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Salvatore ordered, “Go!”


The ten elite fighters from Southeast Asia flocked towards Lucas!


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Smack! Smack! Smack!


The sounds of violent fighting could be heard.


Salvatore was astounded by the fact that Jordan could defeat the ten of them alone!


Salvatore picked up his cell phone and called Pablo.



Dalton, you have to send ten more people over.

The ten fighters you send will probably last for another ten minutes before Jordan Steele cripples them.”




At this juncture, Pablo had just finished playing chess with Butler Frank.


After hearing Salvatores words, he exclaimed excitedly, “Theres actually an expert here who can defeat ten people on his own I must take such a talented man under my wing!”


“Tell me where you are now.

Ill be right there!”


Pablo rushed over quickly.


By the time he arrived at the parking lot, the first ten experts he had sent were all lying on the ground.


On the other hand, Jordans clothes were a little tattered, but he wasnt injured.


Pablo was instantly stunned, and he hurriedly walked towards Jordan in surprise.


As he approached Jordan, the look of horror on Pablos face intensified too.


“It turns out Jordan Steele… is…”


When Pablo saw Jordans face, he fell to his knees and exclaimed, “Mr.



Jordan looked identical to the man in the photo that Butler Frank had sent to Pablo!


At this moment, Drew, Salvatore, and others all froze in shock.



Dalton, what are you talking about He is the live-in son-in-law of our family.

Why are you kneeling in front of him” Drew asked.


Salvatore asked in confusion, too, “Did you mistake him for someone else”


Pablo ignored both of them and looked at Jordan respectfully.



Jordan, I am Mr.

Reyes subordinate, and Im very sorry for what happened today.

Please punish me!”


It surprised Jordan that he was Butler Franks underling.


After saying that, Pablo instructed Salvatore to go over.

“Good-for-nothing, hurry up and kneel down in front of Mr.



Not daring to hesitate, Salvatore immediately knelt down and kowtowed to Jordan.



Jordan, Ive offended you.

Please have mercy and forgive me!”


Drew, who was at the side, was stunned.

The gang leader, Salvatore, was actually kowtowing to Jordan and begging him for forgiveness!


“Okay, enough, I dont want others to think that Im a gangster.”


Since they were in the underground parking lot of the companys office building, Jordan was afraid that such a scene might affect his image.


Jordan said, “Salvatore, you dont have to kowtow to me.

You just need to explain clearly to the Camdens that I didnt sell that watch to you.”


Salvatore hurriedly said, “Yes, I will tell the Camdens that Drew Camden was the one who instructed me to frame you.”


“Hey, Salvatore, you cant betray me!”


Drew tried to pull Salvatore back and stop him, but Salvatore put him down with a single punch.


At that moment, Pablo walked over with a murderous expression on his face, “Youre the one who made false allegations against Mr.

Jordan Someone, come here and throw him into the river!”


Knowing how ruthless Pablo was, Drew was so terrified that he hurriedly begged Jordan for mercy.


Drew knelt in front of Jordan and hugged his thighs.


“Jordan, were a family.

You cant let him do this to me!”


Jordan kicked Drew away and hollered, “Im not your family!”


Drew continued to crawl over and hug Jordans thigh.


“Jordan, I know my mistakes.

Please forgive me.

I can let you have Elle, dont you fancy her very much”


Feeling embarrassed, Jordan slapped Drew on his face.


“Ive always treated her as my younger sister.

When did I ever fancy her!!”


Drew continued, “How about I arrange for a family dinner tonight, get Hailey drunk and send her to your place”


Jordan gave him another slap on his face and berated, “You scoundrel, Hailey, and Elle are your cousin and sister, respectively.

How can you give them away like theyre gifts How are you so inhumane”


Drew dared not retort.


Seeing that Drew was terrified, Jordan said, “Drew Camden, I can let you go, but when you go home, you must explain to your family clearly that you had been framing me.”


“Yes, yes, yes, thank you, Jordan!”


Drew got up and hurriedly left.


After Drew left, Pablo knelt down before Jordan once again.

He said, “Mr.

Jordan, I would like to offer all 100 elite fighters whom Ive brought with me from Southeast Asia to you!”


Jordan nodded.

‘These gangsters from abroad are going to be of some use in the future.


For example, I can deal with that “food industry giant” Zack.



In Old Mrs.

Camdens villa.


“Drew, why is your face injured Did that bastard Jordan beat you up again”


Old Mrs.

Camden was heartbroken to see that Drews injuries had worsened.


Drew quickly denied, “I got injured when I accidentally ran my car into something.

It has nothing to do with Jordan.”


He then looked at Old Mrs.

Camden and Benedicts family.

“Grandma, Uncle Benedict, actually, Jordan didnt steal that Richard Mille watch.

I was the one who took it and accused Jordan of stealing it.”


“What” Old Mrs.

Camden asked in shock.


Both Benedict and Sylvie were astounded too.


Still very protective of her grandson, Old Mrs.

Camden said, “Since youve falsely accused him, so be it.

Jordan Steele isnt that innocent either.

Even if he didnt steal from me, he might have stolen from someone else.

Otherwise, how could he have had the money to stay in a five-star hotel”


“By the way, Drew, did you get to meet Mr.

Steele at Ace Corporation today”


Drew shook his head.


With a look of bewilderment, Old Mrs.

Camden asked, “What exactly is that Mr.

Steele trying to do Does he want me to meet him personally before hes willing to discuss the deal with us”


At this moment, Hailey suddenly said, “Grandma, why dont I give it a try”


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