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Chapter 456: Interrogation!


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Jordan knew these people from the Howard family like the back of his hand.

He could tell who was who just by the rhythm of their footsteps.

“Damn, Marissa must have forgotten to take something again!”

Jordan knew that Marissa was like that as she was always so careless.

She often had to return home after leaving because she forgot something.

Sometimes, she would have to make several return trips.

Jordan had no choice but to hide.

There was no time, so he hid under the bed.

After a while, Marissa entered the room again.

She did not look under the bed but came to the bed and took a silver comb from her bag.

Jordan and Marissa were practically next to each other.

They were less than 20 centimeters apart.

However, Jordan was underneath the bed, so naturally, Marissa could not see him.

However, Jordan could see Marissas feet and the small section of her calf from under the bed.

Marissa was slightly shorter than Lauren.

She was about 165 cm tall and weighed about 55 kg.

As she had been practicing yoga for the past few years, she had maintained her figure very well.

As Jordan looked at Marissas feet, he realized that the womans feet were fair and tender.

She had even applied pink nail polish!

Jordan could not help mocking her in his heart.

“Haha, this old woman actually applied pink nail polish.

Pink is for little girls, right She likes to act young!”

Even Lauren used wine-red nail polish!

But on second thought, as her son-in-law, he shouldnt be staring at his mother-in-laws feet.

See no evil.

Jordan could not be bothered to stare at her anymore.

Finally, she stood up and left the room.

After confirming that his mother-in-law had left, Jordan got up from under the bed.

Jordan pulled out the medicine box from his pocket and took out a red pill with A1 written on it.

He then opened the teapot that Marissa was using, and was about to put the pill into the teapot when.

“Thud… thud… thud…”

Those darned footsteps again!

“Oh my god! Marissa is back again! This mother-in-law of mine must have forgotten to take something again.

Ah, she drives me crazy! Cant she just take all her things at once!”

Jordan quickly put the pill back into the box and put it away.

He then covered the teapot again.

In his panic, Jordan crawled under the bed again.

However, this time, he was too anxious.


Jordan hit his head!

“Ah… I must have gotten used to pretending to be blind.

I actually bumped my head…”

Jordan held his head in embarrassment.

If his comrades or the masters who trained him saw this, they would cry tears of laughter!

Moments later, Marissa came back.

This time, she seemed to be looking for something.

After searching for a long time, she did not find it.

She muttered to herself.

“Hmm, wheres my phone Oh, right, I already brought it to the washroom.”

Jordan was speechless.

He was about to go crazy from anger.

Youre an old woman in your menopause years.

Youre already so muddled, yet you still target me every day!”

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Marissa left again.

Jordan did not dare to waste any more time.

He quickly drugged her tea and left!

40 minutes later, Marissa finished showering.

Another hour passed.

“Its about time.

The medicine should have taken effect!”

Jordan looked at the time and felt that Marissa must have fallen into his trap by now.

He left the room quietly and went to her room.

At this moment, the lights in Marissas room were switched off, but her voice could be heard in the room.

“Hehe, you are already spouting nonsense Very good.”

Jordan walked over and realized that Marissa was indeed in a daze.

She rolled around on the bed and kept muttering to herself.

This was the best time to interrogate her.

Jordan walked over quickly and held Marissas arm to stop her from moving.

He started to question her.

“Did you send any—”

Before he could finish, Marissa lunged toward Jordan and kissed him!

Jordan was stunned.

What was going on!

Jordan felt that there was something wrong with Marissas current state.

He quickly checked his medicine box and realized that the red A1 pill was still there.

Instead, an A2 pill was missing!

“Oh **! I was too nervous just now and took the wrong pill!”

Actually, there were two types of red pills.

One was A1, and the other was A2.

Ai was an ordinary drug that would make people confused.

It was very suitable for interrogation.

Az had the same effect.

However, it had an additional function, which was to stir up certain human desires.

To put it bluntly, it was somewhat similar to an aphrodisiac.

Jordan pushed Marissa away immediately.

What if Lauren saw this! Not to mention Brad.

If the man saw this, he would leap out of his wheelchair and fight it out with him!

Jordan felt very awkward and hastily asked, “Marissa, did you blind Jordan”

Marissa started to answer in a daze, “Jordan, that useless brat.

Hes not my son-in-law.

Hes not worthy of being my son-in-law.”

Exasperated, Jordan slapped Marissas fair face.

Of course, he did not use much force.

He had always disliked his mother-in-law.

Marissa had slapped him the first time they met.

After what happened with Hailey previously, she clearly knew that she couldnt do anything to Hailey, so she took it out on Jordan instead!

Even in a daze now, Marissa was still insulting him.

It seemed like Marissa really hated Jordan!

“Since you hate me so much, dont blame me for being nasty! Tell me, did you hire someone to drug Jordan at the Houston International Convention and Exhibition Center”

Marissa replied in a daze, “Houston… drug… No, I didnt drug Jordan.

It was Jamie.

It was Jordans useless second brother.”


Jordan was stunned when he heard that.

Marissa suspected that it was Jamie

“Looks like its not her.”

Jordan was pretty sure that what she said to Lauren earlier was just in a fit of anger.

Since he had already gotten his answer, Jordan left immediately.

While he could have given Marissa the antidote to ease her current situation, he did not.

Jordan did not like to be treated like that.

Since she hated him so much, he would let her make a fool of herself at Martins house.

The next morning, the Howard family woke up early to eat breakfast at the dining table.

Jordan continued to pretend to be blind.

Lauren was feeding him soup and he took a sip.

He then asked, “Mr.

Howard Sr., did you hear anything last night”

Martin subconsciously glanced at Marissa with an awkward expression.

“I think… so.”

Lauren also spoke up.

“I was half-asleep but I also seemed to have heard something.

The sound seemed to come from Moms room.

Mom, were you alright last night”

Marissas face turned beet red.

“I… Im fine.”

Jordan said with a smile, “I wanted to go to the washroom last night and wanted to wake Lauren up to help me.

But after hearing those sounds, I couldnt bring myself to wake Lauren up.

It would be so awkward if Lauren heard it.”

Martin had actually heard it too.

He scolded Marissa, “Marissa, you were too outrageous last night.

The children are in the room next door, so cant you be more discreet My rooms arent soundproof, and this is not your house..

You cant just do whatever you want! From now on, you cannot spend the

night here!”


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