so as well.

‘However, Jesse has no reason to harm me.

Jesses henchmen may have also been cheated! Maybe someone went to Matts house before Jesse even did.

In fact, that person may have deliberately put these photos in Matts house in advance, so that Jesse would misunderstand!

‘Who exactly is that person!!

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Jordan immediately thought of countless possibilities.

However, the greatest possibility at the moment was that Matt was lying.



Jordan called Salvatore in.

Jordan said, “Bring Matt to a hotel.

Let him out only when he decides to tell the truth.

Salvatore glanced at Matt and said, “Dr.

Gale, please.

On the account that you were quite cooperative when you came, I will not be rough with you.”

Matt got up angrily and said, “Jordan, I do fancy Miss Lauren but which man wouldnt like a beautiful and noble woman like her Although the Gales are not worthy of the Howards, our familys descendants have been doctors for three generations and have been most concerned about medical ethics and reputation all their lives! Even if I die, I would never do such a lewd thing!”

After saying that, Matt left with Salvatore.

Only Jordan and Lauren were left in the room.

In the past few days, there would be continuous laughter whenever the two of them were in their matrimonial room.

No one expected that less than a week after their new marriage, the two would end up in such a situation today.

“I will take Chloe with me to get another paternity test done.”

Laurens eyes were filled with tears.

“Chloe is really your daughter.

I didnt falsify the previous test report, I swear.”

In response, Jordan said, “Im sorry, I no longer dare to trust anyone now.

Its better to let the data and the report speak for themselves.

However, even if Chloe doesnt belong to me but Matt, I will still treat her as if she is my biological daughter.

“During this period, Ive already completely developed a paternal love for Chloe.

Shes cute, pretty, talented and stubborn.

Especially since she suffered so much at the Hanks place for my sake… No matter what, I will treat Chloe as my daughter, dont worry about that.”

After saying that, Jordan got ready to leave.

At this point, Jordan could no longer continue staying here and sharing the same bed as Lauren.

“Jordan, dont go…”

Lauren pulled Jordans fingers with her slender hand.

However, Jordan shook her off and walked away very resolutely.

After that, Jordan walked towards Chloe.

Chloe was still a child of a tender age who wasnt clear about what had happened.

She said to Jordan innocently, “Daddy, I dont want to go to that paternity test center anymore.

The people there are so mean.

I dont like it there!”

The last time the two of them took Chloe there, someone said extremely callous things to her and Lauren.

Hence, it was no surprise that Chloe was very repulsed by the idea of going there.

Crouching down, Jordan pinched Chloes cute little cheeks.

“Okay, lets not go there.

Well go to Six Flags, okay”

Chloe asked, “Is that fun”

Jordan nodded and said, “Of course.

Its a place for princesses like you to have fun.

There are lots of other kids there too.

Its fun and therell be a lot of food.”

Chloe jumped up immediately and exclaimed, “Yes, yes, I want to go!”

Jordan didnt want to go to the paternity test center in DC because the Howards held too much power here.

If anything, he had greater trust in the one in New York that he had been to before and had complete faith in Professor Gunn.

Soon, Jordan booked a flight and brought Chloe to the paternity test center in New York where he met Professor Gunn again.

“Professor Gunn.”


Steele, its been a while.”

Professor Gunn took a look at Jordan and the little girl beside him.

He couldnt help but say, “Ah, I really hoped you would never have to find me again.”

“You are the person I trust the most, and I want to get the results in the shortest time possible,” said Jordan.

Professor Gunn nodded and said, “Ill give you an outcome in three days!”


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