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Chapter 458: Caydens Gift!


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Although he was harboring such evil thoughts, Cayden looked elegant and refined on the surface.

Cayden came to Martins table with his gift.

He gave a deep and respectful bow.

“Hello, Mr.

Howard Sr.

I am Cayden.

Im deeply honored to be invited to your birthday banquet.

My grandfather, Arthur Huxley, knew that it was your birthday and specially instructed me to bring you a gift.

I hope you will be kind enough to accept it.”

Martin smiled and nodded.

“Arthur is a rare business genius in our country.

I appreciate his kind intentions.”

However, Brad was staring unhappily at Cayden.

Brad knew that the four rich young masters of New York, including Cayden, had designs on Lauren.

All those four men had tried to woo Lauren.

In the end, Brad had hired men to beat up one of them.

Fortunately, Brad had quietly sent men to protect Lauren at Café Nostalgia.

Otherwise, who knew what kind of obscene things those four lawless young masters would do to her!

Brad glanced at Caydens gift.

It was wrapped in festive packaging, but he didnt know what was inside.

Brad asked, “Cayden, what kind of gift is it Why does it look like a brick”

From the way Cayden held the gift with both hands, Brad could tell that it must be quite heavy.

Before Cayden could explain, Brad snatched the gift over.

“Wow, its quite hefty.”

Brad weighed it in his hands.

This gift weighed nearly 20 kg.

Usually, the lighter the gift, the more valuable it was.

Why was Caydens gift so heavy

Brad tore the wrapping off and everyone saw that it was a stone! A black, hard and ugly stone!

“F*ck!” Brad looked disgusted.

“Brad, youre really from a second-rate family.

I knew you wouldnt be able to match up.

If you dont have money, dont go around offering gifts.

What do you mean by giving my grandfather this stone!”

Cayden was furious.

Brad had called his family second-rate and said that he couldnt match up! In the past, he was the one who always looked down on others, for example, Tyler Collins! But then again, the Howard family was indeed more powerful than the Huxley family.

Caught up in this situation, Cayden could only swallow his anger and explain with a smile.


Howard, youve misunderstood.

This isnt an ordinary stone.

Its a meteorite from outer space.”

“A meteorite from outer space!”

Everyone in the Howard family was shocked.

This object came from outer space.

That was awesome.

This was not something that could be found on Earth.

As rich as one was, could you buy something from outside Earth

Cayden explained smugly, “Mr.

Howard Sr., my grandfather was in the Atacama Desert in 1997 when this meteorite happened to land beside him.

Today is the anniversary of that day.

The same day as your birthday, Mr.

Howard Sr.

Seeing that this meteorite is so fated with you, grandfather wanted to gift

it to you.”

Martin was quite astounded.

“What a coincidence!”

Cayden explained, “Everyone, this is not an ordinary stone.

This is a rare pallasite meteorite.

Actually, my grandfather previously cut open a comer.

Let me show you.”

It turned out that a corner of the meteor had been cut open, but the cut was covered up.

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Cayden uncovered the cut and revealed the translucent olive-green crystals inside.

Everyone was instantly stunned!

“Oh my god, this pallasite meteorite is so beautiful! What a lovely green color!”

“This… this must be worth hundreds of millions, right”

Cayden smiled when he heard everyones praises.

“No, no.

Its not worth hundreds of millions… probably just tens of millions, hahaha.”

This was the first time Cayden was officially meeting the Howard family, and he was already giving them a meteorite worth tens of millions!

Marissa was also overjoyed.

“Cayden, youre too kind.

You have given such an outstanding and priceless gift.

Your gift is too expensive and its enough to be a betrothal gift, hahaha.”

Cayden hurriedly said to Marissa, “Auntie, thank you for your praise.

I am so happy now that I probably wont be able to sleep for a month.”

Marissa couldnt help reaching out to touch his face.

She said happily, “Look at this child.

Im pleased to see that you are so well-mannered.

Quite tall too and handsome, although just a little thin.

You need to eat more.”

Cayden hurriedly said, “Auntie, our entire family has been busy with the company for the past two months.

I havent been eating properly.

Give me another six months and my weight will definitely increase to over 150 pounds.”

Marissa also knew how the fortunes of the Huxleys had turned.

She continued to praise him.

“Yes, you know how to share the responsibilities of your family at such a young age.

Not bad.

The more I look at this child, the more I like him.

How good would it be if he was my son-in-law”

Jordan was still drinking his tea calmly, but he had already cursed Marissa many times in his heart.

“If [had known this earlier, I wouldnt have left so early that night… I should have enjoyed watching her shameless actions more and slapped her a few more times!”

Marissa said that she hoped Cayden would be her son-in-law right in front of Jordan.

She was treating him like a deaf person!

Jordan was just blind, not deaf!

‘Cayden actually gave such a precious and special gift.

It looks like this kid really wants to snatch Lauren from me! Youve got guts.

You snatched Hailey from me last time and were beaten up so miserably by me.

But now, you still dare to snatch my woman again!”

Martin accepted the gift with satisfaction.

“Cayden, I like your gift very much.

Thank your grandfather for me.”

“Youre welcome, Mr.

Howard Sr.”

After Cayden greeted Martin, Marissa and Stefan, he looked at Lauren.

This was the second time they were meeting.

The first time was at Laurens Café Nostalgia.

After that first meeting, Cayden had been so frustrated that he wanted to smash something!

Lauren had everything that Hailey had.

On top of that, Laurens family background was several levels higher than Haileys!

At that time, Cayden had regretted his actions.

If he had known that he would meet Lauren one day, he would never have married a woman from such a third-rate family!



Cayden smiled and greeted Lauren.

His heart pounded nervously.

A playboy like him had flirted with countless beautiful women.

However, he was very excited to meet a fairy-like beauty like Lauren.

In addition, she had an unattainable background.

Lauren nodded at him politely and said nothing.

Cayden looked at her in a daze, wanting to sing praises of her beauty.

However, Jordan was right there.

He did not dare to!

Jordan was still a powerful threat to Cayden!

Cayden finally looked at Jordan.

Countless scenes of their previous encounters flashed across his mind.

Slowly, he opened his mouth to speak..


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