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Chapter 427: Laurens Secret Admirer

As soon as Lauren came in and sat down, her husband, Jordan, had become the focus of their conversation.

After all, in the eyes of her classmates, Lauren was a school belle.

Everyone wanted to know who the most beautiful and outstanding classmate of theirs had eventually married.

It was especially the case for the boys who used to have a crush on her.

Lauren was gorgeous even when she was only in high school.

She would usually wear a ponytail to school.

She was taller than others her age and her pure, innocent look was extremely eye-catching.

The class president, Colton, had always carried a torch for Lauren.

Lauren could be said to be the first girl he had ever had a crush on in this lifetime.

In the sophomore year of high school, Colton, who had had a crush on Lauren for the longest time, finally plucked up the courage to give Lauren a love letter to confess his feelings for her.

Lauren politely and shyly took the love letter but her familys chauffeur saw it.

Soon, the Howards found Coltons dad who worked in a certain institution.

That night, Coltons father taught him a hard lesson and told him very seriously that he was not allowed to harass or harbor any romantic feelings towards Lauren anymore.

He was warned to treat Lauren only as a classmate!

From then on, Colton knew that Lauren was not from an ordinary family at all and that her status was much higher than theirs.

However, for a fifteen-year-old, the more he suppressed his emotions and tried to restrain his feelings for her, the more he couldnt stop himself and the more he adored her!

Over the years, as he grew older and learned more about Laurens family, Colton was more and more aware that it was impossible between him and Lauren.

He knew very well that Lauren would definitely marry the son of a government official or an extremely wealthy man, like Chris.

If Lauren were to marry Chris, Colton would have nothing to say.

After all, it was apparent to all that he couldnt compare to the powerful Hanks at all.

However, Lauren married a man they had never heard of, and to make matters worse, he was going to be her live-in husband! It was preposterous!

Although many of his former classmates had said Laurens husband was actually from a powerful family, there was no concrete proof to support that point.

Lauren knew that her husbands family was very secretive and had always kept a low profile.

Hence, she said, “My husband is just an ordinary person who doesnt have a job.

Those two pieces of jewelry were gifts to him.”

Jordan had already told Lauren that the necklace did not belong to him but rather, he had gotten it from Jamie without his permission.

In case Jamie wanted the necklace back one day, Lauren would have to give it back to him obediently.

Therefore, Lauren did not dare to say that the jewelry belonged to Jordan.

A few of her classmates were stunned.

“Huh They were gifts Did your husband save the life of some rich man Is that why he has this jewelry”

“In my opinion, this jewelry may not be authentic.

They might be counterfeit! Lauren, dont be fooled.”

A female classmate hurriedly said, “What are you saying Theyre authentic, you guys have no idea.

The president of Vans Jewelry personally authenticated it at the wedding!”

“Not only did Laurens husband give her those earrings and necklace, but his family also handed over the British bar business to her!”

Another female student also said with a smile, “Yes, Lauren is now the queen of British pubs! All the pubs in the UK are owned by her!”

“By the way, Lauren, Im going to England in a few days.

Does that mean that I can get free drinks when I mention your name at the bars”

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Her female classmates had been really excited ever since they learned that all the bars in the UK were owned by Lauren.

They often went abroad but for various reasons, they would never have as much fun as they do at home.

After all, they would be foreigners in other countries.

However, if all the bars in the UK belonged to their classmate, they would be able to behave unrestrainedly and have fun without any scruples.

Lauren hurriedly said, “No, dont mention my name, I havent even been there myself.

Ill send you guys money remotely to foot the bills when youre there.”

The female student frowned and said, “Ah, were after the thrill of not having to pay the bill.

Which boss has to get the tab at her own bar”

Colton asked with confusion, “Do all the bars in the UK belong to a single corporation Is Lauren the current owner Thats not quite right, is it Ive checked on that corporation and it seems to have been founded by an Englishman.”

Another male classmate of hers chimed in, “I studied at Oxford University in England.

Lauren, your husbands last name seems to be Steele, right Ive investigated that too and there isnt a single family there with that last name.”

Colton asked in amazement, “Is that so You stayed in England for so long and you couldnt even find anything.

Lauren, could it be that the contract your husband gave you is fake”

The Steeles were very secretive, so ordinary people naturally couldnt find out any information about them.

Not wanting to explain too much, Lauren only said, “I dont care, its not like Im going to go there anyway.

I dont intend to become the queen of British bars or whatever.”

Seeing Laurens dismissive attitude, her classmates were even more certain that the contract her husband had given her was fake!

Colton secretly thought,I was right! How can the son of a family that can own the entire bar industry in the UK, possibly be the live-in husband of Lauren! Jordan Steele must be pretending! How infuriating.

The goddess Ive secretly been in love with for so many years married a fraud!”

The crowd started to scan the QR code with their phones to order food, and at this time, a female classmate smiled.

“By the way, everyone still doesnt know, right Its the birthday of our class belle, whos newly married!”

The male students were dumbfounded.

“What Its Laurens birthday today!”

“Damn it, Lauren is really something.

Instead of accompanying her husband on her birthday today, shes actually willing to come out and accompany us to the classmates reunion.

I really have to toast to you later!”

The female classmate said, “I was quite puzzled at first.

When I invited Lauren, I didnt know that it was her birthday today.

I only found out later.”

“By the way, Lauren, did your husband agree to let you come out for a meal with us since its your birthday today”

Lauren said, “Oh, my husband happens to be out tonight, so Im free to hang out with you guys.”

Her few classmates immediately felt that something was wrong.

“Its your birthday and your husband is out”

“Isnt he out of work What serious business can he have”

On the other hand, Colton secretly thought to himself,Seems like Lauren is having a fight with her husband.

Its not that he has something on!

Lauren wasnt behaving like herself at all.

She didnt seem like a newlywed bride either.

‘Its my chance tonight! Since even a liar like Jordan Steele can trick Lauren, Ill have a greater chance to be with her! I wont let myself continue to be so cowardly!


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