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Chapter 448: Let Jordan Remarry Hailey

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Putting down the watering can, Charleston returned to the study.

Butler Frank took out a delicate, thick, hard-cover book and handed it to Charleston.

Charleston slowly opened it, only to see a page that seemed like an excel sheet, with Jesses, Jamies and Jordans names written on it.

In the column on the left were the names of the missions that the three of them had been on.

Picking up a Dupont pen, Charleston wrote the alphabet “SS” on the evaluation column of Jordans business trial!

“Double Ss!”

Butler Frank was stunned, not expecting Charleston to give Jordan such a high rating and evaluation for his business trial performance!

Jesse and Jamie, too, had both completed their business trials and their ratings were S and A respectively.

That meant Jordan had received the best rating!

Even Jordan didnt know that Charleston would also evaluate the performance of other family members after they had completed their respective missions.

S was naturally the highest rating, followed by A.

SS had clearly exceeded Charlestons expectations.

However, although the rating of Jordans business trial was SS, Jordans emotional training was only A.

The emotional and character trial was his three-year marriage to Hailey Camden as her live-in husband.

Since Jamie did not participate in the battlefield training, Jesse and Jordan were the only ones who had an evaluation.

Jesses rating was S, while Jordans was $ !

Jordan was still more outstanding than Jesse!

Butler Frank looked at the notebook and smiled.


Jordan is definitely the best when it comes to missions that dont involve women.”

Charleston nodded and said, “The only problem with Jordan is that he falls in love too deeply.

He always lets his emotions affect his decisions, especially when it comes to women.”

Butler Frank asked, “Mr.

Steele Senior, are you planning to continue to let Mr.

Jordan experience the emotional and character development trial Mr.

Jesse suggested that Mr.

Jordan be separated from Miss Howard and then marry Hailey Camden.

Only then will he get rid of his desire for love and become a

more mature person.”

Charleston was stunned.

“You want Jordan to marry Hailey Camden again No, thats too cruel.

Hailey has hurt Jordan too many times and if he gets back together with that woman, he will indeed become less emotional, but he will also never love anyone again.

I dont want him to become that kind of


Butler Frank nodded too.

“Yes, Mr.

Steele Senior, I dont agree with that suggestion either.

Oh right, since Mr.

Jordan has finished his business trial, do we continue assigning more missions for him”

Charleston thought about it and said, “Ask him to come back and see me together with his new wife.

I have something very important to say to him!”


With that, Butler Frank left the study and immediately dialed Jordans number.

At this moment, Jordan was in the banquet hall of Houston International Convention and Exhibition Center, drinking some wine happily.

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Seeing that Butler Frank had called, Jordan immediately made a gesture to the EDM DJ crew that was performing on the stage for them to turn down the music a little.

Jordan then picked up the phone.

“Hello, Butler Frank.”


Jordan, congratulations, you have completed the business trial that the family arranged for you!”

Jordan was shocked to hear that.

‘I… finished it just like that

It had only been a few days since he decided to take on this mission, which he initially planned to use a year to complete.

After “acquiring” the 58 entertainment companies today, Jordan would go on to immediately start filming some online variety shows and films.

Jordan did not expect to succeed before even commencing!

It had been too long since Jordan had been notified of his successful completion of a trial.

The last time he did was when he was a takeout deliveryman in Orlando.

At that time, Jordan went to the Roxy Hotel in Orlando to deliver takeout to Tyler and happened to bump into Hailey who was in the same room as him.

After he came out, he received a call from Butler Frank.

Jordan was surprised and overjoyed.

“Butler Frank, does Grandpa have a new mission for me next Or… am I already qualified to know the family secrets!!”

Jordan was so eager to complete the mission because he wanted to know what the familys secret was! He wasnt trying to snatch anything from his brothers.

He just wanted to learn about the secrets for Victorias sake!

Butler Frank said, “Mr.

Steele Senior said that he wants you and the Howards to make a trip to England.

He will inform you personally.”

Hearing this, Jordan was extremely excited.

“Okay, Ill meet up with Lauren tomorrow and well leave as soon as possible!”

After hanging up, Jordan was practically bouncing in his seat as he exclaimed “yes” thrice in a row.

Michael Jordan, who was sipping whiskey at the side, couldnt help but look over.

The last time he heard someone shout “yes” thrice in a row with such excitement was decades ago when he was playing in the NBA.

At that time, he had completed an aerial dodge from three people and scored.

The commentator then excitedly yelledyes three times.

Seeing how excited Jordan was, even Salvatore couldnt help but go up to him and ask what the good news was.

Jordan said, “Were going to go back to England soon.”

Salvatore was just as excited as he wondered,Am I finally going to get to see the Steeles secret base!!”

Jordan hurriedly dialed Laurens phone number to share the good news with her immediately.

“Hello, Queen of British bars, when are you free to go and inspect your properties” Jordan asked with a smile.

Dumbfounded, Lauren asked, “Huh Have you had too much to drink What are you talking about”

Jordan said, “I have completed the business trial.

Grandpa asked us to go to England to meet him.

Lauren, pack your bags and we can embark on our honeymoon trip to England soon.

Ill let you experience a perfect honeymoon that no one has!”

Hearing this, Lauren also got excited.

“Really Grandpa really invited us Thats great! Chloe would jump for joy if she knew.”

Jordan laughed and said, “Inform your grandfather too.

Hes rather concerned about this matter and I managed to complete this mission thanks to his help.”

After informing Lauren, Jordan said to Salvatore in high spirits, “Tell Russell to prepare another 1000 bottles of Champagne Veuve Clicquot, I want everyone to celebrate this moment with me!”

“On it!”

Salvatore immediately dialed Russells number.

“Old Russell… were running out of champagne.


Jordan wants you to send a thousand bottles of Champagne Veuve Clicquot over.”

On the other end of the line, Russell snapped, “A thousand bottles! Do you think youre talking about mineral water here!! A bottle of champagne costs over a thousand bucks and there are only over 3,000 bottles in this world!”

Salvatore said, “Stop nagging.


Jordan is in a good mood today.

Hurry up and send the champagne over, or I will take Norman to you!”

Russell, “You… Fine!”

Soon, the 1000 bottles of Champagne Veuve Clicquot were distributed and served to every table.

Everyone was happily drinking champagne, listening to music and dancing.

The celebration finally ended at half-past ten at night.

The person in charge of cleaning was a female college student from a university in Houston who was working part-time here.

She walked to the head of the long table and picked up the wine glass that Jordan used, her heart filled with excitement.

“This is the cup that Mr.

Steele used! Let me get some of his good luck.

I hope I can be as successful as him in the future!”

It just so happened that there was a lot of wine left, so she poured a glass into Jordans used glass and chugged it.

More than an hour later, they finally started cleaning up at midnight.

However, the female college student suddenly went dizzy and fell to the ground as her vision became blurry!


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