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Chapter 431: Make Jordan Embarrassed

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“Maggie Stone Hahahaha.”

Hearing this name, Colton couldnt help but burst into laughter.

Jordan actually said that Coltons cousin was an artiste signed to his company!

Colton was overjoyed.

‘Laurens husband is such a braggart.

He shot himself in

the foot

If Jordan had mentioned some other celebrity, Colton might not have been able

to prove whether he was telling the truth or not.

However, the Maggie that

Jordan mentioned, was Coltons cousin who was just next door!

Colton laughed and said, “Buddy, did you say that Maggie is your companys

artiste Are you not mistaken”

It was Jordans first step to starting his business trial today and he wanted to

make everyone believe that he was a big shot in the entertainment industry.

Jordan said calmly, “Theres nothing wrong.

If you dont believe me, I can ask

her to come over another day so that you guys can get to know each other.”


Another male couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Besides, while Lauren was

under the table, she tugged at Jordans clothes and signaled for him to stop


Since Lauren and Jordan spent time together, she knew that Jordan did not set

up any entertainment companies at all.

The companies that he had opened previously were all in the courier and

takeout industries but after his assets had been frozen, his shares were

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transferred to others and he had already stepped down.

Colton could not help but say, “You dont have to be so troublesome.

Shes just

next door, Tll ask her to come over”

While speaking, Colton picked up his iPhone.

At this moment, Lauren suddenly said, “President, dont be like this..”

Lauren didnt want to watch Jordan make a fool of himself and be embarrassed.

Since Lauren had pleaded for Jordan, Colton couldnt disobey her, so he put

down his phone.

“All of us respect Lauren very nmuch, not only because her family is better than

ours, but also because she has been treating our classmates like her siblings for

more than a decade.

Jordan, for the sake of ILauren, I can choose not to get

Maggie to come over to humiliate you but those things youve bragged about

make me feel disgusted.

How about this Chug three cups of wine now!”

Another male classmate chimed in, “I hate braggarts too.

He should at least

drink more wine before he can brag.

He started blowing his trumpet without

even drinking any wine.

I bet he should at least chug five glasses of wine.”

So they wanted him to chug down three large glasses of wine

If it were other people, they would soon pass out and throw up.

Although Jordan could drink well, who was he to let others at the table teach

him such a lesson

Jordan hated being made to drink at the dinner table and it was as if Jordan was

Coltons subordinate who had to drink just because Colton wanted him to.

Letting out a laugh, Jordan only said, “You want me to chug three glasses in a

row Hah, I may love drinking but no one can make me drink if I dont want


A female classmate spoke up.

“Its true, shes a distant cousin of class president

Colton, and she came over just now to toast to us.”

Jordan was just casually mentioning Maggie just now because she was the only

celebrity he knew.

After the incident between Jordan and Maggie, Jordan had

caught Maggie and bribed her into testifying against Cayden with a villa.

Colton laughed and asked, “It cant be such a coincidence, right Of all people,

why do you have to mention my cousins name Hah, if you had bragged about

another celebrity, you wouldnt have been shamed in public.


Jordan said, “Since Maggie is right next door and shes your cousin, ask her to

come over.”

Colton was stunned.

“Are you sure Do you dare to see her”

Jordan laughed and said, “Nonsense, I am her boss.

Why wouldnt I dare to see her Shes the one who doesnt dare to see me.

This little girl is clearly so busy

with work.

Yet, she still has time to come here for dinner.”

Colton smiled and said, “Okay, since you took the initiative to ask for it, then

dont blame me.”

Once again Colton picked up his phone and called Maggie.

“Maggie, please

come over again quickly.”

Within two minutes, Maggie once again pushed open the door of the private

room and walked in.

It was clear from her facial expression that she was still extremely displeased.

As a celebrity, the most annoying thing is to be dragged around to drink with


As soon as Maggie walked in, she noticed that there was suddenly another man

and she was immediately stunned when she tooka closer look!



Steele.” Maggie stammered.

When Jordan saw Maggie, he said, “Maggie, dont call me Mr.

Steele when were


Just call me Jordan.”

Maggie hurriedly called out, “Jordan.”

Colton noticed that Maggie seemed shocked and horrified after seeing Jordan

and that she seemed to be full of scruples towards him.

It was natural for Maggie to be afraid of Jordan.

The last time they met, Jordan sent someone to bring Maggie over, which scared her greatly because she

thought that Jordan wanted her to sleep with him.

However, Maggie was not only full of scruples towards Jordan, but she was also


The reason was Jordan had given her a villa at Great Mountain Villas that was

worth about 30 million dollars.

Ever since the car sex scandal, Maggies

popularity had decreased greatly and she lost plenty of endorsement deals and

advertisement opportunities.

Hence, Maggie sold the villa for money, and even without her endorsements

and job, she could live a carefree life.

It could be said that Jordan was Maggies


As long as she could do it, she would give in to all of Jordans


Colton hurriedly asked, “Maggie, this guy called Jordan said that you are his


Is that true I remember that your boss is a woman.”

Jordan laughed, “That lady youre referring to works for me t0o.

I suppose you

could say Im the real boss, eh, Maggie”

Maggie was stunned for a moment but she was smart enough to understand

what was going on immediately.

Colton had called her over, not to get her to

toast but to prove Jordans identity.

At this point, Colton and Jordan both looked at Maggie, waiting for her to


One was her distant cousin that he didnt know very well, and the other was a

benefactor who had given her 30 million.

Maggie naturally had to choose to help Jordan!

After a short hesitation, Maggie immediately said, “Well, yes! Miss Adams is

also working for Mr.

Steele! Mr.

Steele is the real big boss!”

Colton and t

others, including Lauren, were all dumbfor


‘Jordan is..

really the big boss of an entertainment company

How could this happen!

Lauren was puzzled and confused.

She was worried about Jordan just now,

afraid that Jordan would make a fool of himself in public.

Colton did not believe Jordan and Maggie.

He had an average relationship with

this cousin of his.

He reckoned that she was probably really friends with Jordan

and had gotten into cahoots with him to deceive them!

Put in a spot, Colton continued, “Jordan, you said you are the big boss of the

film and television company..

In that case, your company must have signed

contracts with a lot of directors, right Who are they Name a few!”


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