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Chapter 440: This Is A Phony!

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Jordan hugged Victoria tightly.

At this moment, he was extremely agitated and emotional.

He never thought that he would get to see her here!

The other girls in the dance studio were also curious about the relationship between Jordan and Victoria.

“Isnt this guy Jennys boyfriend How come hes hugging Victoria”

“God knows.

Hes probably a scumbag.”

Jordan ignored the girls words and looked at Victoria happily, completely on the verge of tears.

He grabbed her arms and asked, “Victoria, why did you leave without saying goodbye You didnt even tell me anything before you left.

Do you

know that Ive been looking for you during this period of time Do you know exactly how much I missed you!!”

However, Victoria wasnt as excited as Jordan.

Instead, she looked at Jordan with composure, almost as if he was just a stranger.

Seeing how agitated Jordan was, Victoria slyly rolled her eyes, which lacked a little soul.

She then pretended to be devoted and said to Jordan, “Honey, I missed you very much too.”

After saying that, she actually took the initiative to kiss Jordan!

Jordan actually felt repulsed for a moment! The first thing that came into his mind was the thought of Lauren!

He was already married to Lauren who had always been loyal and loved him very much.

After everything that happened lately, Jordans feelings towards Lauren had become stronger.

However, Victoria was still the woman Jordan loved the most! In fact, he had never forgotten that the reason he married Lauren was for the sake of finding Victoria!

Hence, Jordan closed his eyes and began kissing Victoria in public!

Everyone immediately got into an uproar!

“Oh my God, Victoria is so daring.

Shes only 20 years old and she actually has the guts to kiss her boyfriend in front of so many people!”

“Isnt she afraid of affecting her popularity Our company strictly forbids artistes from getting into relationships.

Even if they do, they have to keep it clandestine and prevent others from finding out.”

“Yes, yes, our company has the same rules.

Sis Victoria is really passionate and true to herself about her feelings.

Shes nice to me and she treats us to nice food all the time.

We have to support her and not reveal a thing about this!”


At this moment, Jenny came over, grabbed Jordans arm and kept pulling him backward.

“Jordan, stop it! Dont kiss this bitch, shes not the real Victoria, shes a phony.

Shes a fake Victoria!”

Hearing this, Jordan immediately pushed away the woman in front of him! He then hurriedly wiped his lips with his hand.

“Fake Victoria”

Jordan once again looked at the woman in front of him! He discovered that the woman did resemble Victoria at first glance, her lips, nose, face shape and figure were almost identical.

However, her face was strangely unnatural and she had

clearly gone under the knife to get cosmetic surgery!

In an instant, Jordan immediately remembered who this woman was!

“Youre the woman who had checked into a hotel room with Arnold Decker! Youre the hostess from the nightclub in New York!”

Jordan instantly remembered what happened in New York City in the past.

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At that time, Cayden saw a woman who looked similar to Victoria at the KTV and took her to South Korea for plastic surgery.

She had gotten plastic surgery to look almost identical to Victoria.

This woman was then given to Arnold who had always fantasized about getting Victoria.

Afterward, the photos of the two of them were also uploaded to the Internet.

At one point, the netizens even thought that Victoria and Arnold had something between them.

Jordan never thought that the woman he saw had plastic surgery!


Jordan was furious.

To think that this woman actually dared to take the initiative to kiss him.

Jordan felt tainted and he wished he could wash his mouth out with soap!

When Jordan mentioned that she was a hostess, the woman who had undergone plastic surgery panicked immediately.

“You… nonsense! Youre the hostess! All of you are hostesses!”

Victorias impostor seemed to be getting along well with her fellow contestants ever since she joined the competition.

After all, she used to be a hostess, so she was really good at coaxing both men and women.

It was rather easy for her to

please those art students.

Hence, her close friends stood forth to speak up for her.

“Youre such an uncultured man!”

“Yeah, who are you to call her a hostess You mistook her for someone else and even kissed her.

Yet, you refuse to admit that youve taken advantage of her!”

‘Tve taken advantage of her by kissing her Psht!”

He would feel disgusted after kissing a woman like her!

Jordan didnt have time to argue with these little girls he didnt know.

Instead, he glowered at the woman who had undergone plastic surgery.

“Who allowed you to use the nameVictoria! You went for plastic surgery to look like Victoria and you even used her name.

Youre courting death! Withdraw from the competition immediately! Get out of here!”

Victoria was Jordans favorite woman.

Although her current whereabouts were unknown, Jordan would never watch someone debut as a celebrity using her name and looks!

At this moment, a girl stood in front of Victorias impostor and said, “Who are you to make Victoria withdraw from the competition Who do you think you are”

Jordan looked at the adorable girl and asked, “And who are you to her”

The girl replied, “We both work for the same company! Unless our boss makes Victoria withdraw, she wont.

What right do you have to demand that of her”

The others quickly chimed in.

“Yeah, yeah, who does he think he is”

“He doesnt look like a rich kid.

Hes probably just a loser.”

‘When Chelsea saw that the girls were ganging up to interrogate Jordan, she immediately came over and said, “This is Mr.

Jordan Steele, the boss of J Films and also the real owner of Dreams Entertainment.

Even I work for him.

How dare

you say that Mr.

Steele is a loser”

There were artistes of Dreams Entertainment who immediately looked at Jordan in a different light after hearing those words.

“Oh my God, hes in charge of Dreams Entertainment too He has already become the president of an entertainment company at such a young age Impressive!”

“Hmph, so what if hes in charge of Dreams Entertainment Victoria isnt signed to Dreams Entertainment!”

“Thats right, Victoria is from Watermelon Entertainment, which has nothing to do with him.

Who is he to make her withdraw”

Even Dave said to Jordan, “Mr.

Steele, we have finished shooting the first episode of this program, so its not that appropriate to make a trainee withdraw at this point.”

Jordan said coldly, “So what Cant you just delete all her parts”

But Dave felt that Victorias part was quite wonderful and did not want to delete it.

Hence, he said, “Mr.

Steele, even if we are willing to delete those parts, Im afraid the owner of Victorias company wont agree to it.”

Jordan looked at Chelsea and asked, “Who is the owner of Watermelon Entertainment”

Chelsea said, “Watermelon Entertainment is a newly established company.

I havent met the boss yet but Ill ask around for you.”

With that, Chelsea called a friend to ask about the company.

Soon after, Chelsea reported to Jordan, “Mr.

Steele, we found out that Watermelon Entertainment belongs to a Mr.

Thomas but he isnt the actual owner..

The actual owner of this

company is Russell Miller, the richest man in Houston!”


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