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Chapter 455: Probing For The Truth!

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“Mother-in-law, since you admit that you harmed me, dont blame me for drugging you! I hope you were just making false claims in a fit of anger.

If its true…”

A ruthless expression appeared on Jordans face.

Marissa was Laurens mother, and Lauren was his wife.

She was the woman he cared about the most other than Victoria.

If Marissa was really behind this, Jordan would not kill her.

However, he would definitely punish her enough so that she would never be able to hurt him again!

At this moment, Lauren, who had run out of Marissas room crying, didnt return to Jordans room.

Instead, she went to the washroom.

She called Brad while crying.

“Brad, did you know that Mommy poisoned Jordan Did you do it with Mommy” Lauren questioned Brad.

Brad was confused.

“Lauren, what are you talking about What do you mean by Mommy poisoned Jordan”

Lauren said in tears, “Mommy told me herself that she poisoned Jordan to blind him!”

Brad was also shocked.

“What How is that possible She doesnt even dare to kill a chicken.

She only slapped Jordan to vent her anger.

How would she be so ruthless Dont you know our mothers personality Did you quarrel with her again Is that why she said that”

Laurens tears stopped.


Brad said, “Sigh, did you really think our mother is a criminal Youre really something.”

Lauren thought about it carefully.

She also felt that her mother had said those words in a fit of anger.

It was true that she had been truly worried if Marissa had really harmed Jordan.

What would she do then

On one side was her mother and on the other was her husband.

Lauren would be stuck in a dilemma, similar to Victoria then.

Now, she knew that her mother was just deliberately angering her.

Lauren wiped her tears and returned to her room.

“Lauren, why are you crying”

Jordan looked at Laurens red eyes and reached out to massage them.

There was no need for Jordan to pretend to be blind in a room with only the two of them.

Lauren denied it.

“I am not.”

She did not plan to tell Jordan what had just happened.

However, Jordan already knew.

Jordan knew that Lauren was caught in a dilemma at that moment, so he did not probe further.

“Lets go to sleep, honey.”

‘Taking Laurens hand, Jordan coaxed Lauren to sleep.

He wanted to drug Marissa, and would only have the chance to do so after his wife fell asleep.

Jordan knew that Marissa would be sleeping very late tonight because she would be busy choosing her “next son-in-law”.

She was going to gather personal information on all her candidates.

She would sort them out and show them to Martin.

With Marissas efficiency, she would probably be busy until 2 am.

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Marissa and Lauren were both women who took a long time to do things.

Even when just preparing to leave the house, they would take a long time to prepare.

Putting on makeup, choosing the right clothes and the right accessories, cooking or doing other things—they moved at half the speed of others.

Soon, it was 12:30 am.

‘At this moment, almost everyone else in Martins house was asleep.

Lauren had also fallen asleep.

Only the light in Marissas bedroom was still on.

Jordan and Marissas rooms were on the second floor.

Moreover, they were not far from each other, so Jordan was well aware of Marissas activity and whereabouts.

Not long after, Marissa came out of her room, seemingly wanting to take a shower.

She had changed out of her pants and top that held Jordans listening device.

Following her shower, she changed into red silk pajamas.

As it was late at night and everyone was asleep, Marissa did not bother about her clothes.

She did not even button up her top two buttons.

If aman were to see this middle-aged woman, his nose would probably start bleeding.

Marissa was very beautiful when she was young, very similar to Lauren now.

Putting aside any biased opinions against Marissa and her character, it must be acknowledged that she was really one of the most attractive women in their forties.

‘When Jordan saw Marissa bringing her clothes to the bathroom, he immediately walked out of his room quietly.

This time, Jordan was even more careful than before.

To the Howard family, Jordan was blind and could not see anything.

He was not supposed to be able to move about on his own.

Therefore, he could not let anyone see him coming out of his room.

Otherwise, his cover would be blown!

Jordan pushed the door open and walked in after Marissa left her room.

‘The light in the room was switched on.

Jordan glanced around casually and realized that there was a teapot and a teacup on her desk.

Jordan guessed that with Marissas poor efficiency level, she probably had not finished tidying up her documents.

She would have to continue working after her shower.

Therefore, Marissa would definitely drink more tea when she returned.

He just had to put the drug in the teapot.

With a wicked smile, Jordan walked over to the desk.

He could not help taking a look at the documents there.

“My mother-in-law dallies so much that shell probably take an hour just to shower.

Theres no need for me to rush out.”

Jordan saw Caydens information first.

It clearly stated his height, weight, education, family background, etcetera.

In addition, Marissa had even added her personal evaluation of these “prospective sons-in-laws”.

Marissas evaluation of Cayden was: Very outstanding!

“Very outstanding”

Jordan was very jealous when he saw her comments.

Marissa kept saying that Jordan was useless and looked down on him.

She would probably say that he amounted to nothing.

Meanwhile, she had never even met Cayden before, but she found him very outstanding

What was so outstanding about him

Divorcee Affair with a minor celebrity Infertile

“Hmph, if my mother-in-law knows that Cayden is infertile, I wonder if she will still think that he is very outstanding!”

Jordan scoffed and continued to look at the rest.

“Matthew Manning His family background is not bad.

His father is still young and has a bright future.

He has resources and abilities that I dont have in this country.

But isnt this guy just a high school student Why does he look like hes still underage How could Marissa bear to target a child!

“Whos next, Henry Zeller The son of the wealthiest man in Orlando Arent I the wealthiest man in Orlando Why have I never heard of a Zeller family in Orlando All-round genius Hehe.”

Marissas evaluations of Matthew and Henry were also excellent.

In addition, there were more than a dozen other men.

Most of them were children from good families in the country.

They were all under 25 years old.

Apart from Cayden, who had been married once, the rest had never married before.

It seemed that Marissa had deliberately lowered her class criteria so that she could marry Lauren off.

This was because the Howard family was one of the elite families in the country.

In the eyes of the families of the same level as the Howard family, Lauren was a married woman with a child.

She was no longer a worthy match for men of her age from those families.

But for the Huxley family, it would definitely be a possible match.

The Huxleys would never dare to look down on Lauren for being married and with a child.

Just as Jordan was engrossed in reading the information, he suddenly heard light footsteps.

“The sound of those slippers… oh no, my mother-in-law is coming back!”


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