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Chapter 460: Youre Blind!


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While containing his laughter, Jordan recalled what happened that night and said, “No, Stefan, Marissa treats me very well…”

Jordan was thrilled at the thought of the slap that he had given Marissa! As Marissas son-in-law, he ought not to hit her regardless of how overboard she was.

Moreover, she was a woman.

Hence, he was still glad to be able to secretly take revenge against her.

Turning to face Lauren, Jordan said, “Lauren, sit down.

Why miss a performance Id like to know how much better other men of my age are than I am!”

Martin nodded gratefully, not expecting Jordan to be so generous and gracious.

How confident must he be to sit here and enjoy the performance of his love rivals

First of all, the performance was put up by the scions of DC and the content was rather mediocre.

It was impossible for them to attract the heiress of a top family like Lauren at all.

Aside from personal charm and based on family status alone, they would be even less attractive to the Howards.

Who in DC could be compared to the Howards

After that, there were a few other scions of other cities that showcased their talents but they barely passed.

Finally, there are only three left, namely Matthew from Houston, Henry from Orlando, and Cayden from New York!

Since this talent competition was essentially for the sake of selecting a husband for Lauren, they still had to act like it was to cheer Martin up.

Hence, when it was Matthews turn, Matthew took the initiative to walk toward Martin and said respectfully, “Mr.

Howard Sr., talent shows and the like are not my


I dont like such noisy stuff.

Due to my fathers involvement in the government sector, I was influenced by my father and some of my teachers.

Since I was a child, Ive been more interested in things like face-reading.”

Many people knew that Matthew had an incredible family background too so they started currying favor with him.


Harmon, youre so young but you already know feng shui and face-reading.

How impressive.”

“Thats right, no wonder your father has been doing so well in politics.”

Martin smiled and said, “Matthew, since you know how to read fortunes, why dont you help me read mine”

Matthew hastily lowered his head and exclaimed, “I wouldnt dare to! Mr.

Howard Sr., I can tell from your face alone that you will reach the ripe old age of a hundred years old.

Your family will continue to prosper.”

Matthew obviously wouldnt dare to read Martins fortune because that was just akin to courting death.

It was just like how people in history wouldnt dare to read the emperors fortune.

In ancient times, there was a metaphysician in China who had read the face and fortune of Emperor Taizong of Tang who then asked him how much longer he could live.

Despite having the answer, the metaphysician nevertheless got on his knees and said, “Long live, Your Majesty!”

Emperor Taizong of Tang then asked, “How long can I reign over Tang”

The metaphysician said, “Until pigs can fly!”

Emperor Taizong of Tang was elated because it was impossible for a pig to go up a tree, which meant that the Tang Dynasty could continue for generations.

However, what he didnt know was that the metaphysician was referring to an emperor named Zhu Wen who surrendered to the Tang Dynasty and

was valued greatly.

Later, when he reached the peak of his power, he overthrew the Tang Dynasty and became the emperor himself.

Although Matthew was young, he knew that he couldnt just read the fortune of a bigwig like Martin.

Even if he did, he couldnt tell him the truth so whats the point in that

Marissa found the bespectacled Matthew to be rather cute and decent-looking.

He wasnt tall so he looked like a middle school kid.

Although he wasnt very compatible with Lauren, he came from a good family and was easy to control.

Hence, Marissa felt that he seemed to be a good candidate for a


Marissa smiled and said, “Matthew, why dont you read Laurens face”

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Matthew looked at Lauren and immediately blushed the moment he saw her gorgeous face.


Matthew walked over and first called out to Lauren.

“Hello… Hello, Miss Lauren…”

Marissa laughed and said, “Ah, why are you being so formal Lauren may be a few years older than you but you are still considered to be of the same age group.

You can just call her by her name.”

Matthew looked at Lauren and swallowed his saliva.

“Lauren… Lauren…”

He didnt dare to call Lauren by her name in front of her.

Everyone was surprised by how shy and meek this esteemed scion was in front of a girl.

He even seemed to have an inferiority complex.

Seeing that he was stammering, Jordan suddenly interjected, “You should be addressing her as Mrs.


Matthew suddenly stopped being nervous and looked at Jordan with some anger in his eyes.

He was nervous to speak when facing a ravishing beauty like Lauren but he had no issue when facing a man.

Matthew said, “Sorry, I dont know any Mrs.

Steele! I only know that shes Miss Howard!”

Jordan glanced at the man, who was only about 1.66 meters tall, not expecting him to be so brazen as to snap back at Jordan!

“Matthew, I heard that youre a guru of face-reading and metaphysics, huh”

Matthew raised his head arrogantly and exclaimed, “Im not a guru but you may call me Master!”

Chuckling at the younger male, Jordan said, “Master Matthew, its such a coincidence that Ive done a little research on face-reading, psychology, micro-expressions and whatnot.”

Matthew exclaimed in shock and seemed to be in disbelief.

“Huh Is that so”

Jordan nodded and asked, “Since you know so much about face-reading, why dont you help me take a look”

Marissa chimed in from the side, “Hes here to read Laurens face.

Whats there to read about yours!!”

The reason that Marissa asked Matthew to read Laurens face was so that she could use it as a pretext to make them forge a deeper communication in a bid to make Lauren fall in love with him.

However, Jordan was right there so how could he allow another man to get close to his wife!!

However, Matthew said, “Maam, its alright, Ill just read his face once!”

Matthew looked at Jordan and said, “Mr.

Howard Sr.

as well as many elders are here.

How impolite of you to still be wearing sunglasses! Take your sunglasses off so that I can read your face!”

Jordan was not afraid that Matthew could see through his pretense because he knew that there was no way this little punk was experienced enough.

Hence, Jordan took off his sunglasses and kept his eyes fixed on a certain spot.

Matthew stared at Jordan while secretly rejoicing.


I knew it.

Youre blind!”

After a careful look, Matthew said, “Mr.

Steele, your eyes may seem to be damaged and similar to that of a normal humans but they lack focus and your visual perception of your surroundings is very weak.

If Im not wrong, you should be blind, Mr..

Steele! You cannot see anything!”


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