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Pablo was pleasantly surprised.


Reyes, can you tell me what Mr.

Jordan looks like In case I fail to recognize him and end up offending him, Id be in hot soup.”



Reyes sighed helplessly and said, “Orlando is so clean.

Its going to be filthy once you come here.”


Afterward, he instructed his subordinate to send Pablo a photo.


The person in the photo was none other than Jordan!



Reyes was actually the butler of the Steeles, Frank.


Although he was just a butler, he had learned about investing from Jordans grandfather over the years and thus amassed a fortune worth billions.


Moreover, over the years, Butler Frank had helped groom many people, and Pablo happened to be one of them.


When Pablo saw the photo of Jordan, he immediately praised him.


Jordan is so handsome! I can tell at a glance that hes the scion of a wealthy family! I really hope that I can have the honor of meeting him one day!”



Reyes said coldly, “Mr.

Jordan is on a training mission that his family has assigned to him, dont disturb him.

Ill call you when I need you.”


“Yes!” Pablo answered respectfully.



In the office building of Ace Corporation.


Drew arrived in Jordans office early and bright in the morning, and he waited in the meeting room for two hours.


Just like when his father, Herman, visited for the first time, Drew didnt get to meet Jordan, nor was he even served a glass of water.


“What exactly is this Mr.

Steele trying to do!! He clearly fancies my younger sister, Elle, but hes so aloof towards me.

These scions of top families are really so damned eccentric!”


After taking another look at his chat history with Salvatore, it suddenly reminded Drew


of the fact that Jordan was working as a bodyguard in Ace Corporation, or so he thought.

He then gave Jordan a call.


In the presidents office, Jordan got shocked from seeing Drew call him on his mobile.


Of course, he knew Drew was waiting in the meeting room of his company and being stood up by him.


Jordan thought,Does he finally believe that Im the president of this company


“Hello,” Jordan answered the phone.


To his surprise, Drew said condescendingly, “Jordan, youre in the office building now, right Come to the meeting room.”


Hearing Drews condescending tone, Jordan knew that he still wasnt aware that he was the companys president.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have dared to speak to him that way.


Jordan wasnt going to meet him as the company president.

Still, he was willing to go to the meeting room to meet Drew as the former live-in son-in-law of the Camdens, just to see what the latter would say.


Upon arriving at the meeting room, Jordan looked at Drew and asked, “What do you want to see me for”


Drew asked, “Wheres your boss, Mr.



Jordan looked at Drew and said, “Mr.

Steele is speaking to a retard now.”


Drew burst into laughter and said, “I, too, reckon that guy is a retard! Hes actually taking up so much of Mr.

Steeles time.”


Jordan thought to himself, “Drew Camden, you retard, I was referring to you!


“Is there anything else” Jordan asked with a smile.


Seeing how smug Jordan was, Drew snapped in displeasure, “Jordan, youre just a bodyguard, but why are you all dressed up like a president of a company What are you pretending for”


“Also, you beat me up in front of so many bigwigs in Orlando.

Ill definitely settle the score with you!”


Jordan said, “I know.

Didnt you get Salvatore to frame me Unfortunately, your dear Salvatore couldnt avenge you.”


Drew humphed and said, “Dont be overly conceited.

Salvatore has brought over 100 expert fighters from Southeast Asia under his boss, Pablo Dalton! Jordan, dont blame me for not reminding you, but be careful on your way home after work and dont get too drunk at the club! Lest you get beaten into a pulp! Hahaha!”


Jordan gave it some thought.

He had been getting off work together with Victoria lately, and he didnt want her to get hurt, though he wasnt afraid of facing those fighters himself.


Hence, Jordan said, “Is that so It just so happens that Im itching to throw some punches.

Get those fighters under Salvatore or Pablo to come straight to the parking lot of the office.

They dont have to go to the trouble of mobbing me after I get off work.”


Drew perked up immediately and exclaimed, “Sure! Ill hold you to your word and ask Salvatore to send his underlings here now! If you have the guts, go downstairs to the parking lot and wait there with me now!”


“Sure,” Jordan nodded gladly.


‘Elite fighters from Southeast Asia


Indeed, most of them were a little more ruthless than the fighters here because things were more chaotic in their nation after.

However, the environment they were trained in was definitely not as brutal as the battlefield where Jordan had been.


When they arrived at the underground parking lot, Drew took Jordan to a corner and then picked up a brick to smash all the surveillance cameras in the vicinity.


Afterward, Drew said smugly, “Haha, now that the surveillance cameras are destroyed! There will be no evidence even if you get killed here!”


“Is that so That means there wont be any evidence of me beating you to death here either, right” Jordan said with a gleeful smile.


“You… What are you trying to do” Drew was so shocked that he took a step back.




Jordan slapped him hard and burst into laughter.

“Drew Camden, are you stupid You called some fighters to come and hit me, but do you think I wont beat you up before they arrive”


“Ah!” Drew shrieked.


After Jordan had been hitting Drew for a while, they finally heard Salvatores voice.


“Let go of Mr.

Camden!” Salvatore walked over with ten tan-skinned men.


Drew hurriedly scurried over to Salvatore and hid behind him.

Pointing at Jordan, he barked, “Jordan, Im going to cripple you today and make sure that you can no longer become a bodyguard!”


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