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Chapter 442: Im The Emperor of the Entertainment Industry!

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If anything, Russell was full of hatred towards Jordan too!

Since Jordan didnt marry Victoria, why did he snatch her away If it wasnt for Jordan, Russell would have already obtained the real Victoria and not a counterfeit!

Jordan humphed coldly and said, “I have no right to mention Victoria Hah, should I bring Norman Clarke here to see you”

“Brother Norman!”

As soon as he heard Victorias fathers name, Russell broke out in sweat and became extremely nervous and diffident!

Ever since he learned that Norman was still alive, Russell had been having nightmares and was always dreaming of Norman coming to him.

In his dreams, the man strangled him and hollered, “I handed my daughter to you and you actually slept with her! I want to strangle you, you ungrateful scoundrel!”

He would often wake up in the middle of the night with his face covered in cold sweat.

The fake Victoria who had slept with Russell, too, would wake up in shock and ask him what was wrong with great concern.

However, whenever Russell saw “Victorias” face, he would push her away or take the initiative to leave the room, not daring to sleep with her again.

The woman who had undergone plastic surgery still didnt understand what had happened.

Jordan knew that Russell was afraid of Norman, so he said, “Russell, everything you have today is all thanks to Norman helping you at the beginning.

Now that youve become a billionaire and the richest man in Houston, Norman Clarke will probably be heartened to see that youve made such great

achievements today.

Dont you agree”

Russell swallowed saliva incessantly.

“You… Do you know where Norman is”

Jordan said, “Duh, he has been living in my house for the past ten years, how can I not know”

In fact, Jordan did not know where Norman was at all because it was his familys secret.

However, Russell obviously didnt know about such a secretive matter of the Steeles.

He thought that since Norman was living in the Steeles home, Jordan must be able to contact him.

Russell didnt dare to see Norman and he finally chickened out.

“Jordan Steele, tell me what you want me to do.

Ill obey your orders!”

With a cold humph, Jordan pointed at Victorias impostor.

“Terminate her contract immediately and make her withdraw from this competition! Shes not allowed to enter the entertainment industry in the future either! I cant let such a lowly and tacky woman tarnish Victorias reputation!”

Russell looked at Victorias impostor and said, “Your contract has been terminated.

Dont contact me ever again.”

“Daddy, please dont do that.

Im your goddaughter, how can you abandon me”

‘The woman grabbed Russells arm as she pleaded tearfully.

Russell shook her hand away and snapped in exasperation, “Call me Mr.

Miller! Im not your godfather!”

Afterward, Russell walked towards Dave, the chief director of the variety show.

He said, “Dave, sorry, Victoria wants to withdraw from the competition, please delete all the footage of her in the first episode.”

Ina matter of moments, Dave was put in a difficult spot.


Russell said, “Dont worry, Ill pay you ten times the compensation sum for the breach of contract.”

Hearing that Russell was willing to pay ten times the amount of the compensation sum for breach of contract, Dave finally smiled.

After doing that, Russell was ready to leave.

However, before leaving, he secretly asked Jordan, “What would you do if you met the real Victoria today Would you divorce Lauren”

That question caused Jordan to freeze for several seconds.

In all honesty, he didnt answer that question because he didnt know how to.

Neither did he know what he would do.

Well, if he were to really meet Victoria, would Jordan choose to live with her or continue living with Lauren

“Wow, Mr.

Steele is incredible.

Even the richest man in Houston would listen to him!”

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Steele, Id like to join your company.

Will you please promote me and help me become famous”

“Id like to have Mr.

Steeles company too.

Whats the name of Mr.

Steeles company”

At this moment, the group of girls who participated in the competition frantically started being friendly to Jordan after seeing how domineering he was even when he was facing Russell.

They knew that he wasnt just a simple rich second-generation heir.

Snapping back to his senses, Jordan said to the crowd, “My companys name is J Films, named after my initials.

My names Jordan.

The current total market value of J Films has exceeded a hundred billion dollars and its the biggest entertainment company in the world!”

Of course, Jordan was just bragging because J Films didnt exist at all.

However, this group of little girls who did not know anything about business believed it.

“Oh my God, a hundred billion! How many zeroes is that Im about to lose my mind!”

“I just need 1.5 million dollars to be promoted to an A-lister! 1.5 million is loose change for Mr.


“Ah! I want to marry him!!! I want to sleep with Mr.


Looking at the boy-crazy girls who were swooning and gushing over him, Jordan continued to blow his own trumpet.

“Tm the emperor of the entertainment industry! Whoever I want to promote will become famous and whoever I want dead, will die! Youre from 58 various agencies in the country and today, Im going to tell you that the survival of these 58 companies are all under my control!”

The crowd was in an uproar, and they wondered if their companies were also subsidiaries of J Films and under Jordans control.

“It just so happens that in three days, it will be the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of J Films.

Im planning to hold the 2oth anniversary celebration of J Films at the Houston International Convention and Exhibition Center! When the time comes, all the celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio,

Taylor Swift, Director Smith, Director Cameron, and many other big names of the industry will be here!”

By this stage, everyone had their mouths wide open.

Jordan said, “You guys go call your bosses right now and tell them to come to the celebration in three days.

Join me as a subsidiary of J Films.

I guarantee them a smooth path in the future! On the contrary, Ill make those who dont wish to join, vanish from the entertainment industry!”

Everyone was shocked because Jordan seemed to be about to unify the entertainment industry!

No one dared to doubt that Jordan was blowing his trumpet.

They quickly picked up their phones to call their bosses.

In the evening, Jordan returned to the hotel he checked into.

Since they offered Thai massage services, he decided to go for a session to relax.

The massage wasnt done in the hotel room but a specific spa room.

Since the decor of the room was styled in a manner that was authentically Thai, there were Buddha statues, dim lights, aromatic scents and handicrafts inside the room.

It was much easier to relax in such an environment.

After entering, a beautiful woman came over to wash his feet.

Jordan lay on his back and waited for someone to give him a massage.

However, just at that moment.

“The aura doesnt seem right.”

Jordan could not see the rest of the room because he was lying on his back and the room was dim.

However, Jordan felt that the person who gave him a massage had been replaced by someone else!

Jordan immediately got up and pinned a female masseuse, who was about to approach him, to the ground!


Amidst the dimness, Jordan looked at the woman who was being pinned down by him, only to see a familiar face.

‘Victoria Clarke!!”


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