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Chapter 450: Miraculous Medicine!

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Russell was equally flustered.

For fear that Jordan would misunderstand that he had done the dirty work, he hurriedly explained, “Jordan, although theres a conflict between us, its entirely because of Victoria Clarke.

In fact, I admire you very much purely from the perspective of a man.

I even take my hat off to you! The words you said

on Bill Gates luxury yacht shocked me.

“Indeed, I dont deny that I was jealous of you but I never tried to harm you! While I admit I may have done so if you were still dating Victoria, now that you two are already separated, why should I continue to harm you”

Russell had specially come to the hospital to explain things to Jordan because he was afraid of facing Jordans retaliation and getting attacked by Arthur.

Jordan also felt that Houston was Russells territory while the money and wine for the celebration were all paid for by him too.

Since Russell was a smart person, he wouldnt have tried to harm Jordan so brazenly even if he wanted to.

After hearing the mans confession, Jordan chose to believe Russell!

“Russell Miller, I will trust you for now.”

Immediately after that, he asked, “Let me ask you, could this matter have been done by the Huxleys”

Russell froze when he heard Jordans question.

“The Huxleys”

“Yes, Cayden, Shane, and Arthur Huxley all have reasons to do such a thing to me.”

Given that Russell and Arthur were sworn brothers, Jordan wanted to ask Russell what he thought.

Russell thought for a moment before responding.

“Nah, they wouldnt.

Ever since your assets were frozen and you stepped down from your duties as the president of Perry Express, the Huxleys have been focusing on Breezy Express.

“As far as I know, their family has been focusing on their business 24 hours a day to recoup their losses in the last two months.

They dont have the time to think about anything else now, and they already know the consequences of messing with you.

I doubt they would repeat the same mistake.”

Jordan was also pondering that question.

If neither the Huxleys nor Russell was the culprit, who could it be

Russell said, “Jordan, youre going back to DC for treatment, right I have a private jet that you can use.”

Salvatore hurriedly said, “Would you be so kind as to let us use your private jet Could you have planted a bomb on the plane and tried to make us crash and die”

Russell said helplessly, “What are you talking about Ill be boarding the same jet back to DC with you! Something has happened to Jordan on my territory and Im afraid Mr.

Howard Sr.

will suspect that I was the culprit so I have to go explain it to him personally.”

With that, Jordan extended his hand and gestured to Salvatore.

He said, “Lets go.”

Jordan knew that Russell didnt have the guts to harm him.

After boarding Russells private jet, Russell originally wanted to sit with Jordan and the others but Salvatore shooed him elsewhere.

Salvatore and Tim were crying incessantly.


Steele, your eyes must be cured.

Otherwise, Mr.

Dalton will gouge my eyes out if he finds out that I failed to protect you well when hes released from prison.


Tim glanced at Jordan, who was seated quietly in front of him and said softly, “Salvatore, look at Mr.


His mood seems to have been rather stable even after losing his eyesight.”

Salvatore replied, “Its more than just stable.

Hes so composed.

Ive already cried eight times but it doesnt seem like a big deal to Mr.


Tim said, “I feel that Mr.

Jordan is so calm because hes very confident in restoring his vision.

The Steeles are such a mysterious family.

Its impossible that they cant find a cure for his eyes.”

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Salvatore sighed and lamented, “I hope so.”

At this moment, Jordan called out to Salvatore.


Salvatore walked over and asked, “Mr.

Jordan, what is it”

Jordan took out a box from his pocket and handed it to Salvatore.

He instructed, “Theres a pink pill in here, take it out and give it to me.”


Salvatore handed the pink pill to Jordan from Jordans pillbox.

Popping it into his mouth, Jordan then downed it with a mouthful of water.

He then closed his eyes to rest.

More than half an hour later.

Salvatore, who was lying on the luxurious sofa in the rest area, placed his dirty shoes on the white sofa before laying down to look at his cell phone.

‘There was a picture of Emily on his cell phone.

In the picture, Emily had long hair with cute bangs and was seated on the lawn smilingly, clad in a white dress.

“Ah, Miss Emily is really beautiful! She definitely beats Lauren and Victoria! Mr.

Jordan, what are you thinking How can tou not attracted to Miss Emily at all!”

Salvatore was lying on his back and staring at the picture of Emily.

The more he looked at her, the more he liked her and he couldnt help but want to kiss her!


Asmack suddenly landed on Salvatores head.

It was Jordan!

Jordan rebuked furiously, “You beast.

Emily Youre just a slave and you want to kiss your master Is she someone you can kiss”

Salvatore panicked immediately and quickly got on his knees to apologize.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Jordan, I was wrong.

I… I definitely dont harbor designs on Miss Emily! I was just…”

Salvatore was about to explain but he suddenly realized something even more amazing!

‘How does Jordan know that I want to kiss Emily!!”


Salvatore exclaimed in surprise, “Mr.

Jordan, you can see!”

Jordan hastily covered Salvatores mouth and gestured for him to hush.

“shh, dont yell!”

At this moment, Jordans eyes were obviously more energetic and vibrant than before.

He had already regained his vision!

Slamming his mouth closed, Salvatore hurriedly quieted down, knowing that Jordan did not want him to alarm Russell.

Salvatore asked softly, “Mr.

Jordan, how did your eyes heal Werent the doctors at Houston Hospital completely helpless Oh, I know, is it the pink pill I gave you just now”

Jordan nodded.


The larger man was shocked.


Jordan, where did you get that medicine box from anyway I noticed that youd bring it everywhere even if you dont take your phone with you.”

Jordan said, “This was given to me by my grandfather.

Do you believe that the value of my pillbox is even higher than this private jet of Russell Millers”

Salvatore laughed and said, “Yes! I believe whatever Mr.

Jordan says! The Steeles are the most powerful family! Nothing will go wrong with being your subordinate! Haha!”

He was happy that Jordans eyes had gotten better and that he wouldnt be punished by Pablo.

Jordan said, “My vision is still a little blurry and my eyes havent healed yet.

I will continue to pretend to be blind.

Just cooperate with me and remember not to tell anyone.”

“Continue to pretend to be blind Why” Salvatore did not understand.

Jordan said, “The person who harmed me this time is in hiding.

I have to come up with a way to find him.

Forget it.

Is not like youd understand.

Just do as I say.

Im going to get some rest now.

Delete the photos of Emily from your phone.

If I catch you being rude to Emily again, Ill beat you up..

Watch it!”


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