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Chapter 438: Kneel Down And Apologize!

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Chelsea was instantly stunned and telltale beads of cold sweat made their way down her face.

Meanwhile, the tables had turned and now it was Jordan who sat on the chair with his legs crossed, looking like a domineering president like Chelsea.


Adams, you wanted to make me kneel down just now, right”

When Keith heard these words, his expression became extremely awkward, knowing what his adopted daughter had cooked up.

He frantically said, “Hurry up and kneel down to apologize to Mr.


People in the entertainment industry knew that Chelsea was extremely arrogant.

It was rare for her to serve tea to someone but now, she actually wanted Jordan Stelle to kneel down to apologize to her.

If this were to get out, how could she continue in this industry!!

However, everything Chelsea had was given to her by her father.

Since her father had asked her to do so, she couldnt disobey him.

Chelsea looked at Colton with resentment in her heart! If it wasnt for Coltons bad idea, Chelsea wouldnt be in this situation right now!

Sensing the murderous gaze in Chelseas eyes, Colton was so frightened that he remained still and swallowed his saliva nervously.

Chelsea had no choice but to kneel in front of Jordan while holding her teacup above her head.


Steele, I was blind and failed to recognize how formidable you are.

Please dont hold it against me.”

Keith smiled and pleaded for her too.


Steele, Ive spoiled Chelsea since she was a child.

Dont hold it against her.”

Jordan nodded, took the teacup from Chelsea and took a sip.

‘That meant that he had forgiven Chelsea and acknowledged that she could continue managing Dreams Entertainment.

“Get up,” Jordan said to Chelsea.

“Thank you, Mr.


Chelsea got up awkwardly.

Seeing this, Maggie couldnt help but exclaim in amazement.

Chelsea, who had always lectured her like she was a dog, actually behaved in such a lowly manner in front of Jordan! Jordan was indeed not an ordinary person!

After Chelsea got up, she looked at Colton furiously and said, “Mr.

Henley, are you done watching the drama If you are, please return to your private rooms!”

“Uh, sorry… Im sorry to have imposed on you.”

Colton did not even dare to look directly at Chelsea.

Seeing that Jordan did know Keith and wasnt lying, he quickly got up and prepared to flee.

However, Keith, who had always loved making friends, stopped Colton and said, “Mr.

Henley, where do you work”

Since they were both men, they knew what was going on.

Colton didnt deny it either.


Jordan continued to ask, “You not only like my wife, but you must also be thinking that Lauren would be better off marrying you, right”

Colton was shocked.

Jordan could actually guess what he was thinking!

‘What an impressive person!”

Colton swallowed his saliva and answered, “Yes…”


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Jordan slammed his fist into the other man and hollered in frustration, “Youre not fit at all!”

Lauren was gorgeous and talented.

Besides, she came from a powerful family.

She obviously wasnt someone that a lowlife like Colton could have!

Jordan barked, “You can resume your position in another two years! Get lost!”

Colton didnt dare to speak again and instead stood up to walk away with the other students.

Afterward, Chelsea ordered a sumptuous selection of dishes for them to enjoy.


Steele, Im really sorry for what happened just now.

My father was the one who gave me everything I have.

Since hes working for you, Ill be your subordinate from now on.

If you need me to do anything, Ill definitely be able to do it!”

Jordan looked at Chelsea with satisfaction.

Although she looked a little mean, she was competent at work and had quite a good network of connections in the industry.

If Jordan wanted to become a bigwig of the entertainment industry, he would need someone like Chelsea.

Nodding towards her, Jordan said, “Chelsea, I heard that you are the producer of that talent show, Idol Creation Camp”

Chelsea took a sip of wine and nodded.

“Yes, I was the one who started producing it with a friend back then.

I didnt expect the show to become so popular as soon as it was released.”

Jordan continued to ask, “I heard that the contestants of this talent show were from more than 40 different entertainment agencies”

Chelsea said, “Yes, this year, there are 58 agencies! Its safe to say that all the companies in the entertainment industry have sent their artistes!”

Jordan seemed to be deep in thought as a smile formed on his face..


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