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Chapter 433: Jordans A Liar!


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“) Films”

Colton thought about it in his mind for a long time but he couldnt remember any movies produced by J Films or any news about it.

Colton looked at the rest of his former classmates and said, “Guys, have you ever heard of J Films Am I the only uninformed one How come I dont have any impression of that name.”

Her other classmates were confused too.

“Tve never heard of it either.

There is indeed a J Corporation, though.

But isnt that a takeout company”

“L often watch movies and every time I do, I pay close attention to the movie producers and directors.

I can guarantee that in the last five years, there is no movie with a box office of more than 40 million dollars related to J Films or J Corporation!”

“Thats right, I think its possible that the J Corporation is just a small company.

Otherwise, its impossible that I hadnt heard of it.”

Once again, Colton interrogated Jordan, “Jordan, since your company has so many big names signed to it, it must have been listed, right Whats the stock code Is it listed on the New York Stock Exchange”

Jordan went ahead with it and said, “Its listed but not under J Films.

Instead, its listed under a subsidiary of J Films.

The names in the credits of the movies are also the names of my subsidiary companies.

Its not surprising that you havent heard of the J Corporation.”

Colton and the rest were speechless.

Jordan actually said that the companies that produced those blockbuster films were his subsidiary companies!

This guy was really good at sucking up and bragging!

Colton said in exasperation, “Jordan Steele, drop the act.

I bet theres no Ace Corporation at all! If you have what it takes, send me a photo of your company!”

Jordan laughed and said, “There is indeed no company branch in the US because I registered this company overseas and it actually has no entity.

There isnt even an office and its just an active business license.

The equity of these domestic film and television subsidiaries that have existing entities are all

transferred to J Films.

“So, although J Films only has a business license, I have the ownership and controlling rights of these local film companies.”

Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing Jordans explanation.

One of them, who was also a businessman, whispered to Colton, “Colton, what he mentioned is very likely to be true.

Many big bosses do this to avoid incurring taxes.”

Colton gritted his teeth.

He naturally knew that this situation was common, but he just didnt believe what Jordan said was true!

“Hes fooling us.

He said all of that just to deceive us!”

Colton was filled with indignation.

He could clearly tell that Jordan was lying and that he wasnt the big boss of a film company at all.

However, Jordan was way too cunning and no matter how Colton made things hard for him, he would be able to think of a solution to deal with it.

He even caught everyone

by surprise.

Those female classmates believed it all regardless.

Jordan was born to a family of billionaires after all.

He had long gotten used to the rules, including the unspoken ones.

If he couldnt even fool an ordinary person, he could forget about the business trial!

Soon, the classmates reunion ended on a pleasant note, with everyone being awestruck and sucking up to Jordan.

Since Colton had long gotten the tab, Jordan didnt have to.

He didnt bring any cash with him anyway.

“Everyone, Ill be heading off now, be careful on your way back.”

Lauren held onto Jordan with one hand and waved goodbye to the others with her other hand.

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“Bye, Lauren, lets get together and catch up when we have the time in the future.”

“Goodbye, Mr.

Steele and Lauren.”


Steele, you have to notify us when your companys next film is out!”

The ten of them were extremely polite and in awe towards Lauren and Jordan.

Jordan asked Salvatore to drive over to pick them up.

Salvatore opened the car door and got into the backseat of the car while holding Laurens hand.

After getting into the car, Lauren patted Jordan with her left hand and said, “Honey, you said you were the boss of some company called J Films but thats fake, right”

Jordan did not deny it and said with a smile, “Do you think Im not even capable of running a film company”

Lauren said, “Of course I know you can, but you didnt even sign any VAM agreement with Director Smith.

Didnt you get his contact information from your brother, Jesse on the day of the wedding

Jordan patted the back of Laurens hand and laughed.

“Honey, its fake but also real.

Dont bother about this matter, I did it for a reason.

You just need to know that although I might fool outsiders, I will never deceive you.”

Lauren then suddenly thought of something and asked, “Is… it because of your familys business trial”

Jordan did not hide it from Lauren and simply nodded.

Lauren also held Jordans hand tightly before saying, “Hubby, Im glad that youre finally doing something decent.

Ill support you forever!”

At this moment, the students at the entrance of the restaurant were in a hurry.

Her female classmates had either taken a cab or gotten a valet driver.

Only Colton and another male classmate were left standing stupidly at the door.

Colton was filled with displeasure.

He had finally gotten to where he was in his career and he wanted to show off in front of his classmates.

He didnt expect to have Jordan steal his limelight today.

The more frustrating thing was that Colton was the one who paid the bill.

“I didnt spend money for him to act tough!”

Also, Jordan was not really capable and was instead just a lying braggart!

While Colton was seething in frustration, another male classmate felt that something was amiss when staring at the rear of the car that Jordan and Lauren were leaving in.

“Colton, this Cadillac belonging to Laurens husband doesnt seem right.”

Colton asked, “How so”

‘The male classmate said, “This car does not seem to belong to him.

It used to belong to my friend but it was stolen at the airport.”


Colton was astonished.

Everyone in DC knew that a while ago, a large number of cars were stolen and robbed near the airport.

The one that Salvatore was driving was from the airport.

After the incident, Jordan ordered Salvatore to return all the cars and Salvatore even took the initiative to contact the owner to tell him that he could compensate him if he wanted.

However, the owner said, “Boss, I dont want the car anymore.

You can have it and I hope to be friends with you!”

The car owner was rich and had several cars.

Upon seeing Salvatore, he immediately knew how powerful he was and he was also full of awe and admiration towards him.

Hence, Salvatore continued driving that car with no qualms.

Colton was enraged.

“Damn it! I told you that Laurens husband was a swindler! Even his car was stolen from someone else!”

Another male classmate sighed and said, “Hey, how is that possible He managed to marry the goddess weve admired for more than a decade, with just a single word.

If you must, blame us for being too honest.”

Still, Colton was indignant.

“I wont let this swindler continue being smug!”

After saying that, Colton turned around and returned to the Sophomore Restaurant.

“Colton, why are you going back again”

“Tm going to have Maggie give me her bosss number!”


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