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Chapter 430: Im The Boss Of The Entertainment Industry!

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As they were talking, another boy entered the room, clad in white and carrying

a birthday cake in hand.

“May I ask who is Mr.

Colton Henley” the boy asked.

Colton said, “I am.”

The boy maneuvered over and handed the cake he was carrying to Colton.


Miller, this is the birthday cake you ordered from our store.”

Pindrop silence ensued, and only then did Colton believe that the luxurious

1.5-meter high cake was realy ordered by Laurens husband!

Besides, the cake that he ordered was not even one-fifth of the height of the

cake! How could he not feel embarrassed! The birthday cake he ordered was

nothing compared to Jordan!

Meanwhile, Jordan did not continue to embarrass Colton.

He didnt know

Laurens classmates at all.

However, since Lauren was willing to come to the

classmates reunion, it meant that she still had a good relationship with this

group of classmates.

Otherwise, given Laurens family background, how could

she possibly attend the classmates reunion

Nowadays, classmates reunions were basically meaningless and only initiated

by those who were doing relatively well.

The purpose of the gathering was to

either show off or to find out where their classmates were working, in case

they could use each other in the future.

Jordan didnt want to disturb Laurens gathering and was just there to give her

a surprise.

Since he had already delivered the surprise, Jordan said, “Honey, go

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ahead with your gathering.

Il head off first.”

The reason he did not stay was because the classmates gathering was his

wifes private event and there were lots of male classmates there.

If Jordan

stayed, it would look like he didnt trust his wife and had to keep a close eye on


He did not want to give Lauren that kind of feeling again.

He wanted to tell

Lauren that he trusted her completely.

However, seeing that Jordan was about to leave, Colton interjected, “Since

Laurens husband is here, why dont we all sit down and have a meal together.

Dont go.”

Likewise, her female classmates quickly asked him to stay behind.

“Yeah, come

join us.

We dont have many people here anyway.

There are still lots of empty

seats here.”

Jordan looked at Lauren in a bid to ask for her opinion.

Since Lauren didnt object, Jordan said, “Okay, Ill pour Lauren some wine


Lauren smiled and a few of them returned to their seats.

Colton sat in the

middle, clearly the most domineering one.

After sitting down, Lauren introduced each person to Jordan one at a time, and

when it came to Colton, he deliberately pointed out his identity as the class

president, as well as his fathers job and position as a government official.

Jordan could also tell that Colton had the best career among all of them, and

was also the one who liked bragging the most.

After being introduced to each other, Colton suddenly asked Jordan, “Dude,

which unit do you work in

A male classmate laughed and said, “Colton, you shouldnt rub salt in others


Didnt Lauren just say that her husband is jobless

With a look of embarrassment, Lauren said self-deprecatingly, “Yes, my

husband and I dont have any proper jobs, unlike you guys who work in big

corporations who hold high statuses and great power.”

Colton immediately put down his cutlery and said, Lauren, thats not right

You and your husband are different.

Everyone in DC knows that as long as

Lauren wants to work, she can enter any unit she wants.

All it takes is one


But your husband seems to be… Its okay, Jordan, you seem to play the

piano very well and your voice is nice too.

How about I get you a job at the bar

as a singerA hundred bucks a night for singing a few songs from eight to

eleven at night.

Its not tiring either.”

A male classmate laughed and said, “Yeah, you can make three grand a month.

That sounds like quite a good job.”

Colton also laughed and said, T should help a classmate out.”

Jordan could tell that Colton, the class president, was deliberately making him

feel embarrassed.

In all honesty, Jordan couldnt be bothered to go to work.

Even if he really

couldnt find a job, the Howards would still be able to give him an allowance of

at least three grand a month.

Colton said, “We all know that the Howards are rich.

You dont lack those few

thousands of dollars but as a man, I still think you can come out to make

money on your own.

Whats wrong with using a woman, right”

Another male classmate said, “Brother, although you are Laurens live-in

husband, we and Lauren have been former classmates for years.

If you face any

difficulty, you can tell us directly”

“These hypocritical guys

Jordan was extremely displeased.

Laurens female classmates were not too bad

but her male classmates who seemed to treat Jordan well on the surface were

in fact taking every chance to insult him.

They kept mentioning the fact that Jordan was a live-in husband.

If it were any other place and occasion, this gang would have long been thrown

out by Salvatore and the others.

However, it was his wifes birthday and also

the day of her reunion with her classmates.

Jordan didnt want to mess up


Besides, he suddenly remembered that the most important thing to do now

was to complete his business trial!

Indeed, he wanted to have a high status in the country and the industry he

chose was the entertainment industry!

Hence, Jordan looked at Colton and said, “Thank you for your kindness.

Actually, I have some formal business to attend to.”

Lauren held onto Jordans hand below the table before shaking her head at him.

She thought that Jordan must be wanting to say that he was working as a

security officer or a courier delivery or a takeout deliverer.

The Steeles were rich and had always felt that all jobs were equal.

There was

nothing wrong with admitting to that.

However, Lauren did not want Jordan to

tell her classmates that he was working as a security officer or some other

lowly job.

The classmates had always treated Lauren as a goddess who was put on the

pedestal and once they knew that Lauren married a man that was inferior to

them, they wouldnt be able to take it.


Lauren looked at Jordan.

Jordan could already tell what Lauren meant by stopping him.

“Hah, Honey, do you think I was going to say Tm a security officer or a courier

deliverer Dont worry, your husband is not going to embarrass you in front of

your classmates!

However, Jordan spoke up and said to everyone, “Tm in the entertainment


Everyone was shocked.

Youre the boss of a film and television company

“So impressive.

No wonder hes so talented.

It turns out that hes the owner of

an entertainment company!”

Listening to the female classmates compliments, Colton was upset and he

didnt believe that Jordan was telling the truth!

The reason being Colton realized that even Lauren was shocked.

It was obvious Jordan was lying and bragging!

Colton asked, “Buddy, since you are the boss of a film and television company

and a business tycoon in the entertainment industry, there must be many

artistes signed to your company, right”

Jordan nodded and said, “Yes, there are quite a few.”

Colton smiled and asked, “Who are they

Jordan thought for a moment and said, “Maggie Stone!”


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