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Chapter 425: Youre The Queen Of Bars!

Bright and early the next morning, Lauren got up and went for a run.

Jordan thought about the business plan he had come up with last night and set his alarm for six oclock.

He wanted to get up a little early and give Lauren her favorite “morning kiss”.

Unfortunately, he was a step too late and didnt catch her.

Hence, Jordan set up a grill in the courtyard and started a fire to cook.

He stir-fried pasta, chopped onions, ginger, garlic, and green peppers.

Soon after, a plate of aglio olio was freshly prepared.

Lauren came back from her run, clad in a cap and a mask.

She then entered the courtyard and took off the mask.

Numerous beads of sweat had appeared on her clear and lovely face.

It made her look even more innocent and beautiful.

As soon as she entered the courtyard, Lauren smelled a certain fragrance and entered to take a look, only to find Jordan cooking breakfast.

On the other hand, Felicia and Chloe were already gathered around and had started eating.

When Jordan saw Lauren running back in the morning, he smiled and said, “Lauren, youre back.

Quick, try the aglio olio I made while its still hot.”

Lauren shook her head and said indifferently, “No, I dont like eating in the morning.”

Ignoring her, Jordan carried the bowl and chopsticks towards Lauren and took the initiative to feed her some pasta.

“It smells good.

Try it.”

“I wont eat it.”

Although Lauren said that she didnt want to eat, she unconsciously opened her mouth when Jordan handed it to her for some reason.

She quickly swallowed the noodles.

Chloe, who was at the side, laughed and said, “Haha, Mommy said that she doesnt want to eat but she still did.”

Lauren also hated herself for blurting out those words.

She couldnt deny that she was a foodie!

“How is it How about I get you a plate” Jordan asked with a smile.

Lauren had an awkward look on her face.

After eating that mouthful, she kept swallowing her saliva and stopped pretending.


So Jordan scooped a bowl for Lauren too and she enjoyed it greatly.

It was the same for Chloe.

Felicia was all praise as she ate.


Jordan, the food you make is so delicious! I feel so blissful to be able to eat such delicious food every day.”

Lauren poked Felicia on her forehead and asked, “How can you have the cheek to say that Shouldnt you be the one to do it”

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Felicia chuckled and said, “The food I make cant compare to that of Mr.


Although Felicia was Laurens maid, Lauren treated her as her sister and not a servant.

After Jordan married Lauren, he didnt treat Felicia as a maid or order her around either.

Felicia was touched that he was willing to cook even though he was supposedly her master.

Felicia finished a bowl of Aglio olio before scooping herself another bowl.

While sprinkling some chili flakes onto it, she asked, “Mr.

Jordan, are there lots of servants at your place Will they treat me like their family like Miss Lauren does”

In all honesty, Felicia was curious about what the specific situation in the Steele family was.

Hearing his question, Lauren raised her head too.

She was now Jordans wife but she hadnt lived with the Steeles before and didnt really know what they were like.

Jordan said, “Except for Butler Frank, who has been working for my grandfather for decades, the rest of the servants have a distinct master and servant relationship with us.

Theyre not as close to us as you and Lauren are.

My brothers and I dont really have any servants but my younger sisters have lots of servants around them.

“There are servants who are responsible for waking them up, teaching them to do their makeup, teaching them etiquette, as well as those who specialize in organizing their schedules and deciding their timetable.

They also have an entourage of chauffeurs, bodyguards, hairstylists, fashion designers, and so on.”

Felicia asked with her eyes wide open, “Wow, girls of your family must be living like princesses! Mr.

Jordan, I heard that you have quite a few younger sisters.

How old is the youngest one”

Jordan said, “The youngest is my seventh sister whos only nine years old.”

“Shes so young.

Thats not much older than Chloe.


Jordan, your father was really energetic,” Felicia couldnt help but compliment.

“You have so many siblings.

Your family handed the bar businesses to you and Miss Lauren.

It seems that they really value you!”

Hearing Felicias words, Lauren seemed to have remembered something.

“Jordan, can you come to the room”

Jordan had also finished eating and he stood up happily, wondering to himself if Lauren had been coaxed by a bowl of Aglio olio.

‘Is she going to let me sleep in the room It isnt appropriate to exercise vigorously just after eating, right

Jordan thought that Lauren wanted to get intimate with him but when he entered, he realized that that wasnt the case.

Lauren said with a cold and indifferent expression, “This is the bar share transfer agreement that your grandfather has drawn up.

Ive decided to give up my rights as a shareholder.

You can have the bar to yourself.

Also, these two boxes contain the necklace and the earrings that you gave me.”

Jordan didnt expect Lauren to return all the gifts he had given her.

It seemed that Lauren was still mad at Jordan!

‘Indeed, beautiful women are difficult to coax!

Looking at the gifts, Jordan looked at the gifts and said, “This necklace actually belongs to Jamie.

I got it by going through his safe in his house in the suburbs without his permission.

Logically speaking, if he wants it back, we are supposed to return it to him.

But after everything that guy has done to me without explaining, I dont plan to return it to him either.

Just wear it.

“As for this pair of diamond earrings…”

Jordan lied to Lauren that it was from Jordans mother, but it was actually from Victoria!

At the thought of Victoria, Jordan sighed and said, “Since she gave it to you, she probably wouldnt ask for it back.

The necklace and earrings belong to you.

Except for you, no one else in this world is worthy of wearing them!

“And as for this transfer contract…”

Jordan picked up the contract and tore it up without even looking at it.


Lauren was a little shocked.

Jordan said, “Lauren, I wont take back the things that I gave you.

No matter what, this is what I owe you and Chloe.

I wont let you withdraw.

Youre destined to be the queen of British bars.

I want you to point to every bar on the street and proudly sayThis is my turf! when you arrive in England!”

If Jordan had said those words to Hailey, Hailey would have jumped up and down.

Although Lauren was not a vain woman, who would be able to refute such temptation

Jordan grabbed Laurens hand and said, “Honey, dont be angry.

Its your birthday tomorrow..

How about I take you out for two days”


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