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Chapter 424: The Way To Complete The Trial!

Martin was right.

Jordan would be going through the trial in “difficult” mode if he were to remain in the status quo.

He was certain that he would get his grandfathers approval if he were to make great achievements in difficult mode!

Clenching his fist, Jordan secretly made up his mind.

“Ill definitely pass the business trial as soon as possible!”

Martin also cheered Jordan on.

“Son, although the possibility of making a difference in the business world is very low now that your assets have been frozen, youre a smart kid and I believe that you will be able to think of a way to make amazing achievements.

Just do it!”

With his assets, bank accounts, and mobile payment accounts all frozen, Jordan couldnt even open a company now.

However, Martin and Jordan were convinced that Jordan could succeed.

“Jordan, before you go, Ill give you another piece of advice.

The ones who harm and defeat you are usually those that are closest to you.

Our forefathers have said and written many thought-provoking ideologies and philosophies.

Read more of our ancestors books when you have time, and I can guarantee that you will gain a lot!”

Martin smiled.

At this moment, he was extremely benevolent like Jordans grandfather.

“Okay, thanks.

Ill go first and come back to see you another day.”

“Great, Ill be waiting for your good news!”

Looking at Jordans departing figure, Martin smiled and murmured to himself.

“Go and do it with courage.

Jordan, no matter what you do and regardless of whether you complete this trial through cheating or relying on your true ability, I will secretly help you!”

Martin was glad, knowing that he wasnt far from discovering the Steeles secret!

On the way back, Jordan carefully recalled these two sentences that Martin had said to him.

It meant that whether something was lucky or not was not something that was set in stone.

It was likely to change with the persons mental state and emotions.

‘”Laurens grandfather still doesnt think I have enough control of my emotions.”

Jordan naturally understood what Martin meant.

However, as a man, how could he control his emotions after learning that his wife had lied to him and that his child might not even belong to him

‘Surely I dont really have to conform to those sayings on the Internet like “As long as I can get a pretty wife, it doesnt matter if the child is mine”

‘Ah, life is hard.

Jordan was only in his twenties and he didnt want to be composed all the time like an old man.

When he returned home, Lauren was already getting ready to go to bed.

Jordan got undressed and was ready to get onto the bed to sleep.

However, Lauren turned him down.

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“Jordan, I want to sleep alone,” Lauren said coldly.

He didnt expect to hear such words from Lauren.

In the past few days, she had been begging him to sleep with her.

So he had no choice but to come out of his room obediently.

At this moment, Felicia, who had already changed into her pajamas and was wearing a pair of linen slippers, just happened to walk over.

Upon sight of Jordan who was walking out of Laurens room with his head hanging low, Felicia couldnt help but smile.

She asked, “Mr.

Jordan, did you get kicked out by Miss Lauren”

How could Jordan admit to such a humiliating thing!! During the three years of his marriage to Hailey, he had never shared the same room as her.

After that, he swore that he would never let such a thing happen again!

But today, Lauren let Jordan taste it once again.

Jordan said with a straight face, “Kicked out Nothing of that sort.

I moved out of my own accord.

I want to accompany Chloe to sleep.”

“Dont.” The petite Felicia immediately stood in front of Jordan to block him.

“Chloe and I are sharing the same room.

Youd better not go in.”

Jordan said with bewilderment, “Whats wrong with that Its not like youre going to be on the same bed anyway.”

Feeling a little shy, Felicia said, “Mr.

Jordan, youre so handsome.

I wont be able to control myself if we sleep in the same room!”

Jordan was speechless.

“Youre right but I can tell that you dislike me! Forget it, Ill sleep in the guest room.”

Felicia laughed and said, “Hehe, goodnight, Mr.


By the way, heres a reminder.

Its Miss Laurens birthday the day after tomorrow.

Its a great chance for you two to make up.”

“I remember,” Jordan said.

He had already saved Laurens birthday in his phones memo.

Back in his room, Jordan didnt idle about either.

It was time he did something serious!

Indeed, he had to finish the business trial as soon as possible because he wanted to know what the family secret was! He had to know why Jamie wanted to harm him and why Victorias father, who was clearly still alive, did not contact Victoria and Emily for eleven years!

“My assets have been frozen, and so have my bank accounts and everything else related to my finances.

I cant use any of them.

Money talks when it comes to business.

Without money, I cant set up a company, be a shareholder, or invest in anything.

What does it take to become a dignified figure in the business world under these circumstances”

After careful thought, he realized that it was simply impossible!

Jordan was now facing credit problems.

He had been blacklisted by the bank, and all companies could not possibly cooperate with him.

All he had was just a bunch of henchmen with little business acumen.

After pondering about it for a whole hour, Jordan was puzzled.

“This is a dead-end.

No matter how much business acumen I have and how capable I am, its impossible for me to make any achievements in the business world.

Because I dont even have the qualifications to make an effort to start.

Once I start working on a certain project and preparing to start a business, it will be canceled immediately.

“What should I do to break out of this”

Jordan suddenly remembered a saying.

“Two mice fell into a bucket of cream, and the first one quickly gave up and drowned.

But the second mouse struggled so hard that he eventually churned that cream into butter and he walked out.”

This is a quote from the famous director, Steven Spielbergs film, “Catch Me If You Can”.

Jordan had a deep impression of the film, in which the male lead was played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film revolved around the male leads repeated acts of fraud.

He disguised as a pilot and scammed airlines.

He also disguised as a doctor and scammed a lawyers daughter into marrying him.

Jordan suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“Since I cant set up a company or hire employees and start from the bottom, I can go straight to the last step.”

“Wouldnt it be better if I just disguised myself as a successful businessman As long as I can fool everyone and get everyone in the world of business to approve of me, my grandfather will definitely approve of me too! In fact, I can even fool Grandpa!”

He could fake his identity, his company and everything else.

All he had to do was make sure no one could tell!


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