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Chapter 451: Finding The Real Culprit

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Not too long after, the private plane landed on the tarmac of the international airport in DC.

Surprisingly, there were hundreds of soldiers holding weapons and standing around the plane to protect it.

All the Howards arrived at the airport.

Martin personally came to the airport to receive Jordan together with all his children and grandchildren, including Brad who was in a wheelchair.

Russell was the first to get off the plane, and as soon as he stepped off the plane, he saw the uniformed soldiers who were armed with weapons.

He was in awe and fear of Martins strength.

Russell quickly ran to Martin and explained in panic, “Mr.

Howard Sr.

this is all my fault.

I failed to protect your grandson-in-law well.

I didnt know that someone was trying to harm him.

I didnt expect that someone would dare to harm your grandson-in-law.

Besides, Jordan was also protected by the

people around him, so it should be fine.”

Russell flew from Houston to show Martin that what happened to Jordan had nothing to do with him.

Jordan was now the son-in-law of the Howards.

Although Russells relationship with Martin was established earlier, one was his family member and the other was a vassal relationship.

Russell couldnt compare to Jordan at all.

Martin looked at Russell with an indifferent expression.

He too was enraged to learn that Jordan had gone blind!

Last night, Lauren just told Martin that Jordans grandfather told him that he had successfully completed his business trial and was going to take her to England.

After receiving the news, Martin was so agitated that he didnt sleep all night! Finally, he could learn the secrets of the Steeles, and hence, urged Lauren to go to England this time to find out the Steeles secret.

However, he actually heard that Jordan had gone blind!

Russell was worried that Martin would blame him for this matter but Martin was also worried that the Howards would be implicated by this matter!

The US was Martins territory and now that Charlestons grandson had gone blind here, how could he explain it to Charleston!!

Throwing Russell a cold look, Martin asked, “Have you checked Who drugged him”

Russell said, “Im already investigating but there were too many people at the celebration yesterday.

There were hundreds of bosses and we will need some time.”

At this moment, Salvatore helped Jordan walk down the gangway.

Jordan was wearing sunglasses.

It seemed that he didnt want others to see that he was blind.

On the other hand, Lauren scurried forward to hold Jordans hand.

“Jordan, what happened to you Have you gone blind Dont scare me…” Lauren was crying as she spoke.

Martin also hurriedly went over and held Jordans other hand.

“Jordan, dont worry, I have found the best ophthalmologist in all of the US.

Tll definitely cure you!”

Jordan nodded.

Their first destination was the hospital.

After some meticulous examination of the precise instruments, the Howards arrived at Professor Williss office.

“Professor Willis, how are Jordans eyes Can they be cured” Martin asked impatiently.

Professor Willis shook his head and said, “There is no damage to the patients eyes.

After the comprehensive analysis of the physical examinations done at Houston Hospital and done by us, weve discovered that its because the wine he drank last night was spiked.

Based on my understanding, no drug will

cause blindness.”

Stefan chimed in from the side, “Could it be methanol poisoning”

Professor Willis said, “Methanol does cause damage to the optic nerve, followed by double vision.

Once he goes blind, he can never be cured again.

I remember that in the eighties, there were people who sold methanol as industrial wood alcohol at high prices.

It was then diluted into white wine, which

caused many to go blind or even die.

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“But if Mr.

Steele was drinking methanol, its impossible that he would have gone blind without any other reaction.

In addition, if it was methanol poisoning, you would also suffer from a headache, weakness, blurry consciousness, and even death.

But Mr.

Steele has none of these symptoms.

All he

suffered is optic damage.

I suspect that someone has secretly developed a drug that can be used to target ones nerves and result in blindness!”

Martin and the others began to get anxious.

Who is so vicious as to invent such a drug!!

“Is there no other solution”

Professor Willis shook his head and said, “We didnt find this special drug in Mr.

Steeles body, and it seems that there is no problem with his health either.

However, he still cant see anything clearly.”

“Tm sorry, Mr.

Howard Sr., Im afraid Mr.


Martin flew into a rage immediately, “I dont want to hear you saying things like you cant cure them! You must cure Jordans eyes!”

Professor Willis lowered his head and said, “I will do my best.”

At ten oclock at night, Jordan was lying on the bed in the hospital ward because he had to be hospitalized for further examination.

By now, Jordans vision had completely recovered but he had to cooperate with the hospital to get those treatments and examinations done.

It was because he wanted to find the real culprit behind this farce!

At this moment, Lauren was still in the ward and holding his hand to give him a sense of security.

Jordan could tell that Lauren had already burst into tears.

Just now, Jordan had been telling Lauren to go home and rest but she refused to do so and even said that she wouldnt leave his side from now onwards.

When the ward was empty, Jordan suddenly looked at the teary-eyed Lauren while stroking her hair.

“Fool, look at you crying.

Your eyes are already swollen and if you had to be ranked now, I doubt youd make it to the top ten.”

Lauren suddenly raised her head and said with a look of bewilderment, “Honey, how did you know that I… You…”

Lauren was just about to speak when Jordan pressed his lips against hers accurately.

“shhh.” Jordan gestured at Lauren and said, “Lauren, actually my eyes recovered this morning.”

Lauren hurriedly punched Jordan jokingly.

“Why didnt you tell me, you jerk! You made me worry about you all day!”

Jordan said, “T still dont know who did this to me, I have to find the culprit.

Since this person harmed me once, he will harm me a second time.

I will continue pretending to be blind because then itll be easier for him to attack me.

So Lauren, dont tell your family about this yet.”

Lauren nodded in understanding.

Reaching out, Jordan gently stroked the teardrops on Laurens delicate face and said, “Honey, go home and sleep.”

Knowing that Jordan was fine, Lauren was finally willing to leave the hospital.

An hour after Lauren left, Brad entered on a wheelchair.

The lights of the ward were turned on again, and Jordan laid still on the bed without waking up.


Brad called out to Jordan.

Jordan ignored him but tured over.

‘When Brad saw that Jordan was not sleeping, he said, “Jordan, you must think that I drugged you, right”


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