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Chapter 443: Cayden Regains His Fertility!


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Jordan looked at the familiar face but he didnt get worked up this time.

It was difficult for him to reign back his cynicism since he had already been fooled once.

This time, he was convinced that the woman wasn‘ Victoria but the impostor who had gotten plastic surgery to look like her!

Since Victoria had left, she would not appear easily unless he found her himself.

Even if Victoria appeared again, it was unlikely that she would disguise herself as a Thai masseuse.

A young woman like Emily might have surprised Jordan in such a manner but Victoria was already 30 years old and he was certain that she wouldnt do such a thing.

Hence, Jordan got up immediately and snapped at the woman furiously, “Its you again, you plastic face! Are you still trying to pretend to be Victoria and take advantage of me”

During the day, Victorias impostor kissed Jordan in the contestants dance studio.

Upon returning to the hotel, the first thing Jordan did was brush his teeth! Victorias impostor used to be a hostess who had served countless men!

The thought of it made Jordan feel disgusted because he didnt know how Russell could bring himself to sleep with him.

Victorias impostor got up from the ground and immediately knelt in front of Jordan to plead.


Steele, please dont end my means ofa livelihood.

Let me be a celebrity.

I dont want to be a hostess anymore.

I want to turn over a new leaf and become a woman who makes money with her own ability.”

Jordan looked at Victorias impostor and suddenly remembered the first time Victoria kneeled to him.

‘The last time Victoria kneeled was because she had cut off all means of making a livelihood for Jordan but subsequently discovered his true identity.

After recalling it carefully, he felt like it happened a lifetime ago.

It had indeed occurred a long time ago…

Looking at Victorias impostor, Jordan thought to himself that she looked rather similar to Victoria even if she hadnt gotten any plastic surgery done on her face.

Since the two of them resembled each other, it was considered an affinity.

Jordan said, “Youve got the right mindset.

Your appearance has become identical to Victorias and I will never allow you to do those dirty things like you did before.

I can help you and guarantee that you have a decent and stable income in the future.

But you have to promise me that youre not allowed to sleep

with any man in the future.

Can you do it”

Men were all selfish.

Since she had already turned into Victorias appearance, Jordan didnt want her to sleep with another man even though she was just an impostor.

Victorias impostor nodded and said, “I can do that.

Im tired of men! As long as I can make decent money and make my family proud of me, I will never fall in love and never get married in my life!”

Jordan said, “Okay, Ill give you a number.

Go to Chelsea Adams and get signed to Dreams Entertainment.

I will get her to arrange jobs for you but they wont require you to show your face.

For example, leg and hand modeling jobs or being a celebrity managers assistant.

“Since you have the same face as Victoria, I cant let you become a celebrity.

Once you rise to fame, itll have a great impact on Victorias life.

You also need to change the name on your ID.”

Victorias impostor nodded and exclaimed, “Thank you, Mr.


Jordan wrote down Chelseas phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to her but she didnt leave right away.

Instead, she gently asked, “Mr.

Steele, do you need me to stay with you tonight… I know you like Victoria Clarke and she seems to be missing now, right You must miss her a lot, huh”

Victorias impostor guessed right.

Jordan had been missing Victoria every day and night since she went missing!

Victorias impostor continued, “Ive slept with Mr.

Decker and Mr.


They both spoke very highly of me, and they all said that Im just like the real Victoria! Why dont you let me sleep with you tonight so that you can relieve the misery of missing her”

Jordan carefully sized up Victorias impostor, only to find that her demeanor had become the same as Victorias, which he thought must have been the result of Russells training.

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However, Jordan had no interest in this woman.

Jordan said to Victorias impostor, “Listen, no matter how much you look like Victoria after getting plastic surgery, you will never, ever be able to compare to her! Get out!”

Not daring to speak again, Victorias impostor frantically scurried out.

Along sigh left Jordans lips.

“Victoria, where on earth are you I will soon finish my business trial and find out my familys secrets.

I will then be able to see you!”

At this moment, in a hospital in New York.

Cayden was having a physical examination here, after which an elderly doctor explained the results to him.


Cayden Huxley, congratulations, you have now regained your fertility!”

Both Cayden and Shane were incredibly excited!

“Really My brother is okay” Shane asked, grabbing the doctors white coat.

The doctor smiled and said, “There is absolutely no mistake.

After medication and treatment, I am 100% sure that Mr.

Caydens fertility issue has completely recovered.

Previously, he was injected with drugs that inhibited his fertility, and now we have completely cleared it up.”

Ever since Cayden and Hailey got divorced, Cayden had been searching for famous doctors around the world and begging them to restore his fertility.

The doctor, Dr.

Brown, was a top doctor in the United States.

He used a variety of methods to expel the toxins from Caydens body.

During this period, Cayden suffered a lot because of that and he had lost a significant amount of weight.

He was now as thin as a stick.

However, he didnt care that he had become gaunt.

He was glad to become a man again now that he had regained his fertility!

At this moment, Caydens phone rang.

It was a call from one of his current girlfriends.

After divorcing Hailey, Cayden had reverted to his old playboy ways and now had three girlfriends.

“Hey, what did you say You said youre pregnant Is the baby mine I want you to swear! Honey, dont lie to me, if youve slept with someone else during this time too, come clean and tell me.

I wont blame you for it.

I just want to know now if Im fertile again!”

“Am I really the only one you slept with Ah! I succeeded! Ive regained my fertility!”

Cayden hung up the phone and hugged Shane with excitement.


Brown smiled and clapped.

“Congratulations, Mr.

Huxley, it seems that you regained your fertility some time ago.”

Cayden, too, clasped his hands tightly around Dr.


“Thank you, Dr.

Brown, you made me a real man again!”

Seconds later, Cayden then seemed furious again.

“Jordan Steele, did you see that Ive regained my fertility! You caused me to almost lose my ability to become a father! I wont let you off!”

Seeing this, Shane hurriedly said to Cayden solemnly, “Cayden, since youve regained your fertility, forget about it.

Youd better not mess with him again!”

What did he say Cayden clenched his fist..

He obviously wasnt going to let it go just like that!


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