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Chapter 454: Marissa Is The Culprit!


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‘The bespectacled Marissa looked more charming than your usual ordinary middle-aged woman.

As she analyzed those photos, she was full of energy and when she smiled looked exactly like her daughter, Lauren.

Marissa asked with a smile, “Do you know Cayden”

Lauren nodded.

“Hes Haileys ex-husband, so of course I know him.

Besides, we met once in New York.”

Previously, the four rich young masters of New York, led by Cayden, had pursued Lauren as if she was prey.

Cayden had also been to Laurens Café Nostalgia once and met her there.

Of course, Cayden did not dare to pursue her then.

He merely greeted her politely.

By that time, he had found out that Lauren was the granddaughter of the Howard family and did not dare to offend her.

Of course, Marissa already had a clear picture of Caydens situation.

She said to Lauren, “Yes, Cayden did marry Jordans ex-wife.

However, I heard that when Hailey married Cayden, she was already pregnant.

They got divorced less than a year after they got married.

I dont think they shared the same bed

much that year.

Actually, Cayden is as good as never been married.”

Lauren didnt comment.

What did Caydens marriage have to do with her

Reaching out, Marissa reached out and tapped on another picture of a boy.

“Look at this boy.

This is Matthew from the Manning family in Houston.

Hes only 21 years old and still in university.”

Lauren took a look at the photo.

Matthew wore glasses and looked very obedient.

He was also very young.

Marissa scrolled through the photos again and said, “And this one.

The son of the richest man in Orlando, Henry.

He is only 23 years old.

I heard that hes an all-around genius.

Theres nothing he doesnt know.”

Lauren took a look.

This Henry looked a little strange and appeared very conceited.

The confusion was evident on her face.

“Mom, why are you showing me these photos”

Marissa said, “I plan to invite these young talents to your grandfathers birthday banquet.

When the time comes, pay more attention to them at the birthday banquet.

Choose one of them to be your next husband.”

Her next husband!

Lauren was instantly incensed.

She slammed the iPad on the table.

“Mom, what are you saying What do you mean by my next husband Who says I want to change husbands!”

Marissa put on a stern expression.

“Jordan is blind.

Whats the use of having a husband like him Do you want to take care of that blind man forever Do you want to be his caretaker forever”

‘The words made Lauren see red and her eyes flashed in anger.

“Jordan has only lost his sight.

Medicine is so advanced now.

Its not like he cant be cured.

Why are you so certain of his fate How can you be sure he will never recover”

Marissa retorted.

“Youre so naive.

Even the best ophthalmologist in the country cant cure him.

Who else would be able to Besides, the doctor also said that this disease will only get worse with time.

It has to be treated as soon as possible.

I dont think he can recover in this lifetime.”

Lauren knew that Jordan was actually fine, but he had told her not to tell her family.

So she couldnt tell her mother the truth.

She could only say, “Even if he is blind for the rest of his life, I wont separate from him.

I want to be his eyes for the rest of my life!”

Jordan could not help feeling a warmth in his heart when he heard that.


In this materialistic era, your wife might leave you if you didnt earn as much money as before, let alone if you became disabled.

If Jordan really lost his sight, 99% of women would choose to divorce him and find another man.

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Of course, many men, including Jordan, would not want to burden their young wife for the rest of their lives if something like that happened to them.

After all, they had a strong sense of pride and dignity.

More often than not, they would choose to leave and let their wives find another partner to start a new life.

Jordan was extremely touched by Laurens words, but Marissa was furious.


Marissa slapped Laurens beautiful face.

“How did I give birth to such a useless and stupid daughter! Ive put in so much effort to raise you for more than 20 years, but in the end, you just want to become a nanny for a disabled man!


Jordan clenched his fists.

His heart ached for Lauren when he heard the loud slap.

Although Marissa was his mother-in-law and he should not be disrespectful to her, Jordan really wanted to slap her to vent his anger!

Jordan could forgive Marissa for hitting him earlier.

But now, Marissa had slapped Lauren because of something like this.

Lauren was not in the wrong!

Covering her swelling cheek, Lauren looked like she was about to cry as she asked, “Mom, why are you so eager to separate me from Jordan and find me a new partner Did you have something to do with Jordans incident”

Jordan pricked up his ears when he heard that Lauren suspected her mother.

He also felt that Marissa had an ulterior motive.

Moreover, she had always hated Jordan and often clashed against him.

Marissa went into a rage.

“Thats right.

I was the one who poisoned Jordans eyes! I wanted him to become blind and useless.

I wanted to kick him out of my house! I dont want to see this inhumane man all day.

I wont forgive him for crippling my son!”

Jordan was shocked.

“Marissa was the one who did this”

Lauren asked in shock, “It was you Why would you do such a thing I hate you! I wont acknowledge you as my mother anymore!”

“You unfilial daughter.

Do you want to sever ties with me because of that trash How dare you!”

Marissa remained unyielding and non-apologetic.

Meanwhile, Lauren had already run out crying.

Jordan was confused at that moment.

Marissa had admitted that she was the one who had poisoned Jordan and had blurted it out herself.

But perhaps she had made that claim out of anger and it might not be true.

Poisoning someone was not a small matter.

Even if Marissa did it, there was no reason for her to admit it to Lauren and let her daughter hate her.

After all, she knew how much her daughter loved Jordan.

If she admitted it, wouldnt Lauren hate her for the rest of her life

However, Marissa did look like she was capable of committing such a crime.

“Was it really Marissa”

Perhaps he had to interrogate his mother-in-law!

Jordan took out his mysterious medicine box again.

Not only was there medicine for saving lives, but there was also medicine for harming others.

One of them was a red pill.

After eating it, one would become delirious, dizzy and incoherent.

Anyone who took this pill would subconsciously answer truthfully to any questions.

After waking up, she wouldnt even realize what she had said!

It was perfect.


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