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Ever since he received a warning from his father, Colton had never dared to pursue Lauren again.

As Coltons fathers position rose higher over the years, Colton had also experienced a smooth-sailing journey in his career.

He had already become the director of a certain project.

Not only that, the bigwigs from other provinces had to line up to see him in DC.

Colton could tell that Lauren had had a tiff with her husband so he thought that it must be his chance to perform today.

Immediately taking out his cell phone, Colton said, “How nice of our class belle to join us today on such a special day.

I have to order a luxurious cake for Lauren.”

“Yes, yes, yes, order the cake!”

“Yes, we have to order a better cake that is worthy of Miss Howard.”

Lauren was rather embarrassed.

“You dont have to order a cake, we can just have a meal.”

Colton immediately made a phone call.

“Hello, is it Maxim Cake store Its my classmates birthday today.

Please send the most expensive and extravagant cake in your store to Sophomore Cafe.

Hurry it up!”

After hanging up, Colton smiled and said, “The cake will be delivered shortly.”

The students could not help but laugh and said, “Colton, why are you being so eager when its Laurens birthday Are you still interested in Lauren”

“Haha, I remember that you sent love letters to Lauren back in high school.”

Colton quickly denied, “Dont spout nonsense, or youll put Lauren in an awkward position.

That happened ages ago.

Lauren, dont mind it.”

Lauren laughed and chatted with her classmates whom she had known since she was a child.

However, she didnt quite hold it against him.

Soon, the dishes were served and her male classmates drank some white wine while the girls drank red wine.

Colton was the first to clink glasses with Lauren.

“Hey, former classmate, its been a long time.

Thank you for being kind and willing to get together with us.”

The others also chimed in, “Yeah, were really glad that youre willing to treat us as classmates.”

Lauren came from a wealthy family and she lived a privileged life that was far above what her classmates could compare to.

Their families added together couldnt compare to Lauren at all.

It was precisely because she had gone to an ordinary school when she was a child, that Lauren had the aura of a girl-next-door, unlike other heiresses of wealthy families who seemed aloof and untouchable.

Lauren said in a warm and gentle voice, “What are you saying Were classmates, dont say that.

Besides, I heard that your father has been doing well these last two days.

He has quite a high status as a government official.”

“Hahaha.” Colton laughed and said, “No, no, compared to your grandfather, my father is just a beggar.”

Although he was criticizing his father on the surface, he was actually very proud! Apart from Lauren, who came from a powerful family, the rest of her classmates families werent doing as well as Colton.

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Basically, each and every student was sucking up to Colton because there were many things that they needed him for.

Even if they didnt, it would be quite a glorious thing to have a classmate of such a high status.

After having a drink, Colton suddenly asked, “Do you guys know a very popular celebrity named Maggie”

“Maggie Stone”

Lauren was stunned.

Wasnt that the girl who walked in front of her when she first entered the restaurant

A female student said, “I know! She was really popular last year and she was always on the hot search list.

She has lots of fans.

Ive heard a lot about her from my junior colleagues at work.”

Her male student also said, “Who doesnt know such a famous celebrity Why Colton, dont tell me that shes your girlfriend.”

Colton waved his hand and said, “Why Shes just a distant cousin.

Besides, shes now eating in this restaurant.

Do you want to meet her If you do, Ill get her to come over and have a drink with us.”

“Yes, yes, Id like to take a picture with her too.”

“Haha, I need to get an autograph for my brother.”

The others certainly wanted to meet this star from the entertainment industry.

After all, their work was typically involved with government organizations or hospitals, which were all very far from the entertainment industry.

Seeing that Lauren wasnt speaking, Colton asked, “Lauren, do you want to hear her sing I can ask her to perform for you.”

Not wanting to be a spoilsport and that everyone wanted to see this star, Lauren smiled and said, “Sure.”

In fact, Lauren wasnt interested in this celebrity at all.

“Okay, Ill make a call and come over now.”

Colton began putting on airs again in front of everyone and called Maggie.

Indeed, in less than two minutes, Maggie walked towards the room that they were in.


“Maggie! Come, come, Ill introduce my classmate to you.”

“This is Miss Howard, the belle of our class.

This is…”

Colton wasted no time in giving introductions and also asked Maggie to accompany her for drinks.

She even took photos with Laurens female classmates.

The entire time, Colton was showing off with no restraint.

“You guys probably dont know how influential Maggie is.

She has millions of fans on Twitter and any tweet she posts will be shared and retweeted millions of times!”

Maggie was much more modest than before and she said, “No, no, Colton, dont say that.

Im not that famous anymore.”

Maggie used to be a top celebrity who could garner lots of traffic.

However, ever since she and Cayden had gotten intimate in the car, her popularity had decreased greatly.

Colton pointed at the piano inside the room and said, “Maggie, there happens to be a piano in this room and a microphone attached to it.

Do you want to perform a song for us”

However, Maggie was quite repulsed.

“Im not good at playing the piano.

I wont embarrass myself.”

Lauren could tell that Maggie was very uneasy in the room and that she had a rather ordinary relationship with her distant cousin, Colton.

Lauren said, “Miss Stone, youre so famous.

You must be very busy, right”

Maggie nodded and said, “Yes, I finally had an hour to come out and meet the friends I havent met in years.”

Lauren said, “I see.

I dont want to waste Miss Stones time then.”

Maggie nodded at Lauren gratefully.

“Ill go now then, Colton.”

Colton waved at Maggie and said, “Maggie, Ill get the tab in your room.”

“Thats not necessary.”

Colton said, “Ive already paid at the front desk.

Continue meeting with your friends.”

“Yes, thank you, Colton.”

After the celebrity left, the few classmates kept praising Colton.

“Colton, youre really something.

You could get such a huge celebrity to come and go as you please.”

“I heard that you need to be worth at least millions to be able to dine with such a celebrity.

Is that true”

Colton waved his hand and said dismissively, “Its just a little girl that everyone likes.

I can always ask her to come over at any time.

Come on, lets keep drinking!”

At this moment, Jordan entered the restaurant.


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