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Chapter 434: An Invitation From Chelsea Adams

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Maggies agency was called Dreams Entertainment, which was owned by Chelsea Adams.

And Chelsea was an extremely famous lady boss in the entertainment industry.

After Colton got Chelseas phone number from Maggie, he called her on the way back.

“Hello, are you Miss Adams”

“Yes, and you are”

“Hello, Ms.

Adams, Im Maggies cousin, Colton.”

“Oh, I heard Maggie mentioning that she has a distant cousin who is a big government official in DC.

Is that you”

Colton laughed and said, “No, not at all.

Im just a small fry.

Dont listen to Maggies nonsense.


Chelseas attitude became much better.

“Chief Colton, youre being too modest.

Youre definitely not a small fry.

What can I help you with”

Wasting no time, Colton said, “Oh, I just happened to meet Maggie in the restaurant so we had a chat.

Later on, we ran into a friend of mine named Jordan.

He said that Maggie is an artiste under his agency.

That didnt sound right to me.

Isnt Maggie signed to your company Jordan Steele said that you

work under him.

“That man was driving a car that was stolen from the airport and he was pretending to be impressive in front of my former classmates and me.

He obviously isnt a decent person.

Thats why I deliberately came over to ask you if you know Jordan Steele and whether or not hes your boss.”

Chelsea flew into a rage after hearing Coltons description.

“What How dare someone impersonate my boss Mr.

Henley, I can tell you clearly that I dont know that man named Jordan Steele at all, much less work for him.”

“Isnt Maggie with you She should know about it.”

Colton smiled and said, “I dont know what has gotten into her.

She keeps speaking up for that guy.

She admitted in public that both she and you, Ms.

Adams, are working for Jordan.”

Hearing the words, Chelsea flew into a rage again.

“What Im going to get this girl to come back and find out whats going on!”

At this moment, Chelsea was also in DC where Dreams Entertainment was.

She immediately called Maggie and asked her to come back to the company.

‘When she came to the presidents office, Maggie knocked on the door fearfully and entered.

‘There was a businesswoman seated on the chair in the presidents office.

She was less than 40 years old, had short hair and looked very young.

She had one leg crossed over the other, looking rather domineering in high heels.

“Miss Adams,” Maggie said after entering.

It was true that she was still afraid of her boss.

Following her car sex scandal, it had caused the company to incur heavy losses.

Since then, Chelseas attitude towards Maggie had turned drastically for the worse.

Shooting a pointed stare at Maggie, Chelsea lit a slim cigarette.

“Maggie, let me ask you, what the heck was that”

“Whats going on” asked Maggie who still did not understand what Chelsea was referring to.

Chelsea said in exasperation, “Drop the act! Your cousin has already told me all about it! How dare you tell outsiders that Im working for a scoundrel who stole a car Do you still take me seriously!!”

Maggies eyes widened and she asked, “A scoundrel who stole a car Miss Adams, are you talking about Mr.


“To hell with whatever Mr.

Steele! Hes just a swindler! Why did you speak up for him instead of exposing him” Chelsea snapped.

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Maggie said, “Ms.

Adams, Jordan is really well connected, he knows Director Smith! He spoke to Director Smith on the speakerphone in front of over ten of us.

Director Smith even promised to produce three movies for Jordan in three years! As long as I can act in one of them, maybe Ill rise to fame and by

then youll have money to earn.

Isnt that good”

Chelsea walked to Maggie in exasperated and jabbed at Maggies forehead with her finger.

“You idiot, the whole country saw you having car sex with a wealthy scion.

You could have denied it but you chose to take a video to admit that it was you.

After what happened, you still want to be in Director Smiths film Dream on!”

The blunt words made Maggie blush slightly, feeling extremely ashamed as she recalled the past.

Women in the entertainment industry tended to be shamed everywhere they go once they are involved in such a scandal.

If she had known, she would not have fallen for Caydens trap in the first place.

Maggie said, “I saw that Jordans attitude towards Director Smith was rather assertive and Director Smith also seems to listen to him, Jordan promised to help me rise to fame and with his help, Director Smith will not refuse!”

Chelsea was so angry that she really wanted to give Maggie a slap.” Why havent you realized yet Youre a 20-year-old girl who doesnt know anything.

This Jordan Steele is a liar, how can he know the famous Director Smith! Even if he does, how can he possibly have the ability to get Director Smith to

produce a film for him Do you know that hes the most famous director in the country and even money cant get him sometimes!”

Maggie asked in bewilderment, “Huh No way, there were lots of us and we confirmed that it was Director Smith.”

Chelsea humped coldly.

“Whats so hard about imitating a persons voice these days Unless I see him in person, I wont believe that Jordan really knows Director Smith.

Since you trust Jordan so much, then ask him out tomorrow.

Tell him that Id like to meet him and lets see if he dares to show up! That

kid was just lying to you because youre a young and uneducated girl.

He wont dare to say a single word in front of me!”

Maggie thought about it.

Although she was young and had not studied much, she was scouted by her company at the age of 16 and since then, she spent her time learning to dance and sing alll day.

However, she felt that Jordan was a very strong person who would not lie to her.

“Okay, Ill make an appointment for you!”

After Jordan and Lauren went home, Jordan went to take a shower.

Today, Lauren agreed to let Jordan share the room with him.

Hence, he decided that he had to smell good.

Jordan did not take his phone to the shower

It was at this moment that Maggie called.

When Lauren heard the incoming call, she took the phone, went to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

“Honey, you got a call.”

Jordan asked, “Whos calling”

Lauren said, “Its that actress, Maggie.”

Just now during dinner, Maggie had also thrown herself at Jordan but he did not want Lauren to misunderstand that there was something going on between them.

So he said, “Honey, pick up the call for me.”


The open trust gave Lauren a warm and fuzzy feeling in her heart.

Since Jordan let her answer the phone, it meant he had nothing to do with her.


“You are Mr.

Steeles wife, right Hello, Im Maggie, we met earlier today.”


Maggie, Jordan is in the bathroo right now, why dont you calll back later If there is something urgent, you can talk to me at your convenience.”

“Well, Mrs.

Steele, my boss, Chelsea Adams would like to invite Mr.

Steele to lunch tomorrow at noon..

Do you know whether he has some time”


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