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Chapter 421: The Paternity Test Results!

When Professor Gunn called, Jordan was still in the washroom.

Picking up the call, Jordan immediately asked impatiently, “Professor Gunn, do you have the results”

Professor Gunn said, “Yes, Mr.

Steele, they are with me.

I can guarantee that the report results are absolutely accurate and there is absolutely no falsification.”

Jordan naturally trusted Professor Gunn the most because he had gotten a clear idea of his profile and background.

After all, Professor Gunn was aware of how powerful Jordan was.

Even the Howards wouldnt be able to threaten or bribe them.

“May I ask what Mr.

Steele is doing now” Professor Gunn suddenly asked.

Jordan answered truthfully, “Im in the washroom.”

“Are you doing a number two or what” Professor Gunn continued to ask.

Jordan asked awkwardly, “Do you think Id pick up your call while Im doing a number one”


Steele, youre not in a suitable state to hear the result right now.

Why dont I tell you the result when its convenient for you”

Jordan was stunned.

‘Why wasnt it convenient Was Chloe not his daughter

For a moment, Jordan began to let his imagination run wild again!

‘That old fogey Professor Gunn is always so difficult to figure out.

He was one of the very few people whose minds Jordan couldnt read.

The last time he did a paternity test for Jordan and Hailey, he had a complicated and incomprehensible look on his face that made Jordan troubled for a long time.

Hence, Jordan didnt go to the test center to collect the results this time because he didnt want to be misled by Professor Guns micro-expressions again!

“Okay, Ill call you later.”

Five minutes later, Jordan called Professor Gunn again.

This time, Professor Gunn answered the phone and said, “Mr.

Steele, I can see that youre getting anxious.

I advise you to calm down before I tell you the outcome.”

Hearing Professor Gunns words, Jordan had a strong hunch that the results might be unfavorable!

Jordan took a deep breath and then said, “Okay, I can accept any result.

Just speak your mind.”

Professor Gunn added, “I heard that the environment on your side is quite chaotic.

I suggest that you listen to the report in a quieter environment.”

Jordan picked up the remote control and turned off the TV set in the hotel, after which the room fell silent again.

“Professor Gunn, dont torture me.

Tell me, is Chloe my child or not!!”

Jordan was already eager and he couldnt wait any longer.

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“Okay.” Professor Gunn remained calm and unpredictable.

“Ill now begin to announce to you the results of the paternity test.

Please prepare yourself mentally.

“Based on the available information and DNA analysis results, you are Chloes biological father!”


Jordan was not only excited to hear the result, he even snapped at Professor Gunn.

“Chloe is my child.

You beat around the bush for such a long time and told me to finish my business before you would tell me the results.

Couldnt you have just told me Do you know what I was worried about during those few minutes!”

This Professor Gunn was atrocious.

He had deliberately put on a complicated and worrying expression in the paternity test center the last time.

Jordan, who could read micro-expressions, felt extremely anxious.

He didnt expect to be tortured for a few minutes after picking up.

Professor Gunn then laughed and said, “I was just afraid that youd jump up from the toilet bowl in a moment of joy.


Jordan cursed, “You cunning old man.

Im not going to engage you for paternity tests again!”

Professor Gunn laughed and said, “I too, hope that Mr.

Steele will never have such concerns and suspicions again.

I wish you a happy family.”

“Okay, Im hanging up now.”

Jordan hung up the phone and really leaped up in excitement!

Chloe was his child!

Chloe was indeed his child!

He just felt that his telepathy could not have been wrong.

Besides, just like Jordan, Chloe had a flair for music and was just as hardworking!

All his suspicions were uncalled for.

Lauren had never lied to Jordan, and she was a good woman.

Jordan was the only man she had ever gotten intimate with in this lifetime!

Jordan hurriedly changed into his shoes and left the hotel while instructing Salvatore to check out of the hotel room.

He decided to return to Laurens home tonight! After buying Chloe a bag of her favorite rainbow candy, Jordan eagerly rushed back to Laurens home to see Chloe.

At this moment, Chloe was in the courtyard and learning to paint with an elderly man who had a head full of white hair.

Seeing that Jordan was walking over with some gummies, Chloe immediately put down the brush and leaped towards Jordan as she exclaimed, “Daddy!”


Jordan picked Chloe up happily.

The elderly man saw Jordan and took the initiative to greet him, “Youre Chloes father, right No wonder Chloe is so pretty.

As I said, girls tend to inherit their beauty from their fathers and their height from their mothers.”

Lauren walked over and introduced the man to Jordan, “This is Chloes painting teacher, Mr.


Hes a top painting master in the country.”

Jordan looked at the old gentleman who had an ethereal appearance with some admiration.

He took the initiative to reach his arm out for a handshake.


George, nice to meet you.

Ill have to count on you to teach Chloe to paint in the future.”

Chloe said innocently, “Mr.

George said that I inherited my beauty from Daddy and my height from Mommy.

Thats why Im not as tall as Mommy.

Does that mean I didnt inherit my moms looks because shes not good-looking”

Jordan was amused by Chloes impressive logic before saying smilingly, “Your mother is the best-looking and most beautiful woman in the world.

Chloe, you can forget about surpassing your Mommy before you reach the age of 20 years old.”

Although Lauren couldnt read micro-expressions, he could still tell that Jordan was in a good mood today.

The reason for his joy was obviously because of his knowledge of the paternity test results.

This time, Lauren did not appreciate Jordans affection.

Instead, she walked back to his room angrily.

Jordan hurriedly followed and reached his arms out from behind Lauren to hug her.

“Im sorry, Lauren, I shouldnt have doubted you.”

Lauren would have been overjoyed to get hugged by Jordan in the past but now, she took the initiative to push him away.

“So the paternity test results out”

Jordan nodded and said, “You didnt lie to me, I was the one who thought too much.”

Jordan continued to pull Laurens hand and said, “Im sorry for what happened the last few days.

Ill make it up to you tonight.”

Lauren said, “Youd better stay in a hotel.

Dont come home.

Chloe and I can take care of ourselves.

We dont need you.”

It was the first time that Jordan saw Lauren talking to him with such an attitude.

It seemed that Lauren was really upset with Jordan.

She loved Jordan so much and yet, he doubted her loyalty.

However, Jordan was not dejected because of it.

Instead, he felt that Lauren was really cute when she was mad at him.

All along, Lauren had been very submissive to Jordan but a woman who was too docile all the time would seem boring and hypocritical.

Everyone had a temper and the way Lauren was behaving now was more genuine.

Jordan kissed Lauren and said, “Honey, wait for me tonight..

I have to go out now and find out who did this to me!”


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