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Chapter 445: Unifying The Entertainment Industry!

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“You want all of us to join you and become your subsidiary company”

“You also want us to change the name of our companies to include J Films before our company name”

“How arrogant of you.

You dont know any better! Jordan Steele, you belittle us too much.

Not to mention that your previous company is gone and your assets are frozen, even if youre still the president of a corporation worth billions, do you think you can acquire these 58 companies of ours!”

Jordans words made these 58 bosses present furious as they all felt incredibly insulted.

In particular, the last person who spoke was full of a domineering aura and completely dauntless in the face of Jordan.

Keith took the initiative to introduce to Jordan, “This is Mr.

Benson, president of Hoffer Corporation, which owns several businesses in various industries like entertainment, watches and jewelry as well as securities.

Their entertainment company is worth billions of dollars, and its currently the largest in

the country.”

Jordan looked at Mr.

Benson, only to realize why Mr.

Benson was indignant.

It tuned out that he was a senior executive at a company that was worth billions of dollars, which makes him far more competent than the bosses of companies that were worth only a few millions.

However, Jordan managed to even defeat the Huxleys who were worth dozens of billions.

Hence, he really didnt take Mr.

Benson seriously.

Purely from the perspective of a businessman, these bosses of the entertainment industry did not own very profitable businesses.

However, they were definitely the most arrogant ones.

Although they prioritized money, they often felt that they were different from other businessmen.

In fact, they even felt


Therefore, it was not an easy task for Jordan to make them bow down to him.

Jordan sat at the head of the long table.

Except for Keith who was next to him, the bosses at the other seats were all staring at Jordan with great disdain with cigarettes in their mouths.

Seeing this, Keith immediately got up and walked onto the stage.

Since he was Jordans subordinate, he had to be the first to stand forth and answer his call.

Tapping the microphone, Keith said, “Hello everyone, I am Keith Adams of Dreams Entertainment.

Although I founded Dreams Entertainment, its thanks to Mr.

Steele of J Corporation that we got to where we are.”

“So, Im here to announce to all my friends of the media that Dreams Entertainment will be renamed as J-Dreams Entertainment and officially become a subsidiary company of J Films!”

Many reporters and fans on the scene exclaimed in awe.

“Oh my God, Dreams Entertainment has become a subsidiary of J Films.

Does that mean that Maggie Stone is also signed to J Films now”

“With such a powerful backer, Maggie will definitely soar to popularity!”

After Keith walked down from the stage, another man walked up to the stage.

It was the boss of Watermelon Entertainment.

“Hello everyone, Im also here to announce that Watermelon Entertainment will now be renamed as J-Watermelon Entertainment and become a subsidiary of J Films.”

Everyone was shocked to hear that.

“What Watermelon Entertainment is also a subsidiary of J Films I heard that they have signed many potential celebrities this year!”

“Yes, the girl named Raquelle or whatever, and that girl who came in first in all the tests at Julliard, have all been signed by Watermelon Entertainment!”

“Isnt Watermelon Entertainment owned by Russell Miller, the richest man in Houston Watermelon Entertainment is a powerful backer.

Why should he become a subsidiary of J Films”

“Does this mean that even Russell, the richest man in Houston, is under this Mr.

Steele Wow, this Mr.

Steele is too powerful!”

At this moment, Salvatore, who was wearing a suit and holding a toothpick, said to Tim beside him.

“Tim, since that old dog Russell is so compliant to Mr.

Steele, should I get Russell to give us the position of President of Watermelon Entertainment”

Salvatore really liked Watermelon Entertainment.

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Two of the 58 companies had officially announced to join J Corporation as subsidiaries, though it was only an empty shell and a company that did not exist at all.

However, their reputation had already been built.

Besides, Jordans ultimate motive was not to build a big empire in the entertainment industry but to complete the mission given by his grandfather.

However, after the leaders of those two companies did so, the remaining 56 company representatives sat still without getting up.

That was normal too.

Keith announced to join because of Jamie.

On the other hand, it was Russells intention to join Watermelon Entertainment because he didnt dare to disobey Jordan now.

The others wouldnt rashly give their companies away but this bunch of people were already discussing incessantly.

Jordan lit a cigar in a domineering manner, which made people shudder.

Last night, he had a chat with Michael Jordan, the “God of Basketball” for an entire night.

He learned nothing from him except his domineering demeanor.

His gaze was so terrifying that it seemed that he could kill with his eyes.

While smoking the cigar, Jordan leaned back and sat down.

He said, “As they say, having a backer makes everything easier.

As long as youre willing to join me, Ill definitely take good care of you.”

“Have you seen the group of Hollywood stars and directors who came today Join me, and your artistes and your companys movies will be able to make it to the International stage!”

The 56 bosses began discussing with great enthusiasm.

However, although they all began to hesitate, no one took the initiative to step forward.

Jordan took a puff of his cigar and continued, “What I want is to unify the local entertainment industry.

Im not asking you for your opinion.

Im ordering you! If you dont do it, I will impose sanctions on you!”

Those domineering words made Mr.

Benson slam the table angrily.

“Domineering junior! When I was in the entertainment industry, you werent even born yet! How dare you speak to me like that!! Sure, I wont join you today.

I shall take a look at how you can sanction us!”

Alex also smoked a cigarette and laughed.

“Jordan Steele, for Laurens sake, I wont expose you.

In everyones eyes, youre just a fool.

Ill quietly watch you pretend to be impressive and see how you lose the only pair of pants.”

‘The others quickly chimed in.

“Come on, come and sanction us.

I shall see what means you have!”

Jordan humphed coldly and said, “Okay, all 58 bosses here have artistes who are signed to their companies participating in this yearsIdol Creation Camp.

If you dont join me, Ill make sure that this show cant go on so that you will make ducks and drakes of your efforts!”

Although “Idol Creation Camp” was just a talent show, the profits that it could bring to the company were massive once they were aired and the artistes shot to fame!

Fora large entertainment company like Mr.

Bensons, such profits were considered nothing.

However, those small entertainment companies were all counting on these one or two artistes to keep their companies running!

Hence, except for Keith and the boss of Watermelon Entertainment, the remaining six bosses began to panic!


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