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Chapter 441: Russell Miller, You Old Dog!

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“Russell Miller…”

“So it turns out that its that old dog, Russell Miller!”

Jordan was infuriated.

Originally he had thought that the boss of Victorias impostor would be Cayden but it turned out to be Russell! He didnt know that Russell had already made Victorias impostor his sugar baby the last time he came to Houston.

The others exclaimed in amazement when they heard the news.

“The richest man in Houston! I heard that this castle we are living in now belongs to Mr.


“ah, Mr.

Miller is so rich, I heard that he is worth billions, no, its tens of billions!”

“Oh my God, Watermelon Entertainment is the company owned by the richest man in Houston, Mr.

Miller Hah, had I known earlier, I would have gone to Watermelon Entertainment! Damn, Im really regretting it!”

“Me too! I also wanted to join Watermelon Entertainment back then.

By the way, Victoria, did you know that the real boss of your agency is Mr.

Russell Miller”

As they were in Houston, the girls flocked from everywhere, and they naturally worshiped the richest man around.

Victorias impostor said smugly, “Of course I know Mr.


Hes my daddy!”

Seeing how smug and shameless Victorias impostor was, Jordan couldnt help but curse, “Shameless woman! You still have the cheek to say that Russell Miller is your daddy”

“The dog father who sleeps with you!!”


The woman immediately became speechless because her relationship with Russell was indeed as Jordan had said.

“How dare you call my daddy a dog” Victorias impostor questioned.

The others began to speak up for her one after another.

“This man is about the same age as us.

He just knows to brag.

Even if hes rich, hes at most a rich second-generation heir.

How can he compare to Mr.



So what if hes the boss of Dreams Entertainment Ten Dreams Entertainment cant compare to Mr.

Millers assets!”

“Youre just good at scolding others behind their backs.

Do you dare to scold Russell in front of him Tell us, do you dare to do that”

Jordan glanced at the girls, not expecting the hostess to be so popular.

To think that so many people had spoken up for her.

Victorias impostor began hollering at Jordan, “Thats right.

My Daddy is in Houston.

If you have what it takes, go lash out at him to his face.

Whats the point of pretending in front of us!!”

Jordan humphed coldly and said, “Okay, get that old dog to come over.

Lets see if I dare to lash out at him in public!”

Victorias impostor had long wanted to get Russell to come over and deal with Jordan.

Since Jordan knew that she used to be a hostess, she couldnt keep a man like him alive! In the future, there would be great trouble if the matter were to be exposed.

“Okay, dont forget what youve said.

Ill go call Daddy now!” snapped the woman who had gotten plastic surgery.

Jordan reminded, “Youd better mention my name.

Otherwise, Im afraid he wont dare to come in after hearing my name.”

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The girls in the dance studio were filled with disdain and felt that Jordan was bragging.

Soon, Victorias impostor said to Jordan after making a call, “Just you wait.

My daddy will be here soon!”

The other girls got excited.

“Is Mr.

Miller coming over Ah, Im going to put on makeup!”

“Jordan Steele, dont think of fleeing.

Lets see if you can flee when you see Mr.

Miller later!”

Jordan waited in the dance studio quietly.

Keith, Chelsea, and Maggie were standing behind him.

Keith whispered into Jordans ear, “Mr.

Steele, there are some ties between Mr.

Miller and me but hes richer than me.

I wonder if my words will have any impact on them.”

Jordan waved his hands and said, “You dont have to bother.

When he comes later, just watch from the side.

I can deal with it alone.”

Keith still wanted to settle the matter for Jordan.

However, although Keith had great connections and a reputation in the entertainment industry, it was nothing compared to the real estate and tech magnates.

The annual profit of the most profitable entertainment companies in the country was very little

compared to that.

They probably earned a billion dollars at most.

A wealthy businessman like Russell was worth at least tens of billions of dollars.

“Ah! My daddy is here!”

Victorias impostor suddenly shrieked in amazement and saw a luxurious Mercedes Benz outside the window.

She immediately sashayed out of the dance studio to receive the older man.

Soon, he heard the conversation between her and a man.

Russell exclaimed in anger, “Who does the boss of Dreams Entertainment think he is How dare he scold me I wont take even ten Keiths seriously!”

As he spoke, Russell pushed the doors of the dance studio and entered.

Seeing this bigwig who was worth billions of dollars, the girls in the dance studio all stood on tiptoe happily and scrambled to be the first to greet him.

There were suddenly dozens of people in the dance studio, where there used to be only less than twenty.

Almost all of the contestants of this years competition were there!

The contestants were all girls, so they all gathered together, imagining that they could be noticed and poached by Russell.

They all knew that in order to succeed in the entertainment industry, they would have to have a backer.

If they could get a billionaire like Russell to be their backer, they would have a

smooth path in the entertainment industry!

Thats how the entertainment industry was.

Many people felt that the big bosses would often subject the actresses to the casting couch.

The reality was that those girls had been trying every possible way to befriend those big bosses and get on their beds.

“Hello, Mr.



Miller is so suave!”

The girls greeted Russell one after another, each with a look of respect on their faces.

However, when Jordan saw Russell, he immediately stood up and lashed out at Russell.

“Russell Miller, you old dog!!”

The scolding immediately shocked everyone, especially Keith, Chelsea, and Director Dave.

The three of them knew how rich Russell was.

Yet, Jordan actually had the guts to scold him in front of them!

Russell looked at Jordan and panicked immediately.

“It… its you”

How could he forget that day Russell easily recalled the last time Jordan visited Houston! On the day of the wedding, Jordan had kissed Russells bride in front of all the guests!

Now that Jordan was Martins grandson-in-law, Russell didnt dare to touch him at all!

Jordan was extremely displeased, and he hollered, “Old dog, Victoria has been with you for three years.

I didnt think you would do such ruthless things to us! You found a fake Victoria because you cant get a real one and thats not all.

You even helped her debut and let her use Victorias name to debut as a


“How would Victoria think after knowing about that!! Have you ever considered Victorias feelings! !”

Russell chickened out for a moment before retorting immediately, “Jordan Steele, you have no right to lash out at me! What happened after you snatched Victoria from me You married Lauren Howard and even caused Victoria to go missing! You have no right to mention Victorias name again or meddle

with my affairs! So what if I let her become a celebrity using Victorias name!”


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