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Chapter 447: Completing The Business Trial!

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Jordan had now taken in 57 entertainment companies, which was already considered very successful.

However, he still wanted to conquer the entertainment giant, Hoffer Entertainment.

It was only then that he would truly unify the entertainment industry.

“Other aspects I wonder in which aspects I have to conquer before you will be convinced of my abilities” Jordan asked.


Benson laughed and said, “Since we are dealing in the entertainment industry, of course its in this aspect.

Theres a popular A-list actress named Zoey who debuted only a few years ago but shes already one of the most popular actresses.”

“If you can make Zoey join J Films, Ill take my hat off to you!”

Hearing Mr.

Bensons request, the other bosses shook their heads one after another.

“Miss Zoey is the noblest actress in the entertainment industry.

She has never accepted any endorsement deals, and some businessmen have been rejected by her even after offering deals worth millions of dollars!”

“Miss Zoey has her own studio so she definitely wont join other companies.”

“Thats right, Mr.

Steele, it doesnt matter how rich and powerful you may be.

There are countless wealthy and powerful men who have tried to court Zoey but they cant even get to have a meal with her.”

As Jordan rarely paid attention to the local entertainment industry so he didnt know much about Zoey.

Jordan looked at Keith and asked, “Is it very difficult to get Zoey signed to your company”

However, Keith whispered something into Jordans ear with a mysterious smile on his face.

Jordan smiled immediately after hearing his words.

Turning to Mr.

Benson, Jordan said, “Mr.

Benson, I can not only get Zoey to join J Films, but I can also get her to sleep with me too.

Do you believe it or not”


Benson immediately said excitedly, “Impossible! Ive tried to court Zoey dozens of times but I eventually only managed to have tea with her, let alone flirt with her! Mr.

Steele, I guess you dont know Zoey at all.

Thats why youre saying that.

Shes not like most actresses who adore rich and powerful


Even if youre rich, she cant be bothered.”

“Is that so”

Jordan smiled and said to Keith, “Mr.

Adams, you have Miss Zoeys phone number, dont you Please give her a call on my behalf and tell her to come here immediately to accompany me tonight.”


Soon, Keith ended the call and returned.

“Miss Zoey will be here within an hour.”

Jordan picked up his wine glass and continued to drink.

“Lets wait an hour for her then.”

One hour later.

An elegant woman, who was dressed in white, walked over and caused a huge commotion as soon as she appeared.

“Ah, Zoey is here! Shes so thin and beautiful!”

“Llove you, Zoey!”

Zoey walked straight onto the stage and said into the microphone, “Good evening everyone, I am Zoey, and I hereby announce that my studio and my personal media company has officially joined J Films and well be part of Mr.

Steeles empire.”

Everyone was stunned.


Benson was dumbfounded.

“How… how is that possible!!”

After Zoey finished speaking, she walked over.

Her tall and slender figure, as well as her superstar aura, were very much to the pleasure of the bosses present.

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This was the celebrity whom all the big bosses wanted to sleep with but to no avail! It could be said that all the male bosses had once tried to pursue Zoey, only to be rejected by her.




Steele…” Zoey walked towards Jordan and called out respectfully.

Jordan looked at Zoeys long locks, which were flowing with the wind.

The charming curls at the tips of her hair, her delicate and plain makeup, and even her pink nails were gorgeous, so much that men couldnt resist her at all!

Jordan could not help but secretly think,Jamie has great taste! Why are all the women he picks so beautiful!!”

Indeed, the aloof Zoey, who ignored almost everyone, was promoted to fame during his own business trial.

Moreover, he promoted Zoey without sleeping with her.

At this moment, she was still a virgin!

Zoey was the only A-list actress who was still a virgin!

Everyone was clear about how filthy the entertainment industry was.

Hence, these bosses including Mr.

Benson, were all mesmerized and infatuated with her! Zoey was a rare gem in the entertainment industry!

“No one can get her, no one!”


Benson looked at Zoey without blinking, his heart beating non-stop.

Jordan glanced at Zoey and smiled.

“Zoey, youre not here for anything tonight, right Come accompany me at the hotel tonight.”

Zoey nodded and said, “Okay.”

All the 57 bosses except Keith were shocked!

“This cant be! Zoey has never been the type of woman who would sleep with men!”


Steele… is so powerful that he can even conquer Zoey!”

Zoey looked at Jordan affectionately and said, “Mr.

Steele, Ive been waiting for you to appear all these years and my wish has finally come true today.”

Jordan looked at Zoey and deliberately held her slender hand.

“Its been hard on you the past few years.

Get a nice hotel room and wait for me there.”


Jordan naturally wasnt really going to get a room with Zoey.

He was just doing it for show, so as to convince Mr.



Benson finally got up and said, “Im convinced! Mr.

Steele, you really are powerful.

Not only are you rich, you have great connections too.

From today onwards, Im pleased to collaborate with Mr.


Jordan smiled and patted Mr.

Benson on his shoulder.

He said, “Dont worry, join me and I wont mistreat you.”

After Mr.

Benson announced that his company name would be changed to J-Hoffer, there was a huge uproar in the entertainment industry, which took the nation by storm!

Jordan and J Films had already gone viral on the Internet.

Overnight, all the citizens of the nation had already known about J Films and the boss was Jordan Steele!

Ina mysterious mansion in England.

It happened to be noontime and Charleston was watering flowers in the courtyard when Butler Frank walked over smilingly.

“Mr, Steele Senior, Mr.

Jordan has established an entertainment company calledJ Films, and has acquired all 58 of the most influential entertainment companies in the nation as subsidiaries!”

Charleston suddenly froze and said, “Oh Jordans assets have been frozen and he should be having a hard time there now.

He doesnt have any money to set up a company.

J Films was set up by the Howards, right”

Charleston continued to calmly water the flowers.

However, Butler Frank said smilingly, “Mr.

Steele Senior, you guessed wrongly this time.

Ive checked and J Films doesnt exist at all!”

“Mrr, Jordan is using a non-existent company to deceive everyone in all of the US! Now everyone thinks that J Films is the most powerful company in the world!”

Charleston finally stopped moving and burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, well done! Well done! Jordan deserves to be the person I have the highest hopes for! He has already fully comprehended the essence of business.

How impressive! Impressive!”

Butler Frank smiled and said, “In that case, Mr.

Jordans business trial…”

Butler Frank also smiled and asked, “In that case, Mr..

Jordans business trial has come to a satisfactory end!”


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