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That afternoon, Jordan brought Chloe to Six Flags after leaving the paternity test center.

They rode the roller coasters and cruised through the fairytale world.

Not only that, they played the Bugs Bunny ride and Bugaboo ride.

Chloe also had several photos taken in the Alice In Wonderland attraction.

Finally, at night, Chloe rode on Jordans shoulders and watched the brilliant fireworks show.

It was the best time she had ever had, and the only unfortunate thing was that her mother didnt tag along.

The following day at noon, Jordan took Chloe back to DC.

They initially wanted to play in New York City for two more days, but Lauren did not agree.

Seeing that they were having fun at Disneyland, Lauren was green with envy.

Jordan did not continue staying in Laurens place after sending Chloe home.

Instead, he checked into a room in the Hilton hotel.

Before the results of the paternity test came out and before figuring out the true relationship between Lauren and Matt, Jordan would not sleep with her again.

On the same night, Jordan was watching TV in the hotel room when someone suddenly knocked on the doorbell.

Salvatore walked in with Hailey following behind.

Salvatore whispered, “Mr.

Jordan, Miss Hailey is here to see you.”

Jordan shifted his gaze over when he heard that it was Hailey who arrived.

He saw that Hailey was all dolled up and her appearance was still the one that he was familiar with.

However, Jordan was displeased.

“Who told you to bring her here”

Salvatore was put in a difficult position.

Of course, he knew that Jordan didnt want to see Hailey but Hailey often used her son as a bargaining chip.

She said that Jordans son would definitely inherit the Steeles business empire in the future and no matter what, Salvatore couldnt disregard Jordans son since he was just a henchman.

Jordan had also guessed so.

Hailey was often very resourceful!

“Okay, you may leave.”

Jordan didnt blame Salvatore either.

After Salvatore left, Hailey took the initiative to walk towards Jordan and sat on the couch.

“Are you here to make fun of me”

Hailey said softly, “Jordan, why do you miss me so much Ive been worried about you since I found out about you.

This time, I came here specifically to comfort and console you.”

Jordan said sneeringly, “Thank you, I dont need your comfort.”

Hailey sighed.

“In fact, I could tell early on that Lauren was not a good woman.

She deliberately behaved like she was high and mighty and pretended to be innocent and magnanimous.

Actually, it was all an act that she put up to deceive you!

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“Women know other women best.

I heard that you took Chloe to the test center to get another paternity test done, huh Hah, this kid definitely doesnt belong to you.

I can tell at a glance because the look in her eyes is different from yours.

Lauren Howard has gone overboard.

How could she deceive you and betray you like this!!”

As soon as Hailey came forth, she started criticizing Lauren.

However, Jordan spoke up for Lauren.

“Who are you to say that about her Even if she really is like what you said, youre not fit to say that about her! You betrayed me and cheated on me earlier than she did.

The fact that she isnt a good woman doesnt make you one either.”

Hailey was rendered speechless.

“Why must you bring up the past again Wouldnt it be good to just let bygones be bygones”

Let bygones be bygones Jordan humphed coldly and rolled his eyes at Hailey.

Hailey continued, “Jordan, are you going to divorce Lauren”

“I might,” Jordan answered.

Hailey thought that if Jordan and Lauren were to get a divorce and Victorias whereabouts were still unknown, she would probably have a chance at getting back together with him.

She knew that the three of them were the women who occupied Jordans heart.

Haileys cousin, Elle, was pretty and had a good figure.

Besides, the three of them were young and liked taking the initiative to offer themselves to Jordan.

However, they still couldnt win Jordans heart.

Since Hailey was the woman Jordan loved the most in the past, she was convinced that she definitely had a chance to be with Jordan in the future.

Hailey suddenly said, “When you divorce her, remember to take the most expensive necklace in the world and that pair of bi-colored earrings that you gave her.

You cant let her keep such a precious and pretty thing!”

Jordan could tell what Hailey was saying.

“After I take the necklace and earrings back, should I give them to you then”

Hailey immediately became excited.

“Yes, yes! I love the necklace and earrings.

Theyre so beautiful! Ill be even more beautiful than Lauren when I wear that necklace and earrings! Thank you, Jordan! Youre the best to me!”

As Hailey spoke, she took the initiative to wrap her arms around one of Jordans arms before tilting her head to the side.

Jordan was speechless for a while.

He soon reached his left hand out and gently rubbed Haileys soft and smooth hair before pushing her away.

“Hailey Camden, are you delusional Even if I take that jewelry back, I would never give them to you! Youre still sleeping with Brad, and you want things from me”

Hailey said, “Didnt you also say that Brad would never marry me I can break up with him anytime!”

Jordan wanted to curse his heart out.

‘Anytime Am I the kind of man that you can love and be together with as and when you please Hah, youll leave him if I give you the most expensive jewelry in the world.

If I dont, youll continue to be with him.

Arent you treating me as a backup!!

Jordan suddenly recalled the moment Hailey chased after Jordan right after she agreed to Tylers marriage proposal at the superstars concert last year.

She chased him out just to tell Jordan not to give up liking her and that they could be together again in a few years.

At that time, Hailey treated Jordan as a backup lover!

Jordan snapped furiously, “Wake up! Even if I were to give the necklace and earrings to Jenny, I would never give them to you!”

“What Youre going to give the necklace and earrings to that wretch, Elle”

Hailey immediately flew into a rage.

“Jordan, I came to comfort you with good intentions, but you didnt even appreciate it.

Instead, youre using my cousin to humiliate me.

“Anyway, after you and Lauren get a divorce, you must give me either the necklace or the earrings.

Even if you give me only one side of the earrings, I must have one of them!”

Jordan questioned, “Why do you think you deserve it”

“Because I gave birth to your son! I am entitled to it!”

After saying that, Hailey stormed off in a rage.

Staring at Haileys back, Jordan couldnt help but shake his head.

‘Hailey… is really horrible in comparison.

Even if Lauren lied to me too, her attitude towards me is a hundred times better than Haileys! I will never give the most beautiful jewelry in the world to a selfish, arrogant woman like you!”

Just like that, another two days passed.

Professor Gunn had promised to give the result in three days.

Indeed, Professor Gunn called Jordan!


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