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Chapter 457: Howard Family Birthday Banquet!

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Originally, Martin had planned to feign ignorance on Marissas behalf.

However, since Jordan and the rest had heard her, he had no choice but to reprimand her.

Marissa did not dare to say a word after being reprimanded by her father-in-law.

Moreover, she felt very embarrassed.

Jordan had never seen her so embarrassed before.

She wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it!

Jordan could not help chuckling.

He felt very satisfied!

However, Marissa was very angry when she saw Jordan smiling.

“You useless son-in-law, what are you laughing at! You even need someone to feed you during meals.

Dont you know any shame Jordan Steele, if youre a true man, you should have the dignity to divorce my daughter.

Dont drag her down

with you!”

Martin warned Marissa.


Lauren also chided her.

“Mom, do you have to speak so harshly so early in the morning”

‘There was a rule in the Howard family.

Quarreling was not allowed in the morning.

However, Jordan was not angry.

Ever since he found out that Marissa was not the culprit who caused his blindness, he felt that this mother-in-law of his was only a little vicious with her words.

She did not have a truly bad heart.

So he merely said with a smile, “Im blind now.

If I divorce your daughter, who will take care of me No one will be willing to marry me.”

Marissa was even angrier when she heard that.

“Alright, Jordan.

Youre such a scoundrel.

I cant believe you think that way! You plan to be a useless scumbag and cling onto my daughter forever!”

Jordan deliberately goaded her.

“Thats right.

I want to rely on Lauren for the rest of my life.

I want her to stay by my side and feed me.”

Perhaps it was because Jordan had an intimate interaction with Marissa yesterday, albeit by accident.

But he suddenly enjoyed bickering with her.

Meanwhile, Marissa had no memory of what happened between her and Jordan last night.

She looked at him furiously.

“Eine, since youre such a scoundrel, Im not afraid to tell you that at Dads birthday banquet in a week, we will be choosing one of the young masters from the good families to be Laurens next husband!”

Lauren put down her bowl and chopsticks in a huff.

“You can choose all you want.

I dont want anyone else.

If you insist on doing this at Dads birthday banquet, I wont be attending.”

Marissa immediately shouted angrily, “How dare you not attend! You are becoming more and more outrageous!”

Jordan held Laurens hand and said, “Honey, Grandpa is a person of status.

Hell be a joke to outsiders if any of his family members were to be absent from the banquet.”

Marissa and Martin were both stunned.

Jordan was encouraging Lauren to attend the birthday banquet, to choose her next husband

‘Would Jordan be so magnanimous

Jordan continued, “Well go together.”

Marissa was stunned.

“Jordan, youre attending too”

Jordan said, “Of course.

Im the grandson-in-law of the Howard family and it is Laurens grandfathers birthday.

How can I not attend”

Martin cleared his throat.

“Jordan, I know youre filial, but your current condition…”

Marissa sneered.

“My dear son-in-law, dont blame me for not reminding you.

There will be many people coming, and they will all be people of power and influence in the country.

If a blind person like you appears at the banquet, youll definitely become the center of attention.

Arent you afraid of being

mocked by the guests”

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Jordan said with a smile, “I believe that people in the upper-class society are people with compassion and manners.

They wont be like some who scorn those who are blind.”

“You…” Marissa was furious.

Jordan was obviously insulting her!

Marissa snorted.


Anyway, you tire out even from just walking now.

Im not afraid of you causing trouble.”

Aweek later, in the courtyard of a private resort in the capital.

Martins birthday banquet was being held here.

The guest list for this birthday banquet was very similar to the one for Lauren and Jordans wedding.

However, the number of guests was fewer than before.

This time, the Howard family had higher requirements for the guests.

Not just anyone could attend.

At this moment, in the hotel parking lot, Shane and Cayden Huxley were in a Mercedes-Benz G-wagon bearing a New York license plate.

Shane reminded Cayden, “Cayden, you have to be careful at Martins birthday banquet, especially when facing Jordan.

Dont let him realize that youre the one who caused his blindness!”

Cayden smiled.

“Dont worry, Brother.

Im not stupid.

Moreover, it wasnt Jordan who invited me.

It was his mother-in-law, Marissa.

I heard that Marissa has invited several men of similar age and family background as me.

It looks like she plans to give up on Jordan and choose a new husband for Lauren!”

Shane nodded.

“I heard that too.

Jordan wasnt treated within 24 hours of drinking our poison.

He has already missed the best opportunity to recover.


Brown said that his eyes will never recover in this lifetime.

Jordan is now a cripple in the eyes of the Howard family.

Of course, they wont let a cripple

be their son-in-law forever.

The Howard family is very realistic.

“Cayden, you have to work hard this time.

You have to win over Martin, Stefan and Marissa.

Lauren seems to love Jordan a lot.

Try to move her if you can.

If not, it doesnt matter.

Anyway, the marriages of the Howard family have always been decided by the elders.”

Cayden looked at himself in the passenger seat mirror and said narcissistically, “Im so tall and handsome.

How could Lauren not like me I think Lauren is like a second Hailey.

If I can seduce Hailey, Lauren wont be a problem! Brother, just you wait.

Sooner or later, Ill marry Lauren into our Huxley


Shane also smiled.

“Yes, if the Huxleys and Howards can be linked by marriage, we dont have to worry about being targeted by anyone anymore!”

With that, Cayden got out of the car and walked in with a big present.

As Shane did not receive an invitation, he did not follow him in.

Cayden arrived at the birthday banquet dressed in a suit.

His tall figure and handsome face immediately attracted the attention of many girls.

He went straight to Martins table.

He noticed that Jordan was sitting at the same table as Martin.

At that moment, Jordan was wearing cool sunglasses and drinking tea from a teacup.

He looked like a normal person.

“Haha, are you wearing sunglasses so that no one can tell that youre blind”

Cayden sneered in his heart.

He was very happy to see Jordan blind!

“You caused me to be infertile.

Now, you know the consequences of that! I will have you unable to see light for the rest of your life.

You will never be able to see this beautiful world, as well as your wifes lovely face and fair body again!”

‘In addition, I intend to snatch your wife away! Just like how I snatched Hailey away last time!


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