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Chapter 449: Jordan Goes Blind!


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“Gwen, what happened to you”

‘When her colleagues saw her fall to the ground, they immediately went over to help her up.

The girl kept shaking her head and slapping herself.

I-I feel like my vision is starting to get blurry.”

“Are you too tired Go home and rest.”


At this moment, Jordan had long dozed off in the hotel room.

The next morning, Salvatore knocked a few times on the hotel room door before entering upon realizing that Jordan wasnt answering.


Jordan, Mr.

Jordan, wake up, its time for us to set off and head back to DC,” Salvatore called out to Jordan a few times before he woke up slowly, only to feel like he was in darkness.

“What time is it”

Jordan asked.

Salvatore said, “Its already eight in the morning.”

Jordan said, “Open the curtains.

Why is it so dark in here”

Stunned, Salvatores brows wrinkled somewhat after hearing those words.

He turned his head and looked at the window.

He had just opened the curtains! At this moment, the sunlight had already shone in.

It was bright enough even without the lights on.

Salvatore suddenly had a hunch that something was wrong.


Jordan… do you find the room… a little dark”

Jordan said, “Its not just dark, I cant see anything at all.

Are the hotel curtains the kind that are so thick that they block out all light If its eight in the morning, theres no reason for it to be so dark even if the curtains are closed.

Is it still nighttime”

Salvatore was stunned.

He swallowed some saliva and frantically scurried over to switch on the lights in the hotel room!

“Mr… Mr.

Jordan, how about now” Salvatore asked fearfully.

‘There were instantly goosebumps all over Jordans body! He had just heard the sound of Salvatore turning on the lights, but after the lights were turned on, Jordan still felt that everything in front of him was pitch dark!

“Oh **!”

Jordan instantly realized that there was nothing wrong with the lighting but rather, it was his vision that had gone wrong!

Salvatore too walked over in fear and asked, “Mr.

Jordan, dont scare me.

Ive already turned on all the lights.

Surely you can still see something, right”

By now, Salvatore was on the verge of tears but Jordan was extremely serious as he constantly recalled the events of the past 24 hours.

The greater the crisis he was in, the more he was able to stay calm.

Salvatores voice trembled as he asked, “Mr.

Jordan, Ive been by your side to protect you since the celebration started and I havent seen anyone do anything to you.

When I look at your eyes now, there are no signs of injury.

They look just like normal, so why cant you see anything Could it be transient

blindness thats triggered by excessive emotions”

Jordan was still trying to recall what happened last night.

Although he had drunk a lot of wine, he had long gotten used to drinking with willpower.

Hence, most people would forget what they did while they were drunk, upon waking up the second day.

However, such a thing did not exist for Jordan.

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Due to his strong and tenacious willpower that forced him to stay awake to a certain extent at all times, Jordan could also recall what happened last night.

“Last night… I remember that on the way back, my eyes started hurting so I dozed off as soon as I returned.

Before the celebration began, there wasnt such an issue with my eyes.

That means that someone made a move against me during the celebration!”

Salvatore listened to Jordans analysis and said, “Tim and I have been on guard at the scene.

No one has been in contact.

Unless… they drugged your drink!”

Jordan thought the same.

He, too, believed that someone had drugged his drink!

“Someone wants to harm me!”

Jordan couldnt help but be frightened and horrified.

Who exactly would dare to be so harsh to him to use such underhanded methods!!

Jordan immediately thought of a few people!

“Jamie, Russell, Cayden, Brad, Alex, Tyler…”

Each of these people had a reason to do so!

Jordan was exasperated and felt a rising sense of terror grow from inside him.

If he didnt find out who the culprit was, he wouldnt be able to sleep soundly for the rest of his life!

“Go retrieve the surveillance camera footage of last nights celebration, and thoroughly investigate every person who came to the celebration.

The waiters are included!” He ordered Salvatore.

Salvatore said, “Yes! But Mr.

Jordan, the wine was prepared by this old dog Russell, could he have been the culprit”

Jordan thought about it and said, “He has a motive but I have a strong feeling it isnt him, though we should run a thorough check on him too.

In addition to Russell, I want you to send someone to New York City to check on Cayden Huxleys movements in the past two days, as well as Tyler Collins, Brad

Howard, and Alex Howard!”

Given that Jordan had way too many enemies, it was difficult for him to easily deduce who the culprit was.

Salvatore hastily agreed, “Mr.

Jordan, Ill take you to the hospital and get your eyes before finding that bastard.

I promise Ill stand up for you!”

Within moments, Salvatore took Jordan to the hospital in Houston and did a careful examination.

He thought that if Jordan had only been drugged and his eyes werent damaged, the matter should be resolved easily.

However, the doctor said, “Mr.

Steeles eyes have not been damaged and they look just like a normal persons but there is a serious problem with the nerves in his eyes, especially the optic nerve that is responsible for visual transmission.”

“We are currently unable to know what kind of drug ingredients have caused damage to you, Mr.


Can you find the glass of wine he drank yesterday and give it to us”

Salvatore said with an anxious face, “The wine glasses that he drank from yesterday have all been washed.”

The doctor sighed and said, “That will be quite a hassle then.


Steeles condition isnt suitable for surgery and well have to treat him with medicine.

This is all we can do.”

Salvatore was furious and grabbed the doctor.

“What do you mean you cant do anything about it! If you cant cure Mr.

Steele, you can forget…”


Salvatore frantically walked over.

Jordan said, “Dont make things difficult for the doctor.

The Howards are already aware that something has happened to me.

Martin told me to go back to DC immediately and that he has already hired the best ophthalmologist to treat me.”

Salvatore quickly nodded.

“Well, the competency of the crappy doctors here is terrible! Mr.

Jordan, ignore that doctors nonsense, you will definitely be fine!”

‘The two were about to leave when they saw a middle-aged man in a suit hurrying over.

It was Russell.

The moment he saw the man, Salvatore moved aggressively towards Russell with every intention to beat him into pulp.

“Russell Miller, how dare you harm Mr.


Russell hastily waved his hand to fend him off.

“It wasnt me, it wasnt me!”

Salvatore said angrily, “You provided all the champagne for the celebration.

Who else could it have been if it werent you!”

Russell said aggrievedly, “There was nothing wrong with the champagne.

Look, so many people drank it and theyre all fine, arent they Someone deliberately spik Jordans glass of champagne! I swear this has absolutely nothing to do with me!”


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