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Chapter 429: Birthday Surprise!

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Knock knock

Lauren and the others in the room knocked twice on the door.

“Come in,” said Colton.

Soon, a man in a white chefs uniform walked in pushing a cart.

There was a

15-meter tall six-tier birthday cake on the cart, which was extremely

luxurious an


It was also embellished with diamonds!

“Hey, the cake I ordered is here!

Colton frantically stood up with excitement.

Likewise, the other classmates of

hers also stood up and walked over.

“Wow, Class President, what a luxurious cake youve ordered!”

“Indeed, Colton is very generous!

“Tve never seen such a pretty birthday cake before!

Colton was very smug.

“Since its our belles birthday, of course I have to host

her with the highest standards!

While being smug, she was very curious too, because she didnt expect that the

Maxim cake store would serve such upscale cakes.

There was a white card below the cake.

A female classmate picked it up and exclaimed, “Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Wow, Colton, you actually took the chance to confess to Lauren while gifting

the birthday cake.


The words made Lauren feel extremely awkward.

She knew that Colton had

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once liked her before and she even thought that Colton must have already lost

those felings for her.

She didnt expect Colton to write such a card to her.

Colton knew that Lauren was now someone elses wife and that such a term

was extremely unsuitable.

He frantically said, “Stop the speculation.

You guys heard me when I called to

book a cake.

I only said that its a girls birthday but I didnt mention who it was


The bakery might have misunderstood.

Lauren, you wont mind, would


After thinking about it for a moment, Lauren felt what Colton said made sense.

“Its okay.”

The crowd thought it was a mistake made by the cake store but they had no

idea that the luxurious cake was not the one that Colton booked at all!

It was the birthday cake that Jordan prepared for Lauren! The chef who pushed

the cake in introduced, This cake of ours will look better with the lights off.

Should I turm off the lights and let you enjoy the view”

The crowd was suddenly surprised.

“Is there a special nighttime effect Its the first time Ive heard ofa cake that

will look different with the lights off!”

“Wow, the design of this cake is really romantic

Lauren was curious too.

Colton smiled smugly, feeling rather proud.

Hence, the

chef switched off the lights in the room, and as expected, layers of colorful

lights of the cake were lit up, making it look even more beautiful, just like a

small, snowy mountain.

However, the next second they switched off the lights

The sounds of the piano suddenly filled the room!

A classic Cchord rang.

Immediately afterward, a touching song sounded.

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor”

Lauren was stunned!

“Thats the song, Need You Now! Does that voice belong to Jordan!

Lauren often listened to that song while showering and she had already heard

it countless times before.

Hence, she knew what song it was as soon as she

heard the intro.

She could tell whose voice it was immediately.

Tt belonged to her husband, Jordan!

She finally understood why there would be a piano and her microphone in the


It turned out that Jordan had arranged for it!

The others were confused.

Colton, did you hire a professional singer to perform for Lauren” A male

classmate asked.

Colton was stunned for a while before putting on a pretense.

“of course.”

The crowd just quietly enjoyed the singing of the mysterious man in the room

while admiring the light of the light bulb of the cake.

T love you.

A blissful smile appeared on Laurens face when he sang the chorus.

Jordan sang the song incredibly well and it happened to be her birthday today.

“How did Jordan know that I like this song

Lauren couldnt deny that she was touched.

“I just need you now.

Jordans performance won everyones applause after the song was sung.

At this moment, Colton had just turned on the rooms lights, and everyone saw


Dressed ina suit with his hair styled, Jordan looked every part the handsome

and domineering CEO!

Colton took out a hundred bucks from his pocket and said to Jordan, “Young

man, you sang well.

Heres a tip for you.”

However, one of the female students who had attended Laurens wedding

immediately pointed at Jordan.

“Isnt this Laurens husband, Jordan


The crowd was suddenly shocked that the man was actually Laurens husband!

At this moment, Jordan got up from the piano and brought a large bouquet of

roses over to Lauren.

“Happy birthday, Honey.”

Lauren was elated.

Grabbing the roses, she closed her eyes as Jordan pulled her

into a tender kiss.

At this point, she had also completely forgiven Jordan for

suspecting her.

Seeing Jordan and Lauren kissing, Colton and a few other male classmates

were seething in jealousy!

“The goddess weve adored for such a long time has been snatched by this dog!

“Who is he!l

The few of hem were extremely indignant.

Lauren asked blissfully, “How did you get in here

The piano sounded almost as soon as the lights were switched off.

If Jordan

had entered from the door, he couldnt have entered the innermost area so


Jordan pointed to the spot behind the piano and said, “T opened a door there

last night

Only then did the crowd understand that Jordan had deliberately hacked offa

portion of the wall to create a door there the previous night, so as to give

Lauren a surprise.

He had even concealed it so well that no one would be able to

see it.

Wow, youre so thoughtful.

How romantic!

“Yeah, and hes so talented.

It sounded amazing!

The few female classmates began praising Jordan as they had already become

his friends.

However, the few male classmates of hers were extremely displeased.

Lauren felt that it was a huge glory too.

Her former classmates had been

doubting if her husband was good enough but she couldnt reveal the Steeles

power and hence could only be looked down upon by them.

Now, they finally understood the positive attributes of her husband.

Lauren recalled the card on the cake and asked, “Honey, is this cake also from


Jordan nodded and said, “Yes, I specially asked the most famous pastry chef in

the country to make it overnight.

Do you like it”

Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing Jordan say that.

Wasnt this ordered by Colton

Put on the spot, Colton was immediately embarrassed.

“Nonsense! This was

clearly booked at Maxim cake store!”


A sneer was on Jordans face.

How could Maxim possibly bake such a luxurious


The chef hadnt left yet and said to Colton, “Sorry, I am not from Maxim cake

store but I do have an apprentice who works there.”


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